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  1. I just finished a David Baldacci book and I am right now reading Ready Player One
  2. I used to read Kafka when I wsa younger. It is like an addictive drug. Dostoevsky also a good depressant drug. But when I wanted to get really messed up I would read Nietzsche and Freud.
  3. At first I was scared it will cause me to lose cognitively but it has't done that and my moods are a shade more stable.
  4. Clozapine works well on me. Can someone explain the mechanism of action of this med and what makes it super effective. Or maybe you could link to some studies or information about it.
  5. Dude I would say grab the opportunity with both hands and thank providence for it. In my country i don't have medical marijuana but if there was an option i would totally be in favor of it.
  6. Clozapine rules. I wish my doctor would increase the dose


  7. I'm also around 250 wpm so that makes us similar along one factor. I visualize many things. This is actually rather strange because my visuo-spatial IQ is much lower than my verbal and numerical IQ. I know that for any mental operation there are multiple brain centers involved. So it may be possible for one center to correlate words and images and another center for manipulation or rotation of spatial mental objects. Which would explain why I can visualize words but find it hard to manipulate objects. Like if you gave me a picture of a painted or otherwise marked cube with different sides and asked me to predict what it would look from another side then I will really struggle.
  8. For me it's not so much like a movie as a series of phantasms coming in and out of awareness. It invovles primarily vision but also the emotional impact is registered within. I was reading the book Green Mars yesterday and I find the descriptions veyr colorful and vivid. One of my humanities professors in my undergraduate used to say that the way to read a james joyce novel is to sit with some wine take a sip read a couple of pages and then sip again. I don't understand or enjoy james joyce but i do feel that some of the fantasy and sci fi books I read should be savored in a way similar to that.
  9. What speed do you read at? You say you stop seeing the words. That is the sign of an accomplished reader.
  10. I am not a fast reader. I read mostly science fiction or fantasy. I experience a variety of shades and colors and feelings. Even when I don't comprehend completely or maybe even less than 70% I retain impressions of colours feelings and nuances. Maybe I am not even picturing what is written but I do see a kaleidoscopic vision. Sort what I imagine an LSD trip must be like. Just raw sensations with no logic. What is your experience like?
  11. It happened to me after a hospitalization. It was due to antidopaminergic drugs. Have you taken any?
  12. I am taking methylphenidate 10mg 3x a day Brintellix 10mg 2x a day Clozapine 250mg Olanzapine 10mg Donepezil 5mg Piracetam 1200mg Clonazepam .25mg or .5 mg I feel dull and uninspired. What can I do?
  13. I told him I don't like olanzapine and he said that meds are not about 'liking' @Simba Cub I was previously taking desvenlafaxine and I still complained of low mood. Have you ever taken brintellix
  14. Well my psych doc refused to give me amisulpride. I complained of low mood so he put me on Brintellix
  15. I am considering Amisulpride. I take clozapine and olanzapine and maybe i think i should change to clozapine plus amisulpride.Can you tell me what it does?
  16. I have an anxiety problem. I am not able to go through a single day without clonazepam. Is this the best benzo for me or is there something else. My doctor has flatly refused to prescribe alprazolam because he thinks it is addictive. I am not sure about the other options like valium,lorazepam etc. I am just wondering which is the best benzo if i want to suffer minimum cognitive impairment and have maximum action against the anxiety.
  17. another strange thing is that while zyprexa is more or less condemned for damaging cognition in my own case i think it helps cognition
  18. @Iceberg I've never tried amisulpride before. Thing is I'm doing well on the present medication so not sure whether to try amisulpride. My first priority is cognition.
  19. I do take methylphenidate 30mg per day. I've gotten so used to the APs that I do not feel sedated at all. Just a bit calm. Abilify I have tried. I am kind of neutral towards it.My pdoc once mentioned flupentixol but never mentioned it again.
  20. Right now I am on 250mg Clozapine plus 10mg olanzapine. Would something like amisulpride be better for cognition.
  21. Anyone with experience of Alpha Brain or Optimind care to share? I find them both useful but I am not decided which is better.
  22. I finally started reading Emotional Intelligence by Goleman. At the beginning it was like wow but then towards the middle he is just repeating himself. I want to read other books about struggling and coping with stuff.
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