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  1. If doxepin 10mg can work for you try that. Otherwise 25mg of seroquel. Try over the counter melatonin first and foremost though.
  2. Stelazine was the strongest typical. Risperidone was the strongest atypical. With the typical antipsychotics I've found that it really depends on the dose. The higher the dose the more side effects. I could handle 2mg of stelazine 3 times a day. Spreading out the stelazine dose throughout the day and using it with effexor for some reason helped reduce the EPS. I was on 150mg of effexor twice a day at the time. Using a whomping 5-6mg of stelazine taken all at once was just barely tolerable. Way too mind numbing of a medication though. I wouldn't use it as a firstline in a million years, but i will admit I could see how it would help someone with paranoia or related mental illnesses.
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