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  1. I havent cut or burned for a really long time which is really awesome considering I still have my sharp objects of choice. The way I have controlled the urges is through just saying I will cut myself later and then delaying it until I don't actually have the urge as strong anymore. The one thing I have trouble with is when I get really frustrated I sometimes hit myself in the head really hard repeatedly until I feel dizzy. It's been a week or so since I last did this and I'm really ashamed of it, I never had this problem until this year. I notice all my anger, anxiety, and depression all gets
  2. Hi, I just joined because I am looking for a place where I can get support and I feel so lonely without anyone who understands. I’m 22 yo female. I have my fiancé and one or two friends but I dont Like talking to them because it never feels like a good time, I don’t wanna bother them, or it’s too personal to share with them. I’m really not doing well with my bipolar and PTSD, and I’m going through lots of life and financial issues. I think the worst part is feeling like I’m stuffing down all my emotions all the time. I just want some people who I can talk to and relate to, I guess
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