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  1. Ah... The Onion, though I really like the article about a gay teen who was highly disphoric because he was trying to coming out of his closet as a right-wing conservative.
  2. BBC > News > Health Having a big bum, hips and thighs 'is healthy' Carrying extra weight on your hips, bum and thighs is good for your health, protecting against heart and metabolic problems, UK experts have said. Article: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/health/8451674.stm
  3. Is it even legal for him to be at a public place? I thought there are laws against sex offenders from trespassing public spaces.
  4. Opinions are like assholes. Everybody's got one and everyone thinks everyone else's stinks.
  5. Cuttlefish, I rather disagree with suicide being ritualized in Japan. The ritualized suicide you described is similar to the ideals of suicide bombers nowadays - performing something towards a universal cause (e.g. for religion, for social face, etc.) rather than our own will. I think the problem (perhaps not a problem) in Japan with their culture, is their emphasis on harmony (c.f. [link=http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Japanese_political_values]their political values[/link]). Things that are different are looked down upon and drive social shame (thus stigma) to one's own family. Google gave me [link=http://artsci.wustl.edu/~copeland/rosen.html]this page[/link], which may show a bit how social reservedness (the me-versus-them dichotomy) and conceptual order are emphasized in their culture, and how their version of MI would manifest.
  6. Err... There are males with gynecomastia (which can be caused by risperidone's side effects), and some of them do wear bras. (Don't ask me where I read it.) Maybe I can start an awareness campaign of prostate cancer by asking everyone what is the length of their longest pube.
  7. And BTW, since it's done in support to breast cancer, isn't the colour supposed to be pink?
  8. Well, to be honest, we are going way out of hand. This topic is supposed to be, ahem, strip-dancing in front of airport scanners. ... and I'm happy to be borderline psychotic.
  9. I agree. However, we can only handle things at the present moment (even though we can plan things for the future), right? Otherwise, we will end up falling into our compulsion to problem-solve, rather than being able to behave from kindness and compassion, which do require a certain degree of level-headedness. You really believe there are "good" or "evil" human beings? If so, does this thinking contradict The Middle Way?
  10. I don't know what you are trying to say, but I think some of us (myself included) have serious problems to tell what is objective truth and what is our subjective feelings. IN, we are human beings; we have feelings too. We can't just use logic all the time, right? Besides, we are going way out of board now.
  11. We can't stop just like that, right? Even "slowly" - let's use our recovery from MI as an example - it's sometimes difficult (or in fact, impossible) to see progress that we can't notice it. Besides, from my experience, my subjective "better" is a 20/20 hindsight. Also, do you agree that the abstraction of a "problem" is also an interpretation, which is (again) something that can be adjusted if we change our frame of mind? I have to disagree with you for this one. Suffering is a law in human nature - it will bite our ass anyways and we can't change it. We can either accept our suffering or change it to some other sufferings. If we try to reduce our suffering, interesting things might happen in our brain. We indeed have free will, but the size of our collective "ego" is only finite, no matter how large we want to expand our consciousness. Some determined factors outside our collective "ego" is going to kick our asses anyways. Practising to execute our free will and accepting determinism at the same time, is another thing I'm learning to do.
  12. It's human (and natural) for us to make patterns and categorize things (otherwise we would have hard time deriving knowledge), but it's also human and natural for us to put ourselves above others (otherwise we would have hard time maintaining our self-esteem and crawling from our beds). This is a 1000-yo problem. There is no quick fix; it's extremely hard not to "buy" into the problems and continue with the spiral. All we can do is to see what can do in the present moment so that we may have a better future. And yeah, we all wear tin-foil hats as well.
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