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  1. Hi, I just saw my pdoc yesterday, so these are my current meds: 1. Venlafaxine (Effexor) - 150 mg AM 2. Modafinil (Provigil) - 200 mg AM 3. Aripiprazole (Abilify) - 15 mg AM 4. Pregabalin (Lyrica) - 150 mg AM and 150 mg PM 5. Atomoxetine (Strattera) - 40 mg at Noon. 6. Methylphenidate XR (Concerta) - 36 mg at Noon. 7. Escitalopram (Lexapro) - 20 mg at Noon. 8. Olanzapine (Zyprexa) - 10 mg PM 9. Quetiapine (Seroquel) - 100 mg PM 10. Clonazepam (Klonopin) - 1 mg PM
  2. Cerberus - I do not doubt your position at pdoc, but from own experience I've seen good and bad doctors, the ones that really helps and knows how to empathy with you, others just for the money and very little help with unsuccesful results, and so on. That's why in my case jumped from many psychiatrists since 2004 and agree with you the mind is still very complex and I'm not intend to damage it by self medicated, I don't do illegal drugs anymore, not even drink a single glass of alcohol anymore, my mental health is first and thank God currently I found a good doctor right now since January this year. Sadly my appointment has changed to the 9th October, because he is not in the city, had a not planned travel but still in contact vía whatsapp, and let you know if something in my regimen changes next week, i will update all of you cheers! Goodbye.
  3. Weird, like reading here and other forums, they say it is almost like a magic pill, that they put into sleep instantly, some others say it has the potential of distorted perspective like on DXM but in a relaxing way. I just started last week and i barely see benefits from it. The first night with one 10 mg, a little excited for how would be the effects on me, but 20 minutes later and nothing, then half an hour nothing, soy i eat another 10 mg, so a total of 20, i just felt very mild effects like i've taken valerian or some other herb but i slept, not immediatly but i did. This night i abused, i have to confess i was desperate but never again, so i took one and snorted another one at the same time and again like sugar pill, then ate another one and the 4th one sublingual, so a total of 40 mg, it's a strong dose, and here i am...6:33 in the morning and zero sleep, i had to take 2 mg of clonazepam but i decided better not to sleep, that clona really helps me always, but i prefered not to sleep and start my day, i dont wanna mess with my schedule and drink my coffee, going later to walk, clean the house or read something. Btw today i have the appointment with my psychiatrist and tell him my situation, either prescribe me something else like amitriptyline or stay with my quetiapine and clonazepam, just wanted to augment that combo, but let's see....
  4. Then why people here keep asking here and there for medications! Making threads of this med is better than this one and so on..we aren't doctors! Maybe some of them can't even pay one! We have the liberty of making our own research and make an opinión to others even more preparated than some "doctors".
  5. I'm sure, most doctors make trial and error. Every brain is different, they could be wrong for my own experience don't always prescribe what we need, and may be wrong but almost sure like many of the users here are being either self medicated or trying another drug, maybe abusing them...i'm not saying everyone ok, thanks for your concern, i appreciate that, see you later my friend!
  6. I'd made them by my own research, i read a lot about mental health, but i consult him via whatsapp before i make the changes and he agree with me most of the time, not always, i then don't do them. I actually have my appointment this wednesday octubre 2th to reafirm my meds, switch them, low or up doses, and he rather gradually quit most of them, tapering of or switch me to another, he gives me also psychoterapy. So nothing to worry about. 😊
  7. Current meds, just a little change: Zolpidem (Notix) - 10 mg before bed. Finally i tried it, but not that sedative as i thought. Maybe some nights will take 20 mg but let's see how is still working. They said in other forums like bluelight that has hallucinating properties even at low doses like 20-30 even 10 mg but nothing at all at least not me. That was more interesting that made me go for a script, it helps, but nothing special. Venlafaxine generic - 75 mg x 2 at morning when i wake up. I think is the antidepressant that has worked better for me, the social phobia has practically gone, also found it helps with my OCD and depression, more efective than SSRI's. Altough i read that the withdrawal is awful that scares me haha but just will focus in the present and later if i quit i'm gonna switch again to fluoxetine since is a long acting, easy to taper down. Modafinil 200 mg, also when i wake up i LOVE the effect with my coffee in the morning and boost my mood to start my day. Aripiprazole (Antremadin)/15 mg in the morning, helps f***ing OCD, my anxiety and mood swings, also tics disorder. Great atypical antipsychotic. Methylphenidate XR (Tradea 54 mg) - At noon, for depression, adhd, sometimes use it as recreational the 10 mg IR. God i love/hate that substance, makes me feel euphoric and social, but i don't WANT a rehab again so i'm lowering down. Exercice helps a lot. Atomoxetine (Strattera 40 mg) - At noon. Not am sure if it's effective for my adhd, maybe it helps in a subtle way, and i'm sure it helps depression also. Clonazepam (Kriadex 2 mg) - ¼ at noon and ½ at bedtime, for anxiety, OCD off label but it helps, social anxiety, panic disorder and insomnia. LOVE it, never fails me all the time since 2005 it keeps effective. Quetiapine (Aretaeus 100 mg) - 50 mg evening, 100 mg bedtime. Again ocd, mood stabilizer, insomnia, anxiety, depression. My favorite AAP, helps a lot of conditions. Lamotrigine generic 100 mg - Two (200 mg) at evening, for mood disorder, anxiety and depression. I quit valproate though, this is better. So that's it my current cocktail, what do you think? Thanks for reading, greetings!
  8. Oh yes, i read something about the.interacción but didn't know was dangerous so it didn't matter at all. I will quit Valproate and stay with Lamotrigine, it's more helpful and i like the feeling, with valproate hardly notice something, but still we can considerado later i my next appointment. As with those benzos, we don'"t find here in my country, just Triazolam (Halcion) a powerful hipnotic, Flunitrazepam (Rohypnol) just in the streets because they are banned. Oh, i forgot to tell you also Bromazepam (Lexotan) very mild bur effective and obbioisly we can't forget the goo olf Vslium. The "z* drugs thst i know is it there is Zolpidem (Nocte, Ambien)/i would like to try but i" m without work right now, until october *fingers crossed*
  9. I know, you're right! At least i'm gonna send him a whatsapp and see if i can return to those previously prescribed them. Hopefully he agree with me cause i'm more stable now.
  10. I'm glad you know Spanish and you do it so well, 😊 thanks! So back to my cocktail i've done some changes by myself 😁 i hope my pdoc agree because i could't wait until october 02. Venlafaxine (Effexor) - 150 mg morning, for depression, ocd and social anxiety. Modafinil (Modiodal) - 100 mg morning, for wakefulness, mood lift, lethargy and 100 mg at noon. Quetiapine (Seroquel) - only 150 mg bedtime, i switch to aripiprazole at noon well it works better for ocd, anxiety, insomnia (seroquel) mood stabilizer. Aripiprazole (Abilify) - 15 mg at noon; it does improve my OCD tendencias, you know..ruminating thoughts, fear of contamination or a desease, perfeccionist and so on, i can manage it much better. Also good at stabilizating, depression and autism, so is a plus. Methylphenidate XR (Concerta) - 54 mg at noon; adhd, mood lift, depression. Atomoxetine (Strattera) - 40 mg at noon; for adhd. Clonazepam (Rivotril) - 0.5 mg at noon, 1 mg at bedtime; anxiety, insomnia, ocd. Lamotrigine (Lamictal) - 200 mg at evening; mood stabilizer. Valproate (Depakene) - 400 mg i'm the morning for mood stabilazer, manía..i'm not bipolar i think but sometimes my mood can be so down or struggle with anger so maybe an stabilizer could help. Well that's it, maybe i'll try later the Zolpidem, but it's very expensive and maybe it doesn't worth it we'll see later cause i have some payments to do, but thanks for your reply notloki and mikl!
  11. I agree with OTC doxilamine (Unisom). I take it prn, is a strong antihistamine like you said. Valerian - i take it prn two capsules of 250 mg (O.75 valerian acid) and relax me, i've done 1 gram few times and knock me out, very effective but i prefer to stay with 500 mg the recomended dose. My current meds combo are: Seroquel - 150 mg Klonopin - 1 mg Have you tried Amitriptyline? I was on 10 mg together with 2 mg of Perphenazine and 3 mg of Diazepam, all in one pill.
  12. Interest topic... I'm 33 now so here we go: 15-28 - Alcohol and Nicotine ( i quit both at 28, was a horrible mess as a heavy drinking, the hangover, blackouts, problems with my family, work and school. Last year at age 32 started smoking again until now and i don't plan to quit right now, i crave cigarettes and like the feeling of smoking. 18-24 - Weed sporadically, never got hooked on it and never liked too much. Sometimes gave me anxiety, panic attacks, paranoia...some people relax on it, not for me... 18-20 aprox - Cocaine, but too expensive. I quit and never got hooked on it. 19-28 Clonazepam - loved it since the first day my doc psych prescribed to me. I quit cold turkey at 28 (horrible mistake, very hard withdrawal) and back on it again at age 31 and keep taking it now. 31-33 - Ritalin, began taking it as prescribe orally then i discovered the nasal route and snorted and hooked me since the first time, doing that way every day. That is the reason is why this year went to rehab and quit. So hard in the begining, always tired and depressive. When i finish my rehab went on it again, this time with the extended release tablet of 54 mg but went again snorting the 10 mg instant release and still doing it from time to time, but nobody knows it, i hide myself for my parents, i know it is bad and veery addictive. Quitting that sensation of pleasure, euphoria and focus is so hard to me to quit. Eventually i'll be doing again daily due to my addictive personality Caffeine - is a needed drug for me to wake up every day and enjoy my first cup of coffee in the morning with my cigarette. Modafinil - Not really an addictive drug but helps me in the morning with my coffee and helps not to binge those evil Ritalin. So that's it, i agree is difficult to stay sober in this times and my sick obsessive brain always need the urge to be on some substance. Greetings from Mexico to all of you! Thanks for reading my history of addictions. I understand all of you we are in the same boat.
  13. Klonopin (Rivotril in my country) is the one that never fails me, i don't care if i have to take it all my life, really LOVE how relief gives me through all these years since 2005, tried to stop it once and was horrible, i had to go back on it and i don't care, i never abuse it. Ritalin is another one, i love the calming effect and motivation, energy, clear mind and focus, helps a lot in my work and more sociable. Is like it arrange me the thoughts and no more racing mind. The only dislike is the short effect and crashes, so i move it to the extended release. Also i was snorting the instant release and abuse it for some time, very addictive that way, so it gave me lots of problems and had to stop and deal with the withdrawal thanks to the extended release and with the help of modafinil.
  14. Venlafaxine (Effexor) - 150 mg morning, for depression, ocd and social anxiety. Modafinil (Modiodal) - 100 mg morning, for wakefulness, mood lift, lethargy. Quetiapine (Seroquel) - 50 mg at noon, 150 mg bedtime; anxiety, insomnia, mood stabilizer. Methylphenidate XR (Concerta) - 54 mg at noon; adhd, mood lift, depression. Atomoxetine (Strattera) - 40 mg at noon; for adhd. Clonazepam (Rivotril) - 0.5 mg at noon, 1 mg at bedtime; anxiety, insomnia, ocd. Lamotrigine (Lamictal) - 200 mg at evening; mood stabilizer. This cocktail is working great, i hope it keeps working, though i would like to try Zolpidem for insomnia, i'm gonna ask my psychiatrist for it, hopefully agree with me, does anyone try it and has positive experience with Ambien? Greetings from México!
  15. Maybe you could add Strattera for the N boost, the combination of Effexor and Strattera works very well for me. I recently switch from Prozac to Effexor and i'm glad of the change. Fluoxetine helped me for my OCD but very little for my depression. I'm on 150 mg of venlafaxine and surprisely also helps for the OCD! Plus the better benefits for my depression and social anxiety, great change!
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