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  1. hypomania has abated a bit. I'm no longer playing chess like Kasparov lol but also not throwing up all the time.

  2. that's an interesting point @browri. At first my doc had refused to prescribe Brintellix with methylphenidate. Then he revised his thought and did prescribe it. I find it is quite an effective combo. I'm still on 10mg though.
  3. Concerta is really expensive but i think it is more effective. Anyone have any expereince with this. Also, why would two things that have the same active molecule have different degrees of effectiveness.
  4. almost hypomanic with Brintellix plus Concerta 

  5. Cool. I also noticed the nausea and with me too it goes away if I eat something.I am on a bunch of stuff so it's really hard to tell what is from what.
  6. My Dr. just added Vortioxetine to my regiment. I take Clozapine 150mg and Concerta 36mg with it. What are the effects I can look forward to and when does the onset of action begin. TIA
  7. I got prescribed Brintellix/Vortioxetine and removed the Venlafaxine. I also got Concerta 36mg Sustained Release.
  8. I feel much better than before. Clozapine is responsible for me feeling better.
  9. Right now I am taking Clozapine 150mg, Ritalin 10mgX3,Venlafaxine 75mg, tofisopam 100mg and that's about it. I am due to meet my Dr. in two days time. Is there anything else I can ask him to add to this. I am noticing a difference like day and night with the clozapine. I also get an injection of Invega Sustenna monthly. My goal is to increase cognitive function and get increased enjoyment out of music. My sickness is close to treated. I am now looking for enhancement.
  10. aha the comfort of clozapine😄

  11. I am now on clozapine for about 4 months and my mood is tremendously boosted. Is there any particular reason for why this should be so.
  12. Thank you, clozapine 😄

    1. aura


      Glad to hear it works for you too!

  13. I spent about 8 years on olanzapine when I absolutely loved it. However,I have recently been put on clozapine and clozapine is definitely better than olanzapine mood wise but not cognition wise.
  14. Death Metal music forever.


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