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  1. Anake makes a very good point: having female friends before you go in search of a girlfriend is a good idea. It drives me nuts when men behave as if they have to talk to us as if we’re -gasp!- women, as distinct from people, but there’s no sense in pretending that women aren’t socialized differently. We’re conditioned from birth to be polite, to be nice, to be empathetic, but the flip side of that is that it makes us wary in ways that men of my acquaintance don’t seem to be.
  2. Yes, I do. No, I’m not going to demonstrate. Do you get spring allergies? And if you don’t, may I borrow your sinuses?
  3. Iguana


    You never fail to make me laugh. I think as far as books go, Red Dragon is the best of the lot. Hannibal I didn’t much like. Overblown. Didn’t like the movie either. Silence of the Lambs was good as both a movie and a book.
  4. Chicken bones can be really dangerous for dogs. You should keep a very close eye on her for the next several days.
  5. Very short. Pixie cut. Do you crack your knuckles?
  6. After nearly twenty years of taking psych meds, I no longer pay much attention to when I’m supposed to take a med, and just experiment until I find what works best for me.
  7. I do like lemonade. But I like an Arnold Palmer (iced tea/lemonade mix) better. Have you ever had a pet you disliked?
  8. 67 BPM is nothing to worry about; mine is faster than that, regardless of medication. It always has been. Doesn’t worry my doctor at all.
  9. Yes. One of the best Gothic cathedrals in the world. I’ve been there. Anyone else afraid of the future?
  10. Elephants. Black or green tea?
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