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  1. I messaged my dr about abilify. Hadn't thought about lithium or lamictal. Thanks.
  2. My son is turning 4 in a week and I am still struggling with depression. Just wondering if you guys had advice on what meds I could try next. Paxil, I was on for about 2 years. It worked perfectly but just quit working Viibryd, I took right after his birth for about a year until it stopped working. Zoloft, went to pcp last week and she put me on that. I've only gotten worse with it and tapering off paxil. Wellbutrin, not effective Celexa, was on for years before pregnancy, mostly for anxiety. No major depression before pregnancy. Not effective anymore. Cymbalta, took with viibryd. Not sure if it helped and caused excessive, embarrassing sweating. Gabapentin and buspar, not effective. Prozac, capsules give me that pill stuck in my throat feeling and heartburn. Could try a different form. Cant remember when I told it last or its effects. Trintellix, not effective I think that's all.
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