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  1. @DammitJanetI guess the thing that has gotten me wondering is the extent I'm pushing myself and knowing what the end result will be be. Maybe your right and I'm just putting too much thought into it.
  2. I haven't self injured in around 3 years. Traditionally, I would cut myself. In the event that someone took my tool or I didn't have it for whatever reason, I would take to burning. But things in my life have changed and I cannot risk anyone finding visable scars or burns. But I'm getting SI urges from hell. To try and get my mind off it, I started exercising. But after the first few days, I over did it by accident and was sore. Like really sore. Now, Im finding that when the urge hits, I end up seriously overworking myself to the point I nearly pass out And/or vomit. The only reason I am being as descriptive as I am, Idk if this is even really a form of SI? Or just a really good alternative? I've never heard of anyone else hurting themself this way before, so I'm kinda unsure. I guess on the plus side, I've lost a few lbs past 6 weeks haha
  3. Hey. First and foremost. I hate introductions posts, but feel insanely rude if I don't make one. I used to frequent a different forum, but decided to take a break. When I went back to it a couple years later, it was shut down. Which sucks. I have been diagnosed with bipolar 2. Got official word about 5 years ago after a third suicide attempt and going to a "safe place" for a bit. I was prescribed seroquil, lithium and welbuterin, and it seemed to work fairly well. Then my stupid self decided to take myself off all of it. Stop going to therapy, and yeah. I delt with it for a bit. My lows didnt get too bad and the highs were never too much of an issue for me. Everything was good. But over the past two months I've come to a full realization that I am still seriously f***ed up. I know me. I'm on a crash course to full relapse, complete with drugs, booze, and SI. I don't know how to stop it now. I've moved. And the only psychiatrist/therapist anywhere within a reasonable distance to me is the damn moron I saw as a kid. And I refuse to go there again. So yeah. That's me. On a lighter note, I like music (listening, playing and writing) as well as writing short stories. I also like red wine and long walks on the beach. Hi!
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