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  1. i cannot, since i can only use those in my local NHS area. they all are highly religious.
  2. this entire thread is disrespectful to the op. I do think though your sis is handling this is wrong.
  3. I genuinely feel.its your comprehension that's at odds here. you're just pushing things I haven't done and wish to bully. danceswithrain was out of order and I did nothing wrong.
  4. you also neglect the fact that I said saying never getting a bf is wrong. that's abusive. I don't see why you're singling me out. leave me be.
  5. I haven't been a bully. though ironically you atebring such. The OP doesn't say anything is wrong with her niece. assumptions it's making weird assumptions. I don't see it as necessary.
  6. danceswithrain, since she comically thought i was being offensive, when i raised a valid point.
  7. I only posted as i did because your niece seems OK otherwise. being overweight is often due to lifestyle. if she has no emotional issues causing her this way, or other health issues, then it's due mmost likely to lifestyle and/or diet. what does she eat on a regular basis? you've said she doesn't exercise much well dancesintherain has been. but i just blocked her, i'm over it now.
  8. i didn't mean you. i meant the other person.
  9. There are many people who are functional and overweight. most of it is down to bad diet or lack of exercise. this is what i meant by slovenly. she just needs to change her diet and exercise more, and tht's it. it doesn't seem like there are any other factors making her fat.
  10. well no. you and your friend crazyhorse or whatever she calls herself are clearly online bulls/trolls. i'm not bothered though - i'm just acting here in good faith, unlike both of you.
  11. I think when diagnosing an autistic condition, it's often about if they have friends, use eye contact, get and comprehend social norms, have strict routines, aren't used to changes in environment/holding sensory issues, and often not get what's appropriate in specific social scenarios. Your son seems naive for sure. But then there are other factors to account for, other than being socially naive. The thing is, does he feel that he isn't functioning? the point about the tax return is odd - since there's no way the authorities would allow a dog as a dependant. I do get why you think he has autism, as it is one of many possibilities here.
  12. I can get FULLY why you and your sis are worried. And for her to say she'll never get a bf is wrong. at least when I was younger, I knew a lot of fatter girls who got dates. being slim was a preference, like it is now, but even now it's not an absolute bar. but bar the bullying of other posters here, i think she shold lose weight. the excess weight could take its toll in the future, and it's good to get things sorted now.
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