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  1. So it’s been 6 weeks on Trintellix with no signs of relief. The Dr. started me on 20 mgs. It was a rough 2 weeks of stomach issues and feeling dizzy, still getting a little dizzy and stomach issues ,but not as bad. I’m At the 6 weeks today and the only thing I notice is that I’m tired, short tempered, hungry and don’t feel like doing anything. I know with everything going on in the world some of it should be expected, but I feel as if I’m not getting any better. Should I give it a couple more weeks and see what happens? 

  2. Holy crap lol that’s a lot of input. California rocket fuel = venlaflaxtine and mirtazapine. I’ll look at the rest when I can concentrate. I have a commercial driver license and any thing that’s a stimulant would make my license revoked. 

    I’m going to give lamictal and gabapentin a little longer to see what happens. I see the dr in 3 weeks and get her opinion. Thanks for all the information!!

  3. Depressed mood, anxiety, irritability, loss of happiness, loss of interest and decreased self confidence. I have taken a MAOI I don’t remember the name it was a couple years ago. I get a allergic reaction to Wellbutrin so that’s out. I’ve taken many snri’s , but never with Remeron. I can’t take any adhd meds because I get drug tested at work. Yes the only one I can remember is aripipazole. 

  4. Well I’ve been on PRISTIQ for almost 3 months at 25 mg with no change, still feeling like crap in morning panicked, doom and gloom and for some reason I feel guilty 🤷🏻‍♂️  I tried 50mg for about a week and it made me feel worse. Should I just try to stick it out with 50mg or switch to viibryd? That and Paxil are the only ones I haven’t tried?? 

  5. Diagnosed with major depression. It's been a battle for about 3 years and nothing has worked so far, thats why he decided to go with prozac. We never discussed a target dose kinda flying blind he believes that the anxiety should go away with the increased dosage?  i'm not buying it! i was thinking I should go back to 20mg and give that a chance?  Sometimes i feel as if hes just throwing whatever at me and seeing how i react

    As of now im on 40mg prozac and 2mg of ativan twice a day

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