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  1. At times I will experience cascading triggers that cause me to relive multiple traumas simultaneously. I am really scared right now. Feel like I am constantly on the verge of losing everything. Just went through multiple "anniversaries". I feel like I'm falling apart. I am trying to get services set up. But I am scared no one will work with me...doctors/therapists i mean. I feel i have too much trauma to deal with. The only one who will hear me out is my partner...she is really there for me...and i feel bad that i am so messed up right now. I just want to slow down the triggers....i dream of dealing with one traumatic event at a time. I have nightmares and sweats every night...can't sleep more than a couple hours at a time. Flashbacks come nearly every day with varying intensity. I am barely managing. Dont really know who I am anymore.....
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