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  1. @mmaryland do you get any sedating effects from Benzos?
  2. @looking for answers Well my issues all started after trying to bulk up (I began eating like 6 very big meals) and I became severely constipated. The constipation set off a chain of reactions like GERD, insomnia, IBS, and tension problems. After deciding to stop, I realized that it was too late and I was left with the issues I have. What do you think? If you have any advice or input please reply. The two general practitioners I have spoken to said I am dealing with pretty intense anxiety. I had a colonoscopy and endoscopy just this past May which showed nothing of concern. I had the procedure done because I deal with a lot of tension and cramping in my abdomen region. It is grueling at times. I think the doc's are right when they say its anxiety, at least I hope so. The insomnia and GERD really smacked me in my face as I never had the issues. if you need more info let me know.
  3. My issue is related to anxiety. I took it too far in body building and messed up my bodys chemistry. Antispasmodics do not do anything for my issue. I tried bentyl and levsin and neither did anything to relieve tension. Klonopin does a much better job of relieving tension. I see my pdoc in October and hopefully I can add a muscle relaxant like baclofen or something similar. Id like to either add a muscle relaxant or try something similar to Lyrica. Anti-depressants, especially the newer stuff like SSRI / SNRI cause insomnia which is already an issue of mine. Although I am open to trying them (specially one that causes drowsiness), I really want to try other meds as of right now, hopefully my doc will understand. Maybe buspirone is something I need to add to the klonopin. I have heard of buspirone as an anti axiety med. I was DX'd with anxiety/depression, GERD (throat irritation/burning), and IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and general insomnia issues. what do you mean specifically? Are you having issues with benzo's?? or pain?? thanks for a response
  4. Is your doc like an anti Benzo doc When I think of as needed...I think of at least A 60 or 90 day supply
  5. Errghh...taking as needed can easily be 5 times a week. your doc bugs me heh
  6. I do have a gastro....it’s in my abdomen, chest, shoulders.....feels like I’m being strangled with a rope Unstrung harp: were you using a antispasmodic or a muscle relaxant?
  7. I have chronic tension/cramping from my pelvic region and upward. what do you take for something like this?
  8. Well I wonder if taking lexapro somehow messed up benzodiazepine signaling.. 😕
  9. Anyone experience benzodiazepine not working? If so, what did you do?.. any experience or input is welcomed Klonopin and xanax are acting really weird...not due to tolerance
  10. Yeah...do you think she’d go higher? and can I ask, what feeling do you get from taking your xanax? If you can be really specific I’d appreciate it..thanks
  11. Hey crazyredhead, can I ask, what sort of feeling do you get from the benzo? Can you be really specific id appreciate it
  12. @DammitJanet can I ask why your doc is so anti benzo? Is it because you are on a stimulant?
  13. Personally, I think it’s the users body chemistry and has nothing to do with the manufacturer. I am experiencing Benzos not working and have tried diff. Manufacturers and noticed there is no difference whatsoever. klonopin by accord was working great until I started using lexapro....tried klonopin by Actavis and this made no difference at all...stopped using klonopin for 5 months or so and started using klonopin again by accord and it was working...... had a colonoscopy few months back and again klonopin is not working again.... i swear it is a psychological thing and has nothing to do with manufacturer. i am pretty annoyed because klonopin really helps my pain
  14. I am pretty certain that ssri/snri’s really mess with benzodiazepines and there functioning. not all folks will agree but does anyone have similar experience?
  15. I’ll add what notolki said..the sedative effect diminishes rapidly but the anti anxiety effect is still effective....which I think is more of a placebo (I took my pill therefore I should feel more calm in a social situation)....
  16. From my personal experience, benzodiazepine tolerance occurs quite rapid. I’ll just say that.
  17. Not an every day user so I’m stumped as to why it’s not working. I used adderall ir every other day for years without issue..
  18. Well I’m wondering if there is a weird psychological thing going on in me causing the klonopin to not work..heh...I should have started this thread in chronic pain...ultimately the reason for klonopin is the pain/tension Notloki: what is norco? Pain killer?
  19. hehe..I over exercised and overate and totally screwed up my bodys chemistry...ended up with insomnia, constipation, gerd, ibs, and chronic tension/spasms everything in moderation.
  20. I work in a warehouse (standing and walking—no sitting whatsoever) and I def think environment adds to my issues
  21. I have the throat type and it’s very depressing....proton pump inhibitors don’t do anything for it....
  22. I would lay off the Pepcid. It may get better...I have similar issues
  23. Well what I don’t understand is that it has stopped working before and then suddenly started working again..
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