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  1. I’m in rumination hell.  So damn neurotic!

    1. Dagr


      Oh well...back to my normal...

  2. OMGosh!  I’m trying to control myself but someone is entering my life and I’m about to pop!  I’m incredibly starved for human companionship and I’m so-so afraid I’m going to screw this up somehow. The only people regularly in my life are my psychiatrist and psychologist...I’ve had a form of agoraphobia for at least 3 years.  Excited and terrified!!!


  3. I have to contact my psychologist later today to cancel.  Damn I hate this part!  He’s very likely going to think I’m having an episode and definitely try to get me in...


    1. jarn


      Is there a possibility you are having an episode?  Of course, sometimes it's just not time for therapy!

    2. Dagr


      I noted your response (thank you) and gave it some serious consideration but things had to progress further before what you mentioned started to make sense.

      Yes, I was in deed having an episode...up up up then progressing down to suicidal ideation.  The ideation got my attention...I hadn’t been there in a long while.  I don’t understand why I get non compliant with my medication at times but I had been slipping badly.  I’m back on schedule now and feel a lot better. 

      Thank you for taking a moment and giving me something to think about.  Canceling is classic for me.


    3. jarn


      Oh I'm glad you're doing better - I'm sorry to hear you crashed like that though.  I've been there and it's awful.

  4. I’m going to ditch therapy for a while.  I just cannot focus enough for anything to be helpful.  And, I’m not doing what I need to be to un f’k my life.

  5. Hi Cheese, That you are reading your mood is very good and gives a window to be proactive, so it’s a bitch that you’re not getting the attention you deserve. Personally, I totally suck at reading my mood states and wish I had some self awareness. I can really go off the rails and spiral into major trouble in very short order. If I didn’t see my psychologist weekly...well, I’d be dead. He’ll alert my my psychiatrist and we’ll salvage as quickly as possible. But, I just don’t see things on my own. Dagr
  6. Crap!  I just heard that one of my HS classmates has died from coronavirus.  

    1. aura


      Sorry for your loss :(

  7. Didn’t Amazon start out as an employer that took unusually good care of their staff? It sounds awful now...makes me think of the major electronics assembly plants in China. Dagr
  8. I’m going to chime in and say freeze-dried food is excellent (from the correct manufacturer). I recommend Mountain House. It’s good chow with a 30 year shelf-life. Over the years I’ve found that Amazon has stocked and sold the best offerings...prices, food selections and storage friendly packaging. But I just ventured to their site and it looks like they have very limited selections most of which are being sold by third parties. Nope, I cannot recommend Amazon right now. I do hope they get it back together eventually...it really was the best thing going. Dagr
  9. The bulk of my organization occurred during a major manic episode. I’ve got very strong hoarder tendencies that really roar when I’m unstable..it’s so financially terrible. High volume, expensive taste and a lot of equipment redundancy. So, I had been steadily stocking major amounts of food and supplies to be ready for anything, but my preps had no structure...just wall to wall supplies. I really had no more room to accommodate items I was gathering so some (non-food) supplies were going to a temperature controlled storage unit. I had some stability, stopped adding stuff and went on with my life. A pretty intense manic episode struck and this time I got into a no-sleep-several-day organization groove. Using Excel I inventoried everything, planned for a wide variety of 3/day meals and made efforts to correct deficiencies. That manic phase eventually went to hell and positive activity stopped. But before before the episode had gotten out of control I had done an amazing amount of high quality and very detailed work. That project was-is-has been incredibly useful but it certainly wasn’t accomplished without being manic. Dagr
  10. Hey sugarsugar, This may be way off base, if so then ignore it and accept my apology. It sounds like you might not have planned meals and may not have an inventory of what’s already on hand. This is an incredibly easy situation to get into during your preps and it leads to a general anxiety and haphazard purchases. The way I got a handle on things was to build a spreadsheet that schedules 3 appropriate-breakfast-lunch-dinner-meals per day, per person for as long as you expect to need to bunker. Be sure to include non-essential comfort foods...freeze dried fruits, sailor crackers with cheese...etc. Canned goods are great, but they have rotated. For example most of my rotation is cycling Spam, canned black beans, rice, Bam Bread and some other limited shelf life stuff. There are ready to purchase deep-storage rice, grains and beans...I haven’t taken advantage of those products. These items go on the worksheet inventory. Consider the amount of water needed for consumption, meal prep (in my case, re-hydrate the foods) and hygiene. Add in cooking fuel, trustworthy stove(s). fire starting supplies, long burning candles, cigarette lighters in bulk, matches, Camp Suds, paper products, etc. Again, list these items on the inventory. Once you build a balanced supply base these events (virus, terrorism, hurricanes, earthquakes) will not cause much acquisition stress at Dagr
  11. Personally, I store freeze dried foods. They are completely independent from the electrical grid. You just have to make sure you have water and cooking fuel (to prep the water). It seems like everyone I’ve known with a deep freeze has had their freezers crap out and ruin everything.
  12. Wow SugarSugar! I completely understand. I too think about relatives that might need help because I know they don’t prep properly. But I’m pretty much at ease. I’ve got ~9 months of food, cooking fuel, water, necessary supplies and defensive gear stored & current. I prep for myself (and the cats) and haven’t felt the urge pile on. Dagr
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