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  1. @CrazyRedhead thank you so so much!! This is super helpful!! I was planning on talking to my doctor about it tomorrow cause I just can’t handle it!! It is affecting the time I am awake and makes me dread sleeping!!
  2. Having nightmares during a depressive episode every. Single. Night! They are so bad that they wake me up and make me cry in my sleep!! They feel so real!! Does anybody have any techniques on how to resolve this?? Please!!
  3. Hi there, my name is Anne. I’m a Canadian who moved to Texas and found the love of my life! I got diagnosed with bipolar 1 about a month ago. 5 months ago I suffered a lot of trauma which sent me into rapid cycling episodes! I love playing my instruments, loooove yoga and my dogs, and I love the outdoors!! Any tips and advice would be greatly appreciated!! Going to my first group tonight!! much love!!
  4. What would I do without my babies?!? They definitely help me a lot with my bipolar Disorder!! Dogs know when something is wrong and they will comfort you!! ❤️ #whosavedwho
  5. I completely agree with everybody here!! Also, from a different perspective. I have not been legally allowed to work for 5 months and it is a whole other beast that I need to fight! Trying not to go into an episode when I am all alone left with my thoughts. I need to have the motivation to keep doing all my hobbies and getting things done day after day after day or else I will crash! I wish I could work to have something that I can accomplish and feel good about! Nobody’s struggle is worse or more deserving than the other! This is not a competition, you don’t know anybody’s story other than your own so concentrate on feeling better and having support.
  6. Here are my beautiful babies Jazz and Leia!! They definitely help me through all of this!!
  7. Thank you echolocation! well, I’m a Canadian that moved to Texas for school and met the love of my life. I studied live production. I love playing my instruments, yoga, and my dogs! there is a DBSA group near me that I will be going to for the first time tomorrow. I’ll have to check out NAMI. Thank you so much for making me feel so comfortable in this group!
  8. Feeling so alone right now. Like nobody understands me and just feeds the typical lines that don’t really help. I feel like I’m screaming into nothingness. I feel like something is wrong with me because I am bipolar and it has suddenly transported me to a different planet!
  9. thank you both so much for your answers and support!! I truly appreciate it!! I think I am going to choose to embrace it because it is not going anywhere and it is me!! It does not make me lesser or crazy, it makes me stronger, it builds me to become who I will be!
  10. Thank you very much jarn. I do already feel like it has and is shaping who I am! Thank you very much for that perspective!! Thank you for your support!! ❤️
  11. Hahaha very well said!! Thank you very much!!!
  12. I was just diagnosed with bipolar 1 disorder after going into crazy rapid cycling episodes caused by trauma. It is scary and frustrating not knowing if what you are doing and feeling is yourself or the disorder. I’m scared of the prejudice that I am crazy. Any words of wisdom??
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