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  1. I know this is an old thread but I'll post this anyway. My 23 y/o daughter has depression, along with her borderline personality disorder and some anxiety and obsessive compulsive disorder mixed in. In her teens she had terrible anxiety, which caused her to miss a lot of school and eventually drop out and get her GED. Now the anxiety isn't her main problem. The depression is. She's had several therapists over the years, several psychiatrists. She's tried several medications with various side-effects and others with no good results. She's had in-patient hospitalizations and out-patient partial hospitalizations because of her suicidal thoughts and attempts. She says there's no future for her and feels hopeless. She doesn't think anything can help. Her last psychiatrist basically dropped her and said she should do Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS), which she did for a couple months with no change. She got a new psychiatrist who said she should try ECT, so she's been doing that for the last month. That seems to have made her depression worse. She never felt better and it affected her memory. They want her to continue the ECT once every other week and sent her to their in-patient hospital to see if they'd take her in and start DBT therapy. However that hospital rejected her and said she needed to do out-patient partial hospitalization and utilize a regular DBT therapist. Now she's still very depressed and started with a new DBT therapist. Not sure if she'll have to change psychiatrist or not though. And I'm not sure if she should continue with the ECT anymore. There's no change in medication. She is hesitant to try Ketamine because she's worried about any potential addiction issues. She feels like she's tried everything and nobody has an answer, which makes her even more depressed. My money is almost gone. I've paid the $8,000 maximum for my insurance for the last several years. She has bills that I'm paying because she has trouble working during the treatments. She was rejected for Disability because she had worked a little in the last year. I don't even think it would be helpful for her to not work. She needs to do something and not think about negative things all day. I'm about ready to give up too because I just don't know what more can be done and nobody else seems to know either. I help her when she's at her darkest moments but it's very draining and never seems to end. Very hopeless, helpless, depressing....
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