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  1. Basically I'm not expecting anything other than a slightly elevated perception of music. Anything else is just a bonus.
  2. I hvae always believed that metal requires superior intelligence. This is because it is more complex to synthesize. There are multiple things going on in each song and you have to be computationally pretty quick to relate the various movements and rythms with each other.
  3. anyway, i just ordered Aniracetam online to enhance my musical perception.
  4. hey great, you listen to death metal too. im a fan of the NY Scene too with suffocation, cannibal corpse, etc. Mostly listening to brutal death metal these days. I'll ask my dr. about these.
  5. One thing I have noticed after increasing my Ritalin to 10-10mg per day is that my ability to perceive musical patterns has increased. I'm spending like hours at a time just listening to music and enjoying it very much. Are there any other medications that will enable me to perceive music more clearly. I listen to a very complex kind of music known as death metal and it is very complex. I know this sounds like I am looking for something recreational but I'm actualy looking for something that will enhance my perception. TIA.
  6. Do you find any mental benefit of taking NSAIDs such as aceclofenac, serratiopeptidase and ibuprofen etc.
  7. My doc has taken me off divalproex sodium which was having a stabilizing effect on me. It's been about two weeks now. I think I'm beginning to feel signs of hypomania. I have bought seven programming books and not read a page. I feel lke I'll read it all in one sitting which is ridiculous. Grandiose plans. No execution. That sort of thing. I am on a death metal music listening binge for days now. I don't even feel like going to work I want to sit and listen to death metal music all day. I'm rating albums and writing reviews constantly. I have an 85 hour long playlist now on winamp. I've bought external hard drive of 1 TB. What's going on. Why can't I get to work. Should I re start divalproex sodium.
  8. Hi, Since about three months I am on clozapine prior to that I was on olanzapine. Clozapine has squashed my psychosis but it made me cognitively worse. My doc then added methylphenidate which I am now taking 10+10mg of every day. I'm noticing that I am becoming more and more of a perfectionist and also becoming more cognitively hungry. I recently bought 5 books on programming and started on one and then on chapter 2 I didn't understand something so I quit everything till I figured that out. I sort of managed to find the answer though not completely. It was very very difficult for me to move on to the next section. The next section I again didn't understand something. So I decided to buy another book on the subject. Now I am trying to move on even if i understand only 80% of something but I have a tendency to get stuck on things if I don't undertand them through and through. I expect myself to understand the material as well as if I myself were the author. I expect myself to understand the ramifications of each and every sentence down to the n-th degree. I read somehwerh about this being a condition and somebody had written that this is due to dopamine serotonin imbalance and that abilify can help. Is this a clinically treatable symptom or what?
  9. How many days did you start getting this clear headed feeling again. Im getting a bit of the sharpness back in two to three days.
  10. My doc has increased my clozapine from 100mg to 150mg and he says I don't need Divalproex Sodium any more. Is this going to make me feel better or what is the expected effect?
  11. Cool. I don't know if i technically qualify for an ADHD diagnosis but I would like to be able to benefit from the med nonetheless.
  12. Thanks. Indeed it seems that way to me as well. I'm probably getting shorter duration of action as well. But like you said a few hours is better than no hours at all.
  13. hmm .. ok.. i guess i'll wait and see what happens.
  14. It's been now almost 10 ten days on Ritalin. If it were modafinil it would have easily pooped out by now. But don't think the Ritalin is going in that direction. Does it eventually poop out or what happens? Somebody let me know so that I don't later get disappointed. I'm against taking tolerance breaks. I need the med to work without any breaks.
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