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  1. so are you thinking misdiagnosis? I have lots of issues focusing and get very easily distracted, and suffer from brain fog. I do have quite a bit of anxiety as well.
  2. I am a medical professional that took Adderall xr to get thru my program.I was diagnosed with ADHD while in my program, but have had symptoms all throught my life and self medicated with caffeine and sudafed. Adderall XR works fantastically for me however I had wicked insomnia, basically lived off minimal sleep for 3 years and just viewed it as a rite of passage for my prorgam. I am trying to find something else that will allow me to et sleep, while working in my medical job and its a fucking shit show. I need some help. I was taking 10 MG Adderall xr and it seriously affected my sleep, the boost in mood it gave me also made me feel like a different person. I have tried taking multiple doses of the 5 mg IR and it does help me focus but I also feel like an addict taking it because it gets me a little high, and the comedown when it wears off is harsh, I feel like im on a daily rollercoaster if I take multiple doses of it. My personality was improved, sex life was much better , was super productive when I was on the XR but the lack of me sleeping is not sustainable. I tried taking Vyvanse, didn't do much. tried Dexedrine generic IR and the 5 mg caps made me sleepy and high. Now I am trying EVEKEO, so far this has been better than Vyvanse and Dexedrine however im not sure if its doing much. im taking 5mg 2 x daily and am going to try upping it to 10mg 2 times daily. I think I catch myself focusing more however there is no mood boost, I definatly don't notice any crash like Adderall and my sleep has been amazing, I also feel like myself vs some artificial person like when Im on Adderall. anyone have any ideas for insomnia on dealing with the XR or should I just keep upping the dose of the evekeo? Im also trying SAM-e, L-tyrosine and b vitamins during the day and Relora and holy basil/magnesium/l theanine at night. also debating going to an AMEN clinic for a spect scan. -thanks
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