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  1. Is it bad in a way to NOT experience sexual side effects from ssris or snris even at high doses? I read somewhere that if a med has no side effects it may not be doing anything. I dont understand if some of my serotonin receptors are 'burned out' or something cuz it seems really weird they never cause me any sexual side effects. I hope my brains normal
  2. update 🙂 So this is my 4th day where im down to Celexa, a meager 20 mg, and up on Pristiq 150 mg. It's soon to tell about this dose but i do know Pristiq is substituting fine for my ssri, no problems going down whereas ordinarily some emotional and physical symptoms would sprout up. In theory my serotonin transporters are prolly maxed out and the pristiq is being forced to go to the norepinephrine transporters. Any activation may be subtle but i have a feeling its going to become more prominent and mentally brightening
  3. Hey, things seem to be going smoothly with Pristiq. Since i'm still on celexa, tapering down, the Pristiq 100 mg is subtle yet it may have a difference. Its not so much i get a noticeable oomph of norepinephrine where i feel stimulated yet theres a possibility it smoothed out some mood related dysphoria. In like a week i think, im supposed to drop my celexa to 20 mg. And i believe im not sure imma check with my pdoc to increase Pristiq to 150 mg. That would be taking 2 different pills since it only goes up to 100 mg. I just hope Pristiqs serotonin effects substitute for Celexas so i dont end up with OCD and social anxiety worsening lol Overall im keeping a positive attitude
  4. Thank you so much for your input Browri. That was very informative and I really appreciate it. Time will tell how I do but i'm staying optimistic about the Pristiq.
  5. update i've currently had my celexa lowered again and now am on day 2 on Pristiq 100 mg. In two weeks my celexa will be lowered once again and i will take 150 mg Pristiq. Im hoping on this 100 mg, I start to notice some norepinephrine action. My doctor seems pretty sure an SNRI will give me a better effect than a plain SSRI. In theory the extra norepinephrine might give a kick to the ability to feel positive emotions over time. To give a comparison of SERT affinity to Norepinephrine NET ratio Effexor is 30 to 1 While Pristiq is 14 to 1 Giving pristiq more norepinephrine activity than its parent drug
  6. Hi, well now i'm switching from Celexa to Pristiq. Technically, i have taken Effexor in the past and it was alright but from my understanding Pristiq is actually a stronger NRI than Effexor because even at 50 mg, the starting dose it inhibits both Serotonin and Norepinephrine reuptake. I'm hoping the norrpinephrine enhances my motivation some. I basically found Wellbutrin like taking nothing.
  7. Hi, i have a pharmacology question about SSRIs and in this instance lets take Zoloft as an example- Once you get past 100 mg of zoloft, lets say 150 mg don't you basically occupy SERT transporter as much as it will go therefore Is there really any subjective difference going up to 200? If so, how come? This can apply to all high dose SSRIs I'm confused by the principle of the matter
  8. Any robotic feelings i have are actually before i started risperdal and if its not from an endogenous disorder itself, i simply attribute it to my ssri but i have to take that, been on ssris for over a decade, if not i feel terrible even if i may have directly or indirectly more emotional sensitivity. Anyway i was hoping for some positivity from people saying their antipsychotic did not make them anhedonic
  9. Please be patient with me as part of why im asking is from my ocd, not to make any questioning of meds. I just want some positive reassurance. Just recently i had my risperdal increased to 3 mg to augment citalopram for ocd, depression. Thing is im nervous because i know it starts blocking a lot of dopamine. I know it cant be as simple as dopamine d2 equals pleasure and motivation? Im hoping the D1 receptors are more important and that the risperdal wont induce any worsening of anhedonic tendencies or amotivation in me. Surely its alpha 2 blockade may increase serotonin and norepinephrine. I guess im worried about two things. I hope i didnt just max out on the antidepressant properties of risperdal at 2 mg and now 3 is just a heavy dopamine blocker as hopefully its serotonin receptor occupancy will also increase dose dependently Plus im worried about all these things that implicate dopamine in reward and hope it isnt so clear cut that it will become problematic Perhaps anyone knowledgable can help elucidate my concerns or knowledge Thx and sorry about any trouble/ if my post is unclear
  10. i just recently hiked my risperdal up to 3 mg a day my understanding is that this is probably the max to augment ssri as 4-6 is usually used for psychosis. Not quite sure of pharmalogical rationale but risperdal does block alpha 2 adrenergic receptors in theory increasing serotonin and norepinephrine neurotransmission Maybe the d2 blockade will help ocd and will not induce anhedonia?
  11. Is gynecomastia risk with risperdal dose dependent? For example a male taking 2 mg for indications other than psychosis may not have the same risk as someone on 4 mg? I'm scared of this side effect, the last thing I want is to develop baseballs on my chest!
  12. It isn't for bipolar. It is merely to augment citalopram. Quite Frankly, I also worry if my decades of SSRI use has caused a permanent tolerance to their effectiveness. I dont even experience ssri sexual problems which i gather is rare. Is it really fine to be on antidepressants for decades? I guess my main hope is for risperidone to augment it to clear my mind
  13. I dont know why risperdal tho it does have studies. Im not sure it might help a lil or mentally i just feel reassured
  14. Hi, I take 40 mg of Citalopram everyday for years. Things are different than they used to be as far as SSRI effectiveness is concerned. I've been on SSRIs since i was a kid, im a young adult now, and they no longer work like they used to. I get obsessive thoughts, worries, not typical ocd rituals, and feel tense all the time, plus my mood dips I've been taking Risperdal for over a week now at 1 mg. Do you think its reasonable to ask my doctor if I can bump it up to 2 mg? For antidepressant and anti ocd effects, assuming dopamine blockade can aid some things How soon does risperdal work for nood
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