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  1. @dancesintherain I had to edit some stuff out of my post that you just replied to. Sorry about that. (stupid paranoia) I've been in an ambulance a few times. One of those times was when I was being transported to a psychiatric hospital from an ER. They strapped me down to the stretcher so I couldn't get up. But yeah, the hospitals I've been to... they always gave me the proper PRN med (between Zyprexa, Seroquel, Geodon in shot form, Ativan, Klonopin, or Xanax). Which was good to keep me calm throughout the ordeal. I couldn't imagine being brushed off like that! Being in the hospital is hard enough as it is. At least for me. I try my best to keep out of the hospital nowadays. Sometimes it feels like I can't hide my symptoms from my boyfriend or doctor though. But I always remember to never bring up the S word ever again.
  2. I didn't say you had BPD. I was just explaining what I had read about the relationship between Complex PTSD and BPD and why the hospital might have thought that. They present similarly is what I've read. But you are right, they should have given you a real PRN med to help ease your anxiety. I would have been livid actually! I've been diagnosed with regular PTSD numerous times but I don't feel like it fits my symptoms at all. I don't feel overly traumatized by what happened to me before, which were a handful of events throughout mostly adulthood. The main being when some people broke into my home while I was still home and held a gun to my head and robbed me.
  3. I've never heard of Lamictal as a PRN med. I thought it had to build up in your system to work at all. I did notice in your signature that it says "Complex PTSD". That isn't a diagnosis in the DSM V at all. But according to studies, it was a disorder that has the same symptoms as BPD. Maybe that's why the hospital said that? I'm not sure. But the standard treatment for BPD is usually therapy and not meds. But I think meds can help if you have co-morbid disorders. I don't really know though. Don't quote me on that because I am just re-iterating stuff I read online!
  4. I've been off and on various name brand meds... Vraylar… Rexulti… Trintellix... Latuda... and currently am taking brand name only Klonopin. I'm on disability and qualify for some programs that pay all my co-pays and co-insurance costs... I don't pay anything for my meds (including name brand ones).
  5. Feel like getting out and doing something. Nice and sunny out. I always feel like I'm "missing out on life" when it's nice out and I stay indoors.
  6. I've been on daily Klonopin for around 3 years or so now. I, too, would be non-functional without it. But the only way it works well for me is for me to take it throughout the day at specific intervals (used to be 3 times per day, now 2 times per day). All the initial side effects wore off after some time and I don't have any side effects that I know of anymore. It just keeps the Panic Disorder in check. If I miss a dose or 2, I end up with a huge panic attack and my vision starts to get really weird (objects, floors, and walls start to grow and shrink right in front of my eyes). I also have Lorazepam on board for those times where I become agitated by my anxiety/depression/psychosis or when the anxiety and panic try to break through the Klonopin barrier. I highly recommend Klonopin!
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