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  1. I occasionally have some mood disturbance so was thinking of popping one of these but was worried about cognitive effects.
  2. Does divalproex sodium cause severe cognitive issues or even mild ones. When used as an anti manic(500mg per day)
  3. I am prescribed THP for side effects of antipsychotics. But it gives me memory issues. Is there any alternative?
  4. Yes memantine is very good. I found that it made my emotions artififcial so I quit it. Modafinil is good. Methylphenidate is good. In peculiar ways donepezil is also good.
  5. I'm feeling a bit better and the reason is methylphenidate

    1. Blahblah


      Great news, I hope it keeps helping you. What dose are you on?

    2. the maze runner

      the maze runner

      Thanks. I take 20mg in a day divided into two doses

  6. Don't take high doses of risperidone. It will make you anhedonic and robotic.
  7. Yes feeling better after doc increased clozapine and pristiq

    1. Wonderful.Cheese


      Glad to hear you are feeling better!

    2. jarn


      That's great news!

  8. Wonderful Cheese, I think you should really talk to your pdoc and ask about clozapine. It's high time. I was similarly messed up when I was on Zyprexa. I hear in the US it is treated as a last line of attack against psychosis but my own doc gives it out quite liberally. My doc is luckily an absolutely brilliant doctor and he is very aggressive against mental illness of any kind be it depression bipolar or psychosis. I wish your pdoc would wake up and treat you similarly and with seriousness. EDIT:-Don't take anything I said the wrong way. If anything disturbs you just ignore it. I am just trying to help.
  9. Remember that after all, it is an FDA approved drug so there's no reason to think it will harm you.
  10. @Iceberg I have psychosis or paranoid schizophrenia and he thinks that Seroquel will just not be enough. @MiaB it's funny to use the word recreational for an antipsychotic but when I took 300mg I did indeed get recreational effects.
  11. My doc says it's too mild to be of any use to me. I was once put on it by another hospital and I remember it being quite pleasant.
  12. I want to be sedated

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