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  1. another strange thing is that while zyprexa is more or less condemned for damaging cognition in my own case i think it helps cognition
  2. @Iceberg I've never tried amisulpride before. Thing is I'm doing well on the present medication so not sure whether to try amisulpride. My first priority is cognition.
  3. I do take methylphenidate 30mg per day. I've gotten so used to the APs that I do not feel sedated at all. Just a bit calm. Abilify I have tried. I am kind of neutral towards it.My pdoc once mentioned flupentixol but never mentioned it again.
  4. Right now I am on 250mg Clozapine plus 10mg olanzapine. Would something like amisulpride be better for cognition.
  5. Anyone with experience of Alpha Brain or Optimind care to share? I find them both useful but I am not decided which is better.
  6. I finally started reading Emotional Intelligence by Goleman. At the beginning it was like wow but then towards the middle he is just repeating himself. I want to read other books about struggling and coping with stuff.
  7. I was on olanzapine for a decade and I was quite psychotic when I was on it. I refused to comply with my doctor and I insisted on staying on olanzapine.Finally one day I told my pdoc everything and he put me on clozapine. In a week my psychosis vaporized and I began to understand what it is like to feel normal.I was really relieved and thankful. My doc has also been giving me an injection without ever telling me what is in it. All I know is that it helped me to feel good--really good. Many visits later I am now on methylphenidate and I feel elated most of the day. The olanzapine I had been tak
  8. Listening to BB King. Lately I have developed an ear for Jazz.
  9. I am looking into neuro science and psychology books lately. I just finished Livewired by David Eagleman and loved it truly. I am now reading The Tell Tale Brain by V S Ramachandran. Can someone give other suggestions
  10. I don't think it is a crash I feel super happy and euphoric in the afternoon which gives rise to a more mundane feeling later in the evening
  11. I am put on methylphenidate 10mg morning 10 mg afternoon. I get amazing euphoria right about some time after my afternoon dose but it subsides and gives way to a rather dull/boring evening. I am going to request my doc to add one more. In case he doesn't agree what else can I request which will make my evenings more bearable.
  12. I'm facing terrible stress at work and I want to know what is the best non memory or cognition affecting way of dealing with the stress.
  13. I believe I do well on trihexyphenidyl but have forgetfulness issues which i mentioned to my doc so he prescribed 2.5 mg of Donepezil. Is it possible for 2.5 mg donepezil to counter the side effects of trihexyphenidyl.
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