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  1. I got off adderall after being on it for 15 years!!! I was tired but I started to feel better after about 1 month. I was on 20 mg a day XR. After 5 1/2 mos, i went back on it. I needed to work and make some money. I hate it. But it is helping me get work done. I'm going off again in springtime. I am going into a roommate situation and try doing something else for a living so I can stay off of it!!!
  2. I hate being on adderall. I can't seem to work when i'm not on it. I'm on 15 mg now. It's working, but I feel speedy & have a hard time sleeping. I'm wondering If i go down to 5 mg, if I can still get some work done. Does anyone just take 5mg of adderall?
  3. I hate it too!!! I have been on for 15 years. I am also self employed. I went off for 5 1/2 months this summer, but just went back on so I can make some money. I hate it. I'm getting off of it in spring.
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