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  1. So right now I'm prescribed 200mg Lamotrigine and 300mg XR Seroquel for treatment of Bipolar II. I have gained quite a bit of weight from the Seroquel and am wanting to get off of it, but I am still having manic/mixed symptoms. Ex. Agitation, restlessness, uncomfortable energy, impulsive spending, etc. I want to know if anyone has had success in treating symptoms with a combo of Gabapentin+Lamotrigine?
  2. Well see my nose isn't runny. It's blocked. Would it help that? I'm taking 300mg XR now, no more IR since the pdoc seemed to think that's a culprit as well.
  3. So I tries the Flonase, unfortunately that didn't work. XR formulation did help a scoche, but not anything to write home for.
  4. Personally, I do get extra energy from it, but I think this is due to the fact that I actually get quality sleep from it.
  5. It's definitely worth a try. The nasal congestion is starting to affect my relationship with my partner now. He can barely stand the fig horn snoring that comes with the congestion and often ends up sleeping on the couch. 😕 Hopefully this will let up sooner than later. I'm picking up the XR today and will take it for the first time tomorrow morning. I'm going to pick up some Flonase while I'm there. Wish me luck! I just want to be able to breathe!
  6. I'm going to give it a few more weeks with the Seroquel. I do feel a slight improvement, but this sinus blockage is making me miserable. I'm going to try to stop using the Afrin and try Zyrtec and Flonase. 🤞
  7. It is... Sort of. I'm still having manic symptoms, excessive spending, racing thoughts, random sleeping patterns, obsessive cleaning/organizing, agitation, but that's why we increased to 250mg total. 150mg XR in the AM, 100mg IR before bed. I haven't started on that dose yet. My pharmacy didn't have the 150mg XR in stock. What's the difference in binding profile in Vraylar vs Seroquel? 🤣🤣🤣
  8. 😕 First thing I tried was the BreatheRight strips. No good. I'll check out Clarinex. Is that OTC or Rx?
  9. Thank you for your reply. Looks like Vraylar antagonizes the a1 receptor the least. Anyone have experience with this med? I'm becoming semi dependent on oxymetazoline nasal spray, which I know will make things worse with rebound congestion, but I cannot sleep with my nose blocked. Anyone have any suggestions for non-nasal spray solutions for the rhinitis?
  10. Talked with my pdoc and he suggested that this side effect with lessen over time. We also increased to 150XR in the AM and 100 IR at night. Has anyone experienced a lessening of side effects from Seroquel over time? Did the XR formulation have less side effects?
  11. I was looking on Wikipedia and it looks like Zyprexa might not hit the adrenergic receptors as had as Seroquel or Risperdal. Any suggestions?
  12. That's a tough ask. Most ready made food is going to be high in fat and carbs. Have you tried augmenting your diet with some light exercise?
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