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  1. there is no swimming pool at the gym I go too and I will talk to my Dr. about Metformin and see what she says.
  2. I don't know just skeptical about trying a new med that's all and whether it will work for me But I may ask about it,it was mentioned to me at one time at one of my appointments. If it works that would be great
  3. I am afraid to try metformin @notlokiI will just bump up my Exercise routine and cut out snacking so much and see what happens wish me luck. Running is out of the question and not for me I would be out of breath in no time if I did that,I have severe sleep apnea and that wouldn't work out to well but thanks anyway @saintalto.
  4. I have tried Topamax didn't do a thing for me for weight loss or anything at all including Anxiety and I am afraid to try metformin my sugars are already low and I am afraid it will cause me to stroke out. So I don't know what to do now thanks for trying to help me anyhow.I have tried Alli in the past its way to expensive I think around 70 dollars for a bottle I could go back to it but I don't want to stay on it from now on I lost like 30 pounds on it but then I gained it back once I went off of it. I will talk to my Dr. first before trying anything and see what she recommends I do for losing weight and keeping it off and I want something I can take every day and its safe to do most over the counter diet pills you cant do that you can only take them for a short time or have serious side effects if you stay on it from now on.
  5. I am very disgusted and Frustrated I have been going to the gym close to a year and haven't lost much weight at all I lost 17 pounds and now I am stuck at this weight and gained four pounds of the 17 lost in the first place I am doing everything right and eating better I cut out snacks and still am not losing anymore weight. I am losing hope that I will ever get this weight off I am aggravated and frustrated beyond words its not like I can take diet pills but I am considering it since I cant seem to get the weight off through diet and exercise, as a last resort I am considering diet pills even if they aren't safe for me to take. I have Schizoaffective Disorder and cant take just any diet pill but I am willing to chance it that's saying how desperate I am to see weight loss results and I also considered having The Lap Band done at some point in my life. I need advice on what to do to combat this weight issue of mine that has been a issue for many years now well since being on psych meds and a antidepressant what should I do?
  6. I just recently had to change Doctors because my Dr.Left and the place I had been going to I will be no longer going to here in Xenia Ohio I now have to go to Fairborn Mental Health. I hope I like this new Nurse I am going to be seeing on September 9th.I don't like many people especially Doctors of any kind its hard for me to get comfortable with new people I should say. I am trying to stay positive. TCN Behavioral Health in Xenia is way under staffed and need Doctors but have none or few and the few Nurses they have are overwhelmed with the number of Patients. I am stressed a little not Knowing what to expect with this new place I never been to or Nurse I have never seen and became familiar with. It will be like starting over my mom will go with me for awhile until I am comfortable with whom I see.And eventually I will have to drive myself to Fairborn which also I am not familiar with scary stuff for me wish me luck that this nurse and new place will work out for me. Will update sometime after my first appt and let everyone know how it went.
  7. Yes I look away if someone looks me in the eyes all the time.
  8. I just stopped in to say hello and how is everyone?I have been pretty good and my mood has been stable haven't been here in a very long time so I thought I would check in from time to time now. Spending too much time on Facebook. Its entertainment for me to read all the stupid stuff some people post on there its hilarious.Anytime anyone wants to vent or talk I am here to listen and if its private pm me or send me a message Later Melina
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