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  1. I've looked into latuda but I'm concerned again about the weight gain factor. I know it's not the worst possible side effect but it definitely doesn't help my depression and I'm worried about my health with how fast I gained on Geodon. When I was on abilify before I didn't gain so I might ask about replacing the Geodon with that in addition to the Wellbutrin and buspar? obviously depending on what the doc thinks but no combo I've tried so far has hit the mark. Yeah I've read that Wellbutrin can exacerbate anxiety in some (though hopefully not as much as the Adderall seems to do) which is why I'm hoping I can add something like Buspar to combat that but who knows what will work, right? I know they won't shift everything at once but the waiting game is so hard! I just want to find what works and I feel like it's definitely been an uphill battle.
  2. Hello all, I'm looking for some med experience/anecdotes! I am bipolar and also have anxiety, ADHD, and PTSD. Currently I'm taking Lamictal (400mg/day), Geodon (80mg/day), and Adderall (25mg/day). I'm looking to change it up because I am seriously struggling with the side effects. Since starting Geodon I am tired all the time (it doesn't help that I'm in the midst of a depressive episode) and I've gained 20+ pounds in two months. I think it's helping with the manic side (or maybe that's just because of the depressive episode I'm in?) but I can't deal with these side effects. The Adderall works great for my ADHD but I think it's making me too edgy/irritable for my liking. On top of it I have been having terrible anxiety lately. I'm meeting with a new PMHNP next week and I like to research my med options ahead of time so that I feel more informed and can advocate for myself. I'm interested in Wellbutrin because it doesn't have weight gain associated with it, it helps with binge eating and supposedly helps you quit smoking (both current concerns of mine), and can work for both depression and ADHD. I'm also interested in Buspar as a possible anxiety med? I like that it also isn't associated with weight gain and that it isn't supposed to be sedating. I've also taken Abilify in the past (before I took Geodon) and didn't experience any terrible side effects other than it making me sleepy but maybe combined with the right thing that wouldn't be as much of an issue? Anyone have experience with this combo or a similar one? Any and all feedback appreciated! The med game is so overwhelming.
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