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  1. Hi, So I tapered off my clozapine and I actually gained 5 lbs in 3 days! I'm on Lamictal, Abilify, and Lithium! I don't understand. Anybody else? Should I just bring clozapine back?
  2. My pdoc and I, after an extensive discussion over text messaging, decided to go for topamax instead. I cannot handle the risk for PCOS with depakote, as I am getting married next year. I took my first dose last night and I calmed down immediately. I hope the trend continues and that this works.
  3. I was on lithium for 4 years, with limited success due to my rapid cycling. This is why I'm going on depakote for now.
  4. Been zig-zagging across Google Scholar to answer my own question. Due to the weight loss effect of topiramate, I might go for it first. But I will wait for what my psychiatrist will say. If he decides to go down the valproate route, then there I go.
  5. oh. Well, I was thinking actually of topiramate instead due to these issues, and also for weight loss. Do you think that's a good move?
  6. I tried depakote before, but I gained weight and had bad skin. I was wondering if there's any chance that this time it might be different. That first trial was 8 years ago.
  7. Not to mention less motivated due to sedation. What was your dose of depakote? and how is it different from valproic acid?
  8. I get you. I haven't been eating carbs at all and the scale won't budge. I just keep thinking that at least i won't be adding more weight. I was ALWAYS 109 lbs before and I've ballooned to 133 now in 4 years.
  9. I didn't gain a single pound on cloz, actually. My weight stayed stabled and I was on it since 2017. I hope the depakote won't make me gain weight either. Just crossing my fingers. It's so hard to lose weight on these meds and I've been trying really hard.
  10. I was on 350mg cloz, but couldn't handle all the sedation. So my pdoc raised by abilify from 10mg to 15mg. I don't think I can go any higher for my clozapine. I just get too sedated. That's why I was thinking of asking for depakote. What was the weight gain like, if you had any?
  11. You mean you had less side effects from Depakote as opposed to cloz? I would need to raise my lamictal right?
  12. So I am on 200mg clozapine, 200mg lamictal, and 15mg abilify. But, I'm rapid cycling like hell! I read that divalproex is better for this than lithium. I'm thinking about suggesting it to my psychiatrist. I have hypomanic, mixed, and depressive episodes. I was diagnosed schizoaffective, bipolar type. What were your experiences on it? Any tips/points to remember? TIA!
  13. My cocktail: Clozapine 150 mg Lamictal 100 mg Abilify 15 mg PRN: Concerta and diazepam
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