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  1. I have started to accept that I probably have borderline and what a life it will be with that in my medical chart. No meds to help with symptoms so do I start to tell my PCP and have it documented? I'm more inclined to keep it only at my psych place where the records is no accessible to GP or PCP or specialists other than my mental health facility. I'm finding it very difficult already with the trauma and now to accept this Dx is something I don't know if I can go through and struggle with the stigma from providers. I also have a chronic pain Dx so double stigma everywhere I seek medical treatment. Yeah, it's not fun with medical records and an overwhelmed medical system that sucks for mental health let alone physical. I try not to get negative on life but is there any other options? I'm educated and informed enough to know that Borderline in my medical chart will doom me for terrible medical care the rest of my life.
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