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  1. As a male I'm finding that the online dating scene is tough. Here's the thing my profile is probably alright, and my messages to women typically involve asking more about some of the hobbies they list. I'm coherent and appropriate. I keep the initial message short too. Well I generally get absolutely no replies. Now there is an exception to this when I use a certain site but it tends to become clear the other person is trying to pull a romance scam and asks for money, gift cards, they tend to say 'dear' a lot, many red flags. As far as messaging seemingly legit women though, that is where I just get silence. It probably does not help if some of the profiles I am shown tend to be women that take somewhat suggestive photos displaying their buttocks to the camera😬 As that probably causes a large amount of men to message.
  2. Hi everyone. So i have been taking 200 mg of desvenlafaxine, pristiq, for quite a while now. I was also on Seroquel IR (quetiapine) for many months at 100 mg but apparently the dose was too low to exert a meaningful effect on my mood. Recently my Seroquel IR has been upped to 300 mg once a night. First 200, then escalated to 300. Tonight will be my 3rd night on the 300 mg. The other nights were at 200 then 250. My goal is to take away the downward spiral my mood has been in, hopefully brighten it to some extent. And not get caught up ruminating on some stuff missing in my life that gets me down How long before i will notice if it has a positive effect on my emotions? I had read it's supposed to enhance norepinephrine via its alpha 2 blockade and nri properties. The antihistamine properties only make me tired at night. Other than breathing through my nose very clearly during the day lol I dont feel troubled by those side effects. Do you think with its different mechanism of action I might find it more helpful at improving mood then my mediocore past results with risperdal?
  3. That's a good point but the concern is that it's a bit 'eccentric' to actively feel self-conscious about it I suppose
  4. So i take an SNRI and since i didn't respond well to risperdal to augment it for mood and anxiety/ocd....my pdoc is having me try Seroquel IR to augment it... for non-psychotic and non-bipolar reasons. 50 mg for 2 weeks to start out with Got several questions for you guys. 1. I also take 50 mg trazodone for sleep but can substitute seroquel or add trazodone back in if its not enough. I took the seroquel an hour later sleepy but nervous id still be awake so took the trazodone. Will this increase seroquel levels cuz 50 mg is such a puny dose? 2. Im assuming 50 mg of seroquel still wont affect mood even with metabolite cuz its so small. 3. Is Seroquel less likely to aggravate anhedonia and amotivation since it barely touches dopamine below 300 mg? 4. Seroquel ir has a short half life. Does that still cover mood symptoms during the day once a therapeutic dose is achieved? Thank you guys so much
  5. So just a few days ago my doc raised my Pristiq (desvenlafaxine) 150 mg to 200 mg. I have been fine at 150 for several months. The reason it got raised was for residual OCD symptoms. I also hope it might increase my mood a tad bit more. My assumption is that even if SERT occupancy was already maxed out by at least 150 then...the 200 might give me a bit more of that juicy, motivational norepinephrine : ) Heres a couple questions especially for those pharmacology oriented folks- 1. Should the 150 to 200 mg increase give me a bit more serotonin and/or norepinephrine? Perhaps it will add more norepinephrine and get me off the couch/ increase my interests in life? 2. How much Effexor do you think is equivalent to 200 mg Pristiq? I've heard high doses of Effexor help a lot of treatment resistant depressed people.
  6. So i take 200 mg of Pristiq each morning. It works well for me but not the best i can feel. My pdoc mentioned me trying Zyprexa again. Last year i only went up to 10 mg Zyprexa and i also was not on an Snri, just an Ssri, and i didnt feel significant benefit from it. As a result i am trying it again but this time going up to 15 mg zyprexa. This is about 5 days on the 15 mg and i may actually be feeling something. First an increased appetite which is a good sign since last time it didnt even affect my appetite at the lower dose of 10 mg. I am getting aerobic exercise to keep my fitness up so no worries. It also maybe, and i mean maybe adding more color to my emotions which if its from zyprexa thats great. My only worry is TD risk especially since 15 mg is not a low dose for augmentation
  7. Is it bad in a way to NOT experience sexual side effects from ssris or snris even at high doses? I read somewhere that if a med has no side effects it may not be doing anything. I dont understand if some of my serotonin receptors are 'burned out' or something cuz it seems really weird they never cause me any sexual side effects. I hope my brains normal
  8. update 🙂 So this is my 4th day where im down to Celexa, a meager 20 mg, and up on Pristiq 150 mg. It's soon to tell about this dose but i do know Pristiq is substituting fine for my ssri, no problems going down whereas ordinarily some emotional and physical symptoms would sprout up. In theory my serotonin transporters are prolly maxed out and the pristiq is being forced to go to the norepinephrine transporters. Any activation may be subtle but i have a feeling its going to become more prominent and mentally brightening
  9. Hey, things seem to be going smoothly with Pristiq. Since i'm still on celexa, tapering down, the Pristiq 100 mg is subtle yet it may have a difference. Its not so much i get a noticeable oomph of norepinephrine where i feel stimulated yet theres a possibility it smoothed out some mood related dysphoria. In like a week i think, im supposed to drop my celexa to 20 mg. And i believe im not sure imma check with my pdoc to increase Pristiq to 150 mg. That would be taking 2 different pills since it only goes up to 100 mg. I just hope Pristiqs serotonin effects substitute for Celexas so i dont end up with OCD and social anxiety worsening lol Overall im keeping a positive attitude
  10. Thank you so much for your input Browri. That was very informative and I really appreciate it. Time will tell how I do but i'm staying optimistic about the Pristiq.
  11. update i've currently had my celexa lowered again and now am on day 2 on Pristiq 100 mg. In two weeks my celexa will be lowered once again and i will take 150 mg Pristiq. Im hoping on this 100 mg, I start to notice some norepinephrine action. My doctor seems pretty sure an SNRI will give me a better effect than a plain SSRI. In theory the extra norepinephrine might give a kick to the ability to feel positive emotions over time. To give a comparison of SERT affinity to Norepinephrine NET ratio Effexor is 30 to 1 While Pristiq is 14 to 1 Giving pristiq more norepinephrine activity than its parent drug
  12. Hi, well now i'm switching from Celexa to Pristiq. Technically, i have taken Effexor in the past and it was alright but from my understanding Pristiq is actually a stronger NRI than Effexor because even at 50 mg, the starting dose it inhibits both Serotonin and Norepinephrine reuptake. I'm hoping the norrpinephrine enhances my motivation some. I basically found Wellbutrin like taking nothing.
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