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  1. I found a great slideshow that explains what you were saying about mCPP, trazodone, and worsening depression. It made it very easy to understand. https://www.psychiatrictimes.com/depression/how-trazodone-can-cause-depression
  2. Quick update: I got my GeneSight test results in the mail yesterday, and it shows that I have genetic variants which mean I require a higher dose of both trazodone & Luvox (among others) to be effective. So I guess that explains everything. Oh yah, Seroquel too. Although, those prescriptions were all before I did the genetic test.
  3. Wow, thank you for your very detailed reply! I do take the hydroxyzine for anxiety, but not very often. The trazodone and Seroquel are both for sleep. I know the trazodone dose is high, but that's the only dose that helps (sometimes 300 helps, but usually I have to take the full 400). I find the combination of the two works really well for me and I don't feel too tired in the morning. I've taken z drugs, Ambien works great and Lunesta doesn't work at all. One stretch of time I took them well and didn't abuse them, but this last time I did abuse them and that was a nightmare, so we decided no more of that. As far as benzos go, I was on Ativan 0.5 mg up to 3x daily, never abused them, but then I finally went to rehab for my real drug problem (meth) and they wouldn't let me have it there. After rehab, I moved into a sober-living home and they wouldn't allow me to have the benzos either, so the doc switched me to hydroxyzine. That was over 2 years ago. My anxiety is really good right now, actually. (I've had a lot of therapy). So I don't think I need a benzo and would rather not. I'd also like to stay away from zolpidem, although I do take it when I have sleep studies, which is infrequent. I'm pretty sure I could take less of both trazodone and Seroquel and still sleep ok. My prescription is actually for 300-400mg trazodone, and 100-200mg Seroquel. So sometimes I only take 300 and 100, respectively. I am open to taking melatonin, it has helped before. I don't know if the doc (a psychiatrist) keeps me on that high trazodone just for sleep or if it is also as an antidepressant. I didn't understand what you were saying about the interactions and the receptors and all that. Are you saying that trazodone and/or Seroquel could be making my depression worse? Or that it could lead to serotonin syndrome? I've never had anything like serotonin syndrome (before the 20mg Prozac I was on 300mg Luvox, along with the trazodone and Seroquel). I like to think the high dose of trazodone is helping me, but if it's making things worse then I should look at that. You mentioned a lot about anti-histamines, and I should mention that I am on some of those aside from the psych meds. I take 10mg Zyrtec every night and 4mg chlorpheniramine as needed. These are pretty much only for allergy season. I also occasionally use Alaway eye drops (ketotifen, same as Zaditor). Am I inhibiting too much histamine overall? I don't really understand how histamine and antidepressants go together. I should clarify that I do not get high or drunk on anything anymore.
  4. Thank you. I ended up sending the dr. a message online. I found out that they have been short-staffed at the desk and their phone system was done for a while. I figured it had to be something like that as I've never had problems getting through before. Well, I told him everything that was in the post and he did decide to switch me to Zoloft 50mg. I picked it up yesterday and get to start it today (I've decided to wait until evening). I was a little surprised he didn't have me do a wash-out period, but probably because it's such a low dose of Prozac it isn't necessary. I am excited and hopeful, we'll see if this helps. I think Zoloft is supposed to kick in fairly fast for an SSRI.
  5. So, I was extremely depressed in January after tapering off all my meds on my own (stupid). My doctor put me back on Wellbutrin, and we decided to try Prozac as an SSRI. The Prozac wasn't kicking in and I learned about the GeneSight genetic test for antidepressants. I asked for and had the task done. They never sent me a copy of the results. After a month on the Prozac and no help, I also asked to go up from 300mg Wellbutrin XL to 450mg, and that seemed to help. I had an appointment mid-April and was mostly feeling better. He decided to keep me where I was at. I forgot to ask about the GeneSight results. I generally feel good during the week but am miserable on the weekends. I generally lay in bed all day feeling depressed, binge eat, try and sleep as much as possible. I don't know if this is something that can be fixed with medication or if it is purely behavioral. My therapist suggests making plans for the weekend ahead of time and trying to make my weekends structured. I finally got around to sending the doc a message on the patient portal asking about the GeneSight results. He responded that the report showed all my meds were good for me except Prozac. The test recommends Lexapro or Zoloft instead. He did not say anything about changing the Prozac. For three days I have been trying to make an appointment to see the doctor. If I call I'm on hold for 10 minutes before leaving a message. I've also tried requesting an appointment with the patient portal. Nothing. So, I'm thinking about just messaging the doc (since I know he responds) and mention the problems I'm having on the weekends as well as concerns I have about staying on Prozac. I want to know if I should switch, or if I should just stay where I'm at since I'm basically doing good except no motivation and very depressed on the weekends. What do you all think I should do? Ask the doctor online about switching, keep trying to make an appointment, or just try and add structure to the weekends and see if I can get by without a med change? Current meds (all generic): Wellburtrin XL: 450mg Prozac: 20mg Seroquel: 200mg trazodone: 400mg hydroxyzine: 25mg 3x daily P.R.N.
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