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  1. That's what my dr. asked. He asked if I would be able to tolerate 100mg. I said yes. I don't know whether to go back to 50mg or do what.
  2. I've been on clozapine now for about two months and while it has totally obliterated any signs of psychosis I find that the cognitive price I pay is a bit high. I work as a programmer and so it is important for me to keep numerous variables in my head and have a good working memory sort of and that seriously suffers on clozapine. I cannot take modafinil as it induces psychosis. Adderall is not available in my country of residence. I don't know what to do. Earlier I was on olanzapine and while my psychosis was pretty bad on it I didn't have any cognitive negative effects.
  3. unfortunately i have to uninstall linux and go back to Windows as my chess software will only run there. let's see how much i hate it.

  4. Cool. clozapine is helping me a lot. I look forward to upping to 250mg/day.
  5. wow that's news to me. it has been approx 1.5months and i feel way way better. but just wondering if i could feel better still. 100mg is a low dose don't you think. my doc has said that he wants me to go up to 250mg.
  6. My doc has upped my clozapine from 50mg to 100mg now. I frequently take 25mg in the morning and feel on top of the world. This has been going on for the past week or more. However, lately I notice that I am not experiencing the same feel good feelings with the 25mg morning dose so I just wanted to ask if this is usual. Do the initial effects go away or stay? How much do I have to increase it to feel good all the time. My doc says that this is the best medicine to make me ok again.
  7. Here we are now. Entertain us.

    1. Fluent In Silence

      Fluent In Silence

      I feel stupid and contagious.

  8. moreover i have suffered from cognitive deficits due to incorrectly prescribed medication and i feel that i am at a permanent disadvantage due to that. optimind has really given me half my life back. the other half is permanently down the toilet and hopeful thinking won't change that. but better something than nothing.
  9. makes a lot of sense and certainly people have some skepticism buying into the notion that something like a pill can improve their brain. however, these blends that they have made have a long history of benefits(for the individual ingredients--bacopa monnieri, l tyrosine, l phenylalanine, huperzine a etc.) and they have just optimized the blend. For example, when I took bacopa monnieri I played out of this world chess for two days(understood pawn structures like never before) and was then back to square one and playing dull uninspired moves. When I took l-tyrosine I played all out aggressive chess for about a week and then back to square one. I have tried various things, mirtazapine also helped me play great chess(for two days, perhaps because of the dopaminergic effect), sometimes lamotrigine did, and I would say even modafinil(the much hyped modafinil) eventually succumbed to tachyphylaxis. Modafinil is banned in chess(and olympics) but that's only because it gives you a short term boost. It doesn't really last. But again I crashed. There's always a crash with any stimulant. In the show limitless the person says 'our brain is a maze of missed neural connections' etc. and the pill he takes helps him to form those connections. It is the same with myself. I was never able to actually tap into my potential prior to optimind. There are some basic abilities which help you succeed in intellectual tasks. The most important of these is working memory, focus and attention, and concentration ability, the ability to sharpen our mind like a laser. If we increase the concentration of certain neurotransmitters in the brain these abilities can get enhanced and that has an impact on all of our thinking. I think it's ok to be skeptical and prior to taking alpha brain the advertisement sounded to me very similar to what every other company was claiming without for a second believing their own claims. But I sensed a hint of honesty/sincerity in alpha brain's campaign and plus I wanted to find out why the price was so high and what made them think they could sell it at that price. I started taking it and the first week I didn't notice any effect. but I kept taking it and one day i started solving chess puzzles and realized that I was actually getting them right. there was no mood boost or any other concomitant feature such as happens with modafinil but I had to guess that it could only be due to the alpha brain. Since then I took optimind again out of curiosity. And I realized that it really does work. I can't guarantee that it will work for everyone but the company gives free samples and you can take those free samples for about a week provided you provide your credit card info up front with an automatic order to follow the expiry of the trial period. You can however call and cancel before the end of the trial period and if you do they try to make you understand that it take s ahwile to work. You can insist on cancelling anyway however it is seen that it does work. it helps me read faster, write more effectively, communicate better, mix with people better and stay more motivated.
  10. you always have the option of ordering from iherb. basically i just wonder why more people are not taking these.
  11. Try this link: https://www.amazon.in/Alpha-BRAIN-Support-Memory-Onnit/dp/B007N9217Q I am located in India so I get this link. It's got reviews from amazon.com as well. A total of 1190 reviews with an average rating of 3 stars.
  12. Well ok. It's got precursors of dopamine and acetylcholine as well as catalysts which help the brain produce these neurotransmitters. I have been taking it for 6 months and the effects are still there. It is 100% non placebo. I play absolutely crazy chess and write code really fast when I am on it. It's like my vision is expanded three fold or something and it ialso does a lot of good to my motivation. I am always up for new challenges and don't feel afraid of talking to people when I'm on it. I'd say that if you do believe in nootropics then either this or Alpha brain is a good option for you. you may want to check out alpha brain first because it is way more popular and has some 3000 reviews on amazon.com.
  13. I have been taking this supplement called Optimind. Has anybody else got any experiences to share in this regard? https://www.getoptimind.com/ I feel like going on and on about it about how great it is but i don't want to sound like a commercial and secondly nobody will even believe me that it is actually that good.
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