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  1. NoHi! 1.- Dropping the fluoxetine 20 mg from 80 to 40, so...1-1-0 (ocd, depression, ADHD - goes well with the Ritalin) 2.-Modafinil 200mg 1-0-0 ( i dont have narcolepsy but excelent for waking me up, mood lift and mornings apathy, along with my black coffee) 3.- Methylphenidate LA 30 mg 1-1-0 (focus, adhd, depression) I prefer the LA version so i dont have the temptation to snort it. Love the effect but i cant continue with that. 4.- Aripiprazole 15 mg once in the evening (ocd, ruminations) 5.- Magnesium Valproate 200 mg 0-0-1 (Mood stabilization, manía, racing mind) 6.- Clonazepam 2mg Dropping to half a pill so .. 0-0-½ ( anxiety, insomnia, ocd, also, the only benzo that touch serotonin, i can notice) *Lamotrigine 100mg as needed The supplents: Magnesium chloride 500mg Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C) 500mg B-complex (B1,B2,B6,B12) Choline 1.3 g Zinc 23.9 mg That's it! Greetings.
  2. Well, yesterday...sorry on thursday two days ago had my appointment with my psychiatry. He really did some changes and thanks God is working good. 1. Quetiapine √ out! 2. Escitalopram... √ out So he add me a substance unknown from me, and is very peaceful mind thoughts clean and every thoughts are more clear, so here is my coctel: 1. Brexpiprazol 0.5mg (the new one) 0-0-1 2. Aripiprazole 15 mg....0-0-1 3. Fluoxetine 20mg.....2-2-0 (the only change was divide doses, still 80mg) - ocd, depression, anxiety √ great medicine, best ssri i've taken. 4. Modafinil 200mg....1-0-0/ from two i've taken, he dropped it just one for wakefull me, lerhargy, adhd 5. Methylphenidate LA/30mg....1-1-0 (Adhd, depression) 6. Olanzapine 10mg (drooped it instead of 10mg just half pillz very hard to cut it but fortunely i have a pill razor)/- 0-½-0. Eventually he will put me off my favorito antipsychotic 😕 7. Clonazepam 2mg....0-0-1/ he will make me quit also my favorite benzo but fuck it i'll use ir prn as well the olanzapine. Ok for this one two weeks i will take the entire pill, then two week pill, them keep me tapering two weeks ¼ pill (0,5mg)/them drop it 😕hopimg wont b hard to quit Ok thanks for reading and sorry my bad orthography this damn phone is very slow working. Greetings!
  3. I'm great..no not really, but i'm stable. The only problem is very hard to wake up in the mornings, that's a little price, i hope my psychiatrist take me one antipsychotic (quetiapine i hope so) and also i think i'll be fine with just one antidepresant, i would like to keep the fluoxetine since it is more antiobsesive, and makes good synergy with the Ritalin. The las three ones (diazepam, amitriptyline and perphenazine) is just one pill with three substances at those dosage, that one i self medicate is very peaceful mind and doesnt knock me like quetiapine, i also self medicate with pregabalin and lamotrigine, surprising helpful both of them, by reading here and other forums, i decided to try those, i dont know if i tell him the next appointment, lets see how it goes, he is openly when i suggest one med..i'll update later and thanks for the welcome! Greetings from Mexico!
  4. Hii, new here (well, long time reading) so here i go... Fluoxetine 80 mg - antidepressive/antiobsesive (4-0-0) Escitalopram 10 mg - depresión, augment rhe fluoxetine (0-1-0) Aripiprazole 15 mg - helps for ocd (1-0-0) Olanzapine 10 mg - the best antipsicotive in my opinión, mood stabilize, anxiety, helps ocd arrange the tought for irrational and repetive, brain glue (0-1-0) Quetiapine 100 mg (mood, insomnia)/ 0-0-1½ Modafinil 200 mg (depression, mood lift, adhd) 1-1-0 Methylphenidate 30 mg LA (adhd, depresión) 1-1-0 Clonazepam 2mg (insomnia, anxiety, ocd) 0-0-1 Pregabalin 150mg (anxiety, mood ) 2-0-2 Lamotrigine 100mg (mood stabilizee) 0-2-0 Diazepam 3mg (insomnia) Amitriptilyne 10 mg (insomnia) Perphenazine 2mg (insomnia, psicosis, apathy)
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