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  1. Thanks. I guess I could go to a grocery store or convenience store every day and just buy a drink or one or two items. I hadn't thought of that for some reason. I usually only go shopping once a week and buy everything I need, obviously I can't do that every day, but I could buy a drink or another small item every day, like you said.
  2. I don't have any good advice other than I'm also terrified of running out of meds. None of mine are controlled though. The few times I've come close to running out, I've broken pills in half to make it last longer. I know this is not a good idea. I had to do this once when a prescription I ordered through an online pharmacy was 2 weeks late and I was scared to call my doctor ( which I know doesn't make sense either). I would bring this up with your prescriber and be blunt with them about your concern. Tell them "what happens if I run out of meds and there's a snowstorm and I can't make it to the pharmacy". Then see what they have to say. As your doctor they should be able to give you a straight answer or solution for this situation. I did this with my new psych and he was understanding.
  3. I've never been on prozac but I've been on paxil 10mg and 20mg. When I first started paxil, i had side effects of constipation, dizziness and fatigue. These went away after about a week. I never had any memory problems on paxil. Recently I switched from paxil to remerom because paxil stopped working for me.
  4. I'm now thinking of applying for some "work from home" call center jobs. But I'm worried that I won't get any social contact "in real life" and that this will negatively impact my mental health. I live alone, and if I don't go to work or somewhere in public every day, I start getting extreme anxiety and start feeling like I'm "going crazy" and "out of control". When I go out in public I get moderate anxiety, when I'm alone I get severe anxiety. I know this sounds "weird" but it's been like this for many years. Before COVID, I could at least go to the library or fast food restaurants if I felt like I needed social contact. Now with COVID, there aren't that many options. The library is closed, and the local coffee place doesn't allow dine in. Where can I go to get social contact, if I start working from home? I need to actually be around other people. Talking on the phone doesn't feel the same for me. I feel bad writing this and knowing that many people, for one reason or another, may be housebound and unable to get social contact at all. But knowing myself, I will end up in a mental health crisis if I don't be around other people, in real life, every day. Is there any way around this? Or should I stop considering "work from home" jobs?
  5. I've been in AA for about 9 years and now sober for 3 years. Right now I do online meetings through a website InTheRooms. I've done SMART before but there were not enough meetings near me. The important thing is to find a recovery method that works for you and stick with it.
  6. I took the test and it tested Positive for high FSH levels so I suspect I'm in perimenopause. I guess I'll bring this up with my doctor. The brand/manufacturer of the test is Reveal, google "reveal menopause test" if anyone is interested in trying it.
  7. I'm thinking of applying to work at an Amazon warehouse. Wondering if it will be too stressful for me. Anyone else worked for them? Was it too mentally or physically stressful?
  8. I would tell her. What happens if you start getting more severe symptoms when you're living together and she doesn't understand what's going on. I would tell her when you are both calm/getting along well.
  9. Thanks, I told him and he raised it to 30 so hopefully this will help
  10. I started Remeron/mirtazapine 15 mg a couple weeks ago. At first I took it at night like my psych said. Then I started taking it in the morning, because I was having anxiety during the day. It helped at first even though it made me a little sleepy. The past couple days, I've been taking it in the morning, it hasn't made me sleepy at all, and it hasn't been helping my anxiety. It's like it worked for me at first, now after 2 weeks it stopped working. I have a psych appointment today and I will tell him. I guess I'm just posting this as a rant. Like for some people it works as a sleeping pill, and I can't even tell that I took it anymore?? Maybe my psych can increase the dose and it will start working again.
  11. I ordered a menopause FSH test online for about $10. Basically you pee on a stick and it tells you if you are going through menopause. Anyone take a test like this before, and was it accurate for you?
  12. The vivid dreams got a lot better (less vivid) for me after those first few days. I definitely feel increased appetite but I've been trying to deal with it by eating healthy snacks (fruit and pretzels). So hopefully I won't gain too much weight. Not really sure if this med is helping me yet or not but I guess time will tell.
  13. I can identify with this. I have PTSD from being sexually assaulted. I had to accept that sexuality is part of being human. I can choose not to engage in sexual activities if I don't want to. A lot of sexual activities are triggering for me. But I had to accept that being sexually aroused is a normal biological function.
  14. I used nicotine gum to quit. I had to use nicotine gum for about a year which is longer than normal. I discussed this with my doctor at the time and she said it is better to chew the gum than smoke so I should use it as long as I needed to. Eventually i started to get a lot of mouth sores from it so I quit the gum. My insurance covered the cost of the gum 100% so as long as my doctor prescribed it, it was basically free.
  15. To answer your questions, Yes I would be ok with being on the receiving end of this because a lot of people don't understand mental illness, No I would not be ok with saying these things myself. I have heard some very hurtful things from a close friend about my past addictions (I'm in recovery now). I just let it go because he isn't an addict so I think his words came from ignorance. I guess it comes down to how much of your friendship is positive and how much is negative. If you have a positive relationship 90% of the time and negative (he makes hurtful comments) 10%, then I would try to keep up the friendship. If it is mostly negative then I would would drop him as a friend.
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