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  1. I’m friends with my ex boyfriends friends and on his snapchat I could see they all went out partying. I’m confused on how I feel. Before this would make me cry and now I don’t know how to describe how I feel. I’m not happy but I’m not totally sad, whenever I see my ex boyfriend I have little panic attacks, not a serious issue. I feel as though my body goes into fight or flight mode.
  2. It’s been a while and I don’t know how to feel, I don’t know if it’s the antidepressants but I can’t describe how I feel, there are no words
  3. Thank you for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. I find that in the mornings I hate to get up and the mornings are the hardest part of the day for me, is there any tips on how to get through this ? How do I stop reminiscing on the good times, who he was before he turned horrible ?
  4. I don’t understand why some people have to suffer so much in this world. It doesn’t make sense, I wish I could see a reason for all this pain. I’m so tired so exhausted of waking up and feeling this empty.
  5. It’s been 6 months since we broke up, and honestly I do feel better, not completely better. Some days I’m fine, but other days I hate my body so much. I just want to get over it all. There’s so many things going on in my head and I hate it, I hate that I have to live with all this pain. What I hate the most is how much he changed, I miss the fun, happy memories with him. I know it’s stupid, and I know he’s different now, but I still find myself thinning about those times. Other times I feel guilty, I let my guard down too fast and I trusted him too easily. I don’t like the fact that I hav
  6. Thank you for your kind response. My relapses tend to do with my ex. But I’ve stopped speaking to him, I’ll see reminders of him here and there and they’ll make me feel awful, but I don’t know how to not let the reminders effect me so much. I wish this year didn’t happen.
  7. You’ve described exactly how I feel in the first paragraph. Nothing brings me joy anymore. I hang out with my friends a lot, and I’m grateful for them. I’m so happy I have them there, and they understand my depression so they’ll do their best to lift my mood. But sometimes I miss going out with my ex boyfriend, sure I do go out with my friends, but it’s not the same. Everything is a distraction I wish I had something to fill the void. Recently I’ve been journaling how I feel, this does make me feel better. I had my last therapy session with my therapist last week, since my therapist
  8. Hi guys So I’ve been taking sertraline for almost a week, and although I feel a slight boost in energy, I still feel quite empty. I feel like my life is so boring and dull. I miss going on dates with my ex boyfriend, I miss when life used to be exciting. I’m not looking forward to the next year, I’m dreading it. The year before it was horrible, I thought that was the worst thing I ever had to go through, I didn’t realise life could become even more horrible. I’m so tired.
  9. I just want to disappear, I wish this year never happened, I wish I never met him. its a chore getting up every morning I miss who I used to be, I miss everything before him, when I was 18 I thought moving schools was the worst thing to ever happen to me, I was wrong this is. I had 2 horrible years and I can’t stop thinking that next year is going to be even more horrible. I wish I didn’t exist.
  10. How do you let go of the anger ? I’m so angry at myself, him, everything. I’ve betrayed myself.
  11. I have a therapist and I’ve been seeing her for quite a while, I’d say 3 months. Talking to her about emotional abusive relationships does help. I’ve been taking my medication at night hence, I haven’t been feeling super tired or anything. So far the medicine is ok, but I worry about the future and what happens if the meds no longer work or when will I get off them I’ve accepted I can’t do anything about the past, the mistakes I made, however I don’t know if the memories will ever become less painful if I will ever make peace with them. How did you start making peace with your memorie
  12. I’m so sorry, I hope one day the depression goes away forever. 2 years without depression is incredible Are there any medications to make you forget things? And would you say there are any side effects to taking anti depressants ?
  13. If you don’t mind me asking, would you say you’re better now and not depressed anymore?
  14. This depression is taking over my life. I remember there was a time I was genuinely happy, and it kills me knowing that maybe I’ll never be like that again.
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