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  1. I know these do some things with dopamine, but that's the limit to my understanding. Has anyone taken these two together, and if so what were the results. Do they work on same pathways? I guess I'm asking would they be friends or foes? Thank you for any input.
  2. No, psy doc did mention the Spravato. I will bring this up at my next appt. This is all so confusing. My life is not bad. I'm blessed with family, friends, adequate employment, but I just can't enjoy. Thank you for your input and for listening. I'm learning a lot from this site.
  3. A very good point. Just trying fight this apathy and anhedonia atmosphere I find myself in. I still take low dose of ropinirol. Seems like this is all worse without it.
  4. Tried a lot of meds. Serotonin meds helps, but tend to make a bit apathetic. Added roponirol. It helped a little, but with dose increase couldn’t stay focused on one task and perhaps a bit hyper Psy doc likes bupropion and is pondering a low dose added to ropinirol. He’s never mentioned a med like Methylphenidate?
  5. I have taken these two meds at different times in my journey. I suffer from major depression and lack of motivation, pleasure, etc. Could someone weight in on how these 2 meds might complement or contradict one another?
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