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  1. I don't know what to suggest in terms of psychmeds. The person who answered it named some good ones. In terms of over the counter stuff, there is prevagen, but again it's a supplement. It us expensive. But it is running out in stores so that could be a sign that it works.
  2. I noticed there were a few new TD meds. Austedo I saw and Ingrezza. I have not tried either of these, but my doctor just called in Ingrezza for me. Does anyone have any experience in this drug? I have taken artane before, and artane(thrihexiphenidyl) was not bad, It worked was a little euphoric but it worked pretty well. As for cogentin, it seemed to have caused constipation, as it is very drying. Austedo I have never heard of, but i have heard of tetrabenzine too. My problem before was mainly muscle stiffness as I was taking Trilafon(perphenazine.) But now it is more grimacing mouth, pharyngeal and facial problems. Almost like my mouth gets kind of moving and at the same time, tightens a bit. So I needed something to treat that. I have asked for benzodiazipines, but my doctor is very wary of giving those out. I have tried Benadryl with more success than with most of the others. But it sometimes is more sedating than most, so I much rather avoid that because sometimes when I am way too sedated, I have a fear of passing out, or afraid that I might die, so therefore i have trouble breathing or feel as if I was having a heart attack. So I would rather avoid those feelings. Has anyone had any success with Robaxin instead of the parkinsonian type meds, for muscle spasm or muscle tightness? It is much more of a good drug for the minor fibromyalgia type muscle spasms.
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