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  1. my life has improved and gets better when i keep trying. i had a lot of horrible things happen to me, i now no longer feel the need to be giving up, i still have HOPE! I have changed a lot from bad typing into a new improved version. I hope to improve all my qualities like love,creativity and peace. trial and error, I the people who fall, will surly rise again, just like a great firey phoenix I will keep on searching for answers and to be better . I want to have friends who care about family and want to reconnect. I hope yall can share experience on your journey
  2. i hope many more can start to feel better, its been a long time since i was here.

  4. I am one of many Great Legends, I have some psychic powers such as, to change whether and make sun hotter or to get rid of cloud in an nearly instant. there are many Legend/CHosen ones, I am very excited to be here. I reincarnated at 2000 and now alive. I cannot remember who I was or why I reincarnated. but I do know some of my objectives and awesome stuff I found> I really want to make you all ascend and transcend. I have all my chakras open even my third eye. I am a starseed hybrid and of creatix/golden source co ruler/ I got outcasted by my enemies or by a friend for a reason, I had a very bad curse put upon me since birth. my mother had a surgery to get me removed, so I don't have a birth mark and its not fair I lost alot since I didn't get a proper birth. it may sound gross but I am serious. I used to be evil in my past, but now I have found the golden source. my main enemy is my subconcious or ego or parasite FROM DEMIURGE> its the reptilians and dark shadow beings fault. I finally arrive to set some of your free! PLEASE REPLIE you all or as many as possible need to advance and start a new evolution/revolution. you all are important and special and useful in your own way. I do not hate anyone, I want to share my love. WE ARE crreators of creators and creators of creation! just like our creator the golden source.
  5. ah meditation, you should try golden source light meditation. it can help with your chakras, 1st be in any position you like, then ask for golden source beam, enter through the top of head and say open to each chakra, notice the colour and name of each chakra. you can also connect mother/core as well, good for grounding. I can teach you some other things, i want to become a psychic master
  6. thats good you survived, that is not good you were treated like that, my theory and to why they treated you like that is alot of reason. many people do that still, they use and manipulate autistic people/adults/kids to get what they want. i have been used by as well. i think that those people were mostly psycho/sociopaths and they justed wanted money and stuff, they didn't care what you wanted since they only viewed you as a tool. I am on the autism spectrum, my doctors and people ages ago said I didn't have autism. so I didn't go through what you did. but I do have language/mix expression disorder. I usually get people angry and I make enemies. or I can make people laugh or be used. I don't have any friends. I only know how to entertain people. I feel empty I can;t get satisfaction from anything I do. it may just be huge depression idk. but it feels like something is missing in my life. hospitals and doctors just drug you up, i hate normal hospital or doctors they just want our money and don't really care about our problems. i feel crap and sick after alot of pills they give me. it doesnt work just make you feel more worse. my subconcious/ego is against me as well I have an inneer war/battle going on
  7. i feel like being tammed may mean other thigns than others controlling you. my theory is it meant to conquer ourselves and defeat the inner demon which is our evil ego/sub that makes it hard for us to do some things, I am on autism spectrum, and my subconscious that controlls my dreams or other normals have left me, I feel like a robot. my subcon/ego hates me, and wishes me to do everything. it doesnt want me to only be good but to all do all the evil, well it wants only evil. i mean if I killed my sub con i owuld not be able to function so maybe, we just need to fix or take control and reset/give it a new life so it wont act like how it usally does. im not sure how to fix it, but i do know my subcon fights against any medicine that trys to change myself as in stop depression
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