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  1. Yes feeling better after doc increased clozapine and pristiq

  2. Wonderful Cheese, I think you should really talk to your pdoc and ask about clozapine. It's high time. I was similarly messed up when I was on Zyprexa. I hear in the US it is treated as a last line of attack against psychosis but my own doc gives it out quite liberally. My doc is luckily an absolutely brilliant doctor and he is very aggressive against mental illness of any kind be it depression bipolar or psychosis. I wish your pdoc would wake up and treat you similarly and with seriousness. EDIT:-Don't take anything I said the wrong way. If anything disturbs you just ignore it. I am just trying to help.
  3. Remember that after all, it is an FDA approved drug so there's no reason to think it will harm you.
  4. @Iceberg I have psychosis or paranoid schizophrenia and he thinks that Seroquel will just not be enough. @MiaB it's funny to use the word recreational for an antipsychotic but when I took 300mg I did indeed get recreational effects.
  5. My doc says it's too mild to be of any use to me. I was once put on it by another hospital and I remember it being quite pleasant.
  6. I want to be sedated

  7. I know why I have this cognitive deficit but I have never been able to convince anyone of it. When my second hospitalization happened I was given 6mg of risperidone per day. That caused me to become a zombie and it destroyed my brain. I believe the effects are there to this very day. It is this thing that I am trying to overcome to this day. I read somewhere that there is something called 'neuroleptic induced deficit syndrome'. I think that is what happened to me.
  8. Yes I am always in this struggle to improve cognition but avoiding damaging effects. I am also on Ritalin for the very same reason improved cognition. However, that is luckily so far not interfering with my mental balance. I have given up the idea of modafinil as that truly unbalances me. I have been in a hospital about 4 times. 3 times at home and once in the US where I was attending grad school. My initial psychotic break was due to grad school and not having any kind of funding. I have also been through ECT. I have noticed that some of the very same things that unbalance me often lead to improved cognition but I am now also beginning to realize that having sanity is worth sacrificing a bit in the way of cognition.
  9. I was on it for 10 years. It made me ok. Now I have changed to clozapine and I find clozapine even more rewarding. But those days on Zyprexa I have fond memories of.
  10. I requested to be put on it. I have a suspicion that I have poor cognition and it was to help with that. However, I must mention that my doc did indeed warn me that I will develop psychosis.
  11. Is it possible to develop psychotic features after use of donepezil. I'm blaming it for the decline in my mood. It definitely gives me a cognitive boost but I am wondering if that is the reason why I am having so much dysphoria. Prior to starting this my mood was fine.
  12. I don't generally have mood issues though sometimes I feel low. My problem has mainly been of the thought disorder variety though now it is under control because of clozapine. I am generally curious about Lithium. Isn't it also the thing that was sold in 7-up or something.
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