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  1. Yes, it’s possible. I’m on 2 different ones... daily Klonopin with PRN Ativan. I’m diagnosed with Panic Disorder. I’ve not had any issues with insurance covering both meds. Though I did get questioned by a Pharmacist one time. Though I must note that my anxiety is quite severe. If I didn’t have the PRN Ativan I’d likely end up in the ER a lot. I take it for breakthrough panic attacks and agitation.
  2. Daily meds: • Anafranil/Clomipramine 75 mg - depression, dissociation, OCD • Zyprexa/Olanzapine 5 mg - hallucinations, delusions, paranoia, mood stabilizer • Klonopin/Clonazepam 1 mg x2 daily - Panic Disorder PRN meds: • Zyprexa/Olanzapine 5 mg - Mood episodes, outbursts, hallucinations • Ativan/Lorazepam 1 mg - breakthrough anxiety
  3. I went to a community MH clinic for some years... I was working full-time but had no health insurance. I received a lot of help through them... access to doctors, therapy, case managers, and they had their own pharmacy too so I got my meds for cheap/free. They also had their own in-patient clinic that I stayed at a couple times and it was all free... Are you on disability or? If so, you should have health insurance or qualify for it I would think...
  4. I can understand your frustration and your feelings are totally valid!! However, I feel like you should also respect your brothers decision. It’s his car and it doesn’t matter what his reasoning is. Is renting a car an option for you?
  5. Cold-turkey. Except for my benzos, which I do still take daily because panic disorder is unbearable. I have a Pdoc whom I see monthly. I just saw them recently so I’m going to just wait til next appt. We have a treatment plan in place it’s the initiating it on my part that’s causing problems due to my anxiety. I have the meds sitting there waiting to be taken. I stare at the bottles daily and then chicken out. But I think tonight I’m going to just take the Zyprexa without thinking about it because I’m suffering. Idk what else TO do... Also should I start the antipsychotic AND the antidepressant at the same time?! Or should I start one tonight and wait a few days and start the other? Ugh. I’m not doing things how my Pdoc wanted me to exactly because my memory sucks and my anxiety sucks and causes me to not be able to do things. Ugh!
  6. Hi everyone, I’d love some insight and advice on my situation. I’ll keep it short and to the point: I (stupidly) stopped my meds last year which consisted of an antidepressant + antipsychotic. Within 2 months of stopping the meds I seemed to have entered some kind of episode or perhaps that’s how I just am without meds? I am not sure... OCD significantly worsened, insomnia worsened, suddenly became extremely irritable 24/7, suddenly getting into arguments with EVERYONE, staying up all night ranting and raving out loud about anything and everything that has ever pissed me off in the past and present, significant weight loss to the point my Pdoc asked if I was eating, stopped showering/brushing hair/etc at all and had to chop hair off due to severe matting, had the police called on me due to screaming meltdowns, daily meltdowns, daily headaches, fatigue, Pdoc stated paranoia and delusions... prescribed Zyprexa + antidepressant but have not taken either yet due to severe health anxiety. Pdoc stating that if meds are not started willingly they would be filing for involuntary treatment. Still in episode and it has been at least 5 months now. What could be going on? I’m scared because I don’t feel the same anymore and I feel really bad for being so mean and nasty now.
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