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  1. Been on 10mg of paroxetine and 100mg of buproprion sr for years now. Pharmacy just switched which manufacturer they carry. I had requested that this not change. Had a bad experience once before, but I think there was something off with the dose that time (later found the bottle and I think the dosage was different) so I had asked for the same manufacturers. Now they're different, and only have taken one dose so far. I'm sure I can't tell anything yet, but I'm having anxiety about possibly having anxiety of course. Also slightly hungover and it's gross and rainy out which doesn't help. I had been using Aurobindo and Eon Labs, and now both have switched to Solco. Most of what I find online is people complaining that they hated switching to Aurobindo meds, so maybe I will just be better off? Also probably should work to get off them as well. I don't have much anxiety on a daily basis, and I'm in a totally different place than when I started. Of course, never had a prescriber who had much information on the topic. My current one is nice, but I really only use her for refills, and she's a PA who clearly doesn't have much training in this stuff. She looks stuff up a lot, but again I'm just there for refills since I'm stable. Any one have experience with any of these manufacturers? Still can't believe that something that has such an effect on my brain can be so poorly controlled. And if I was going to taper, should I do either one before the other? Trying to remember to destress, keep calm, etc. Just hope my meds don't send me for a loop. Thanks!!
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