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  1. Life is a vexatious trap; when a thinking man reaches maturity and attains to full consciousness he cannot help feeling that he is a trap from which there is no escape.

  2. Stupid stuff -- Deleted
  3. I was reading the book Genome by Matt Ridley and in it he tells about a particular gene which determines the density and sensitivity of dopamine receptors in the brain. If you have a bunch of dopamine receptors which are activated pretty quickly you will turn out to be a more or less sober person. If on the other hand dopamine receptors are hard to activate or are less numerous you will engage in risky novelty seeking behavior. This is because to you it takes this kind of behavior to sufficiently activate your dopamine receptors. I assume that this also determines whether a person is likely to become a drug user in his life. I guess proneness to smoking must have a similar path. I wanted to ask others about this. Does any of this make sense. Do you have any other source of information on this.
  4. Living for tomorrow

  5. I just finished a David Baldacci book and I am right now reading Ready Player One
  6. I used to read Kafka when I wsa younger. It is like an addictive drug. Dostoevsky also a good depressant drug. But when I wanted to get really messed up I would read Nietzsche and Freud.
  7. At first I was scared it will cause me to lose cognitively but it has't done that and my moods are a shade more stable.
  8. Clozapine works well on me. Can someone explain the mechanism of action of this med and what makes it super effective. Or maybe you could link to some studies or information about it.
  9. Dude I would say grab the opportunity with both hands and thank providence for it. In my country i don't have medical marijuana but if there was an option i would totally be in favor of it.
  10. Clozapine rules. I wish my doctor would increase the dose


  11. I'm also around 250 wpm so that makes us similar along one factor. I visualize many things. This is actually rather strange because my visuo-spatial IQ is much lower than my verbal and numerical IQ. I know that for any mental operation there are multiple brain centers involved. So it may be possible for one center to correlate words and images and another center for manipulation or rotation of spatial mental objects. Which would explain why I can visualize words but find it hard to manipulate objects. Like if you gave me a picture of a painted or otherwise marked cube with different sides and asked me to predict what it would look from another side then I will really struggle.
  12. For me it's not so much like a movie as a series of phantasms coming in and out of awareness. It invovles primarily vision but also the emotional impact is registered within. I was reading the book Green Mars yesterday and I find the descriptions veyr colorful and vivid. One of my humanities professors in my undergraduate used to say that the way to read a james joyce novel is to sit with some wine take a sip read a couple of pages and then sip again. I don't understand or enjoy james joyce but i do feel that some of the fantasy and sci fi books I read should be savored in a way similar to that.
  13. What speed do you read at? You say you stop seeing the words. That is the sign of an accomplished reader.
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