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  1. Is Euthymic Mood (Euthymia) associated purely with people who have mental health issues or does it also apply to people without any mental illness... Google seems to offer mixed results.. I've seen it mentioned a few times in my notes.. Asking more out curiosity..
  2. I got prescribed it some years ago and the shrink at the time wanted me to start straight on 10mg but back then i had this horrific fear of meds and refused to take it..I know that shrink said i had treatment resistant depression in his words "Thats why you have struggled for so long" So maybe he wanted to go straight to 10mg because its mechanism of action is different at higher doses??...Anyways i'm just guessing now...This is the reason i want to be prescribed by a shrink..I know General Drs are ok but they are not mental health specialists and Psychiatric meds expecially when its combos and complex mental health Imo needs to be prescribed by an expert .. i know if i went to my general dr my fear of meds would kick in as in my mind i'd see it that they are not experts hence why i've gone down the private road....Saying that i'm hoping if i get on with this shrink i might make it a more long term thing...Even if its to touch base every couple of month...I just get fed up of having to repeat the same story over n over to different pdocs
  3. I am leaning towards this...The only thing that concerns me is abilify been activating...I personally need something that is more sedating/calming...I have read though that at higher doses 10mg abilify goes from activating to calming so that could be an option
  4. I dont tend to fair well with SSRIs...Escitalopram helped my thoughts become a bit clearer/sharper if that makes any sense?? Other than That SSRIs tend to make me agitated/Anxious...Which is weird as i remember taking fluoxetine (Prozac) when i was about 20 ish and it made me sedated and tired yet when i've tried it later in life it did the opposite and made me feel uneasy...It also makes me sweat badly and gives me a bad stomach
  5. On a side note i'm still fairly depressed..I get the odd breakthrough in emotion yet i just cant be fukin arsed doing anything...Its a strong apathy feeling..I do get slight feelings of hope that come through only to be over shadowed by this apathy..
  6. I did Try risperidone many years ago mixed with paroxetine and i didnt take well to it...Felt very edgy/Nervous..Possibly akasthesia but just didnt know what it was back then... I have thought about abilify or even serequel maybe?? I'm just getting as much info together so that i'm going to the appointment prepared
  7. Just to add...My reason for wanting Antipsychotics alongside and not just Purely Andtidepressants is because a lot of my anxieties have a paranoid/bizzare element to them..I can only describe them as delusional "Content" But not delusional in nature as i dont 100% believe them..However when i get really depressed they become more convincing and terrifying...
  8. So ive got an appointment with a Pdoc...Its for the end of the month I'm going private and tbh his price is quite fair...Hes charging 250 english pounds were most are between 300-350..i've looked him up...He has plenty of credentials.. I explained on the phone i already have diagnosis and my reason for visit is more around medication/treatment...I said i would bring in previous notes from various Pysches over the years which outlines my main issues/diagnosis etc I'm also gunna write down various medications i've been on in the past ..Which ones i found helped which ones i found didnt help and also show him medication and various med combos i've been perscribed over the years... I'm currently taking Mirtazapine 30mg which i've been on for about 8/9 years..I dont find it works anymore so i'm gunna right down various meds/med combos i've found online that address my problems and show him them and see what he thinks in regards perscribing..My main issue at the moment is depression which i believe is caused by OCD...I dont believe its a primary depression and my notes seem to back that up... Anyways an example of what i'm gunna do is right down say Mirt plus abilify as its indicated for OCD is abilify and explain my fears of it etc My expectations and what his view is..I'm gunna do this with as many combos i can find online that address OCD/Depression and go there ready prepared so that the session isnt wasted on drawing up medications...I'm also up for completely ditching Mirt and finding a new combo altogether... In the past SSRIs have tended not to agree with me...Clomipramine worked up untill it didnt...I got some hypomania from it and also Abnormal ECG and other side effects which ment i had to come off it....Its the only med i'd say that seemed to work quite well for me..It was suggested quite a while back to retry it but i had it in my head the previous side effects so declined it.... Anyways i'd like some suggestions from folks in here on what medications/Combos worked and helped you...I think i'm gunna look down the road of AD+ Anti psychotic which to be honest i'm shit scared of (Long Story) But that fear has grown weaker...I'd just like some real life experiences of what meds helped that i can look into it and possibly right down and take to the psyche....I know that we all react different to certain meds and what works for one might not work for another i just want to get myself stocked up with as much info as i can... I'm not looking into therapy..Ive had so much of it over the years and its just not for me...I am however looking into getting another counsellor to see once a month... So in closing i'd like some feedback from anyone on what meds preferably Med combos AD+ AP helped you the most for OCD/Depression... Many Thanks Jamie
  9. I've not really had totally fucked up things said like some in the comments but i've had some pretty dismisive and downplaying comments said a couple that spring to mind A therapist in a OCD group telling the people there "Everyones a bit OCD" Found that very downplaying...I actually said something to her over it In my notes one Pdoc acussing me of still taking Mirtazapine at 45mg after claiming to have gone med free which i actually had...So in effect calling me a liar I've tried drugs in the past...Nothing heavy yet in my notes it makes it out to be worse than what it was.. Theres a few bits and bats of other stuff but i'd have to look through my notes as some of it is in there.. On the whole nothing heavy but a few mistruths/Downplaying symptoms and twisting of words of things i've said
  10. Just to update i've got back from a walk...Didnt enjoy it really. Whole time i just wanted to get home..lacking motivation atm..
  11. I'm booking to see a private Pdoc...Just waiting on his call which should hopefully be this week...I'm considering drawing up a medication action plan and taking it too him with my own thoughts/suggestions on different medication i could explore..I'm not seeing him for diagnosis so hopefully most of the appointment will revolve around treatment..I will take some previous notes from the past to help him along i just dont want the session taken up with me pretty much repeating my background story over and over...Especially when paying out of my own pocket
  12. @Gearhead Summer has always been a weird season for me..Especially when pretty much everyone loves it, i've always felt weird and down in summer..I much prefer autumn..Infact autumn if probably my favourite season.. I feel a bit better today...I actually listened to some music yesterday and got some feelings from it..I still feel like everythings a effort and know i should get out for a walk or do something yet i just find it to be to much effort.. So even though i'm having some break through feelings i still feel down in the sense everythings a effort.. Just part of the package of depression i've become accustomed to.....I dont mean that in a defeatest sense..More a realization sense
  13. Whats the difference between "Obsessive Rumination" And Other Rumination in the context of mental health?? Is there a difference or is it more a play on words?? Online Obsessive rumination is more tied to "OCD" from what i see... Looking through my notes a PDoc who diagnosed me with OCPD also put at the side "Obsessive Ruminations".. Tbh i've questioned his diagnosis of OCPD as pretty much all other Pdocs Diagnosed OCD...I also see in the same Notes him saying "Treatment for OCD includes" and i also remember him saying to me in consultation "You have obsessions and compulsions and you act on those obsessions and compulisons" At the time i was ringing HIV hotlines daily even multiple times daily asking the same questions etc Anyways why am i asking this?? I'm asking purely out of interest..I've always thought the OCPD diagnosis was incorrect..I do believe i have traits of OCPD but OCD is more prominent. The diagnosis side doesnt really bother me....I'm just more intrested if Obsessive rumination is used purely in the context of OCD or can it appear alongside other conditions.. I have a brain thats like a sponge that loves to soak up facts/interest even if those Facts and interest dont really serve me any purpose..(Hope that makes sense) Anyways hoping someone with a bit more knowledge or even personal experience of said "Obsessive ruminations" could chime in and explain the difference if any...
  14. Anyone else get depressed in summer?? I know Typically "SAD" is more associated with Winter yet for me i find i get worse in summer...I'm starting on the downward spiral....Not the general ruff and tumbles of life but more the clinical side of depression...no interest in anything..I've been for a few walks and it did nothing..Struggling to get out of bed..Feeling numb/empty...Everything feels like hard work etc ..I noticed that it was roughly around this time of year last year that i got depressed also and ended up packing my job in...Well the sames happening now..I'm taking next week off work and tbh i'm not really interested in going back...I know thats more depression talking because at some point i will have to go back wether its back to my present job or finding another building site...I've part wondered if its maybe subconcious...I got depressed roughly this time last year and my subconcious is bringing it back to the surface or if its a case of genuine "SAD" just more to do with summer rather than winter?? Anyone else??
  15. Does anybody have any info on cross tapering Mirtazapine to antipsychotics (Mainly Quetiapine) I cant seem to find anything online...I'm more intrested if u can stop Mirt and start antipsychotics or if u need to gradually reduce Mirt before staring an antipsychotic...If anybody has some info i would appreciate it...I'm not under the care of a Pdoc but i'm making arrangements to see a private one...I'm going to give him all my notes/previous Dx etc and suggest to him ditching my mirtazapine and just using quetiapine..Just interested to know if Mirt can be stopped abrouptly and Start straight on quetiapine..I,m rambling a bit my heads a shed
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