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  1. Thanks for your response! Yes, I was on Adderall XR (was up to 40 mg when discontinued ~2 wks ago, started in May, first stimulant I've ever been on), with a tiny 5 mg IR dose later in the (because the XR only lasted 7-8 hours). I would LOVE to try methylphenidate at some point in the future. But I don't see it happening any time soon (or maybe at all) with this provider. I may push for it (or switch providers) after some time passes. I'm now working on getting myself out of a predicament at work due to my behavior on the Adderall (it was way overblown, but in a safety-sensitive job, one or two people voice one concern and then all of a sudden it's a big thing...). It's frustrating, because I would have been on a lot more solid ground at work if it weren't for the ADHD symptoms that were the reason for going on Adderall in the first place!
  2. I'm wondering if anyone has any experience with or can point me in the direction of information on efficacy of taking 2 NON-stimulants together. I've spent some time looking for research (and/or anecdotal evidence) on the topic and have come up empty. Everything I've been able to find has been on combining one stimulant with one non-stimulant. More/background info: I was not diagnosed with ADHD until my late 20s. I was previously on Strattera for several years. It was slightly helpful, but I was still having significant difficulties (at work and at home) related to ADHD. I was only recently able to convince my provider (psychiatric NP) that my quality of life was really suffering because of these difficulties, so we tried Adderall, which she had previously been super hesitant to do because I also have bipolar II (but I've only ever had 2 true hypomanic episodes in my LIFE). The Adderall did not go well. It most definitely helped with the ADHD, but I was also not behaving normally. Not hypomania (my sleep was excellent), but more animated speech, appearing disorganized even though my thoughts were actually CLEARER and I FELT more calm, etc. Significant enough that coworkers noticed and were concerned. So I've been off the Adderall for about a week. I'm hoping I can restart the Strattera soon, since it was partially beneficial (and I didn't have any side-effects from it). I guess I'm just looking for something to give me a little hope that something can help more than the Strattera. (I've tried--and continue to try--non-medication strategies as well. And I assume methylphenidate is also off the table--at least with my current provider--due to my reaction to Adderall combined with bipolar dx. Even though I've read that you can react horribly to an amphetamines but do just fine on a methylphenidate.). I did try bupropion on top of the Strattera a couple years ago (not helpful plus made me anxious/agitated). I guess that pretty much just leaves guanfacine or clonidine, and I doubt there's really much in the way of research on either of those combined with Straterra, especially in adults. Thanks!
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