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  1. I saw my doctor today, and he suspects it's because of the biphentin. I'm going to stop taking it tomorrow and see what happens. I'll keep you guys updated. I have been taking it for about a year, but I stopped taking it for a few weeks. When I started taking it again, that's when it started to happen.
  2. and not for lack of trying what's happening is that i'm twitching as soon as i start to drift off, i'm twitching every few minutes like i have the hiccups, but i'm pretty sure that's not what it is. i mean, it could be? but when i get out of bed, it stops. i'm just so exhausted. it's constant. i'll doze off and spasm doze off and spasm ad nauseum all night i'm gonna lose my mind guys i already wasn't sleeping and this is just making everything a million times worse. i am hallucinating ice cream truck music everywhere i go. current meds are effexor 150mg and biphentin 30mg
  3. hello my name is anders and im 31 my wife left me because i'm crazy and unemployed i have ocd/adhd/mdd though i secretly think i might be bipolar on top of that so hi nice to meet you
  4. My intrusive thoughts could be described as a commanding voice as well. it is a lot like how you're describing. effexor helped this, and surprisingly when i wasn't able to afford effexor, so did st. johns wort. it didn't completely go away but it did help turn it down a bit. before the effexor, i'd literally be standing there paralyzed while my head shouted things like, "punch the baby, buuuuuddy, go ahead, punch the baby, punch it punch it punch it punch it" or "the dog died 'cause of you 'cause of you 'cause of you the dog died 'cause of you it was you"
  5. i just found i cant fight it by doing anything other than rocking out to it in my head i have much worse things that repeat in my head so even if it's justin bieber i'm good music can't hurt me so i just let it go.
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