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  1. Judge Judy, Oprah, Obama, Donald Trump, Kayne West, Kim Jong Suk, Putin and Queen Elizabeth should have a fight to the death, each equipped with a weapon of their choice, for Trump it's his hairspray. The battle arena will take place in a sand box and they all be wearing Victoria Secret Angel wings.
  2. I just look placid, but then I tend to stutter and talk in a very low voice when experiencing anxiety.
  3. Yeah I have been angry about people who have wronged me in the past. I manage to calm down by being alone.
  4. Well I end up hating most people because they end up being rude to me with no provocation on my part. I don't hate people without reason. Usually they have to do something to me personally or someone/something I like.
  5. I really hate my job. No words can describe how much I hate it. I work as a catering assistant. Hospitality is the worst sector ever. I just don't care about the job. It is so boring. I feel like I'm at prison. I hate my co-workers because they are all officially disturbed of the highest order, demonically possessed to the point where no Bible can save them. No amount holy water splashing or reciting holy verses can save them. I hate them. I hate my boss. They all need to die. I really really really want to stab them all. All annoying. All evil. All crazy. I'm not going to spend the rest of m
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