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  1. Thanks ... it was a stupid question, I guess. But it was a really strange, uncharacteristic experience. I didn't know what to think and just wondered if I was the only one that happened to. (I feel fine now.) At the same time as suddenly feeling like the world was about to end, I also got very hot/flushed and nauseous, which I assumed were side effects. But the whole thing could have also been related to the stress, the crowds, being treated badly by the site workers, etc.
  2. Hi, I had my first dose of the Pfizer vaccine this morning. I was feeling OK previously, but got extremely depressed after getting the shot. I barely made it out of the vaccination site without completely falling apart and sobbing (not something I want to do in front of hundreds of people.) Felt really, really terrible and on the verge of crying all day. I had previously felt optimistic about vaccination and the return to "normal life" but now I feel worse than ever. The vaccination site was like something out of the book "1984," people being herded around like cattle into a bunch of different lines, military personnel (National Guard) with weapons glaring at everyone. Not sure if this sudden onset of depression could be a vaccine side effect or if it's just coincidental or because the vaccination experience was a little unpleasant and it was kind of a last straw. It just seems really weird and sudden and intense. I am wondering if anyone else has had depression or psychiatric side effects from the vaccine or ever heard of that.
  3. You mean Phenergan (promethazine)? It was probably that component that produced the pleasant effects, not the Haldol. Promethazine can be a little bit euphoric and is sometimes abused as a recreational drug. I've never heard of haloperidol being a pleasant experience by itself.
  4. I am wondering about this too. I never got my refund and the "check my refund status" thing on the IRS site says "We cannot provide any information about your refund," whatever that means. I filed in March.
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