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  1. Naltrexone has given me no urges to drink. I don't WANT alcohol anymore. But my habit could not care less about what I want. The drug has helped, don't get me wrong. I no longer feel the need to drink to self-medicate my anxiety. I honestly just don't think about drinking at all until I get home in my chair, my fiancé is drinking, we're watching the news, and I feel like it's just TIME for me to have a drink even though I don't particularly want one. The drug has actually helped immensely, as I didn't think anything could get me to stop self-medicating my anxiety. I probably did something stupid today, but I wanted it done quicker rather than sooner. I had six drinks -- much more than I want to have -- but I finished my bottle of alcohol. On purpose. I can't drink anymore now. I do have a few other bottles of alcohol, but the mixers have so many more calories that I'm not willing to drink them unless it's a special occasion. And there are no special occasions in the near future. I probably should have poured my Jameson out instead of finishing the bottle. But I actually had a real moment of clarity once I poured the last shot glass into my glass -- this is it. I'm not turning back. I'm officially REALLY cutting down. Unfortunately, I made plans more than a week ago (before my plans came into effect) to have drinks with a friend tomorrow. I'm just going to drink slowly, drink little and blame it on driving, and since this is a newer friend, not bring attention to myself. I feel that on Friday when I get home, I will have nothing to drink that I typically drink (though there will be alcohol), and I'll seek out another source of consumption that doesn't have so many calories. I don't know if my plan will work, but I am absolutely delighted that my Jameson is gone. (I thought of pouring it down the drain, but I know myself, and I would have thought it was a waste and would have just bought another bottle when there were only six drinks left in there to start with. Now I have no excuse of waste.) I also see a therapist on Friday, and she has dealt with substance abuse issues. I don't have the urges. (The medication has made me realize that I actually don't typically have them anyways.) But I have the habit. I hope she can help me get out of that. Wish me luck!!!
  2. I think he'll respect me on this once I talk to him about it, which I haven't really done in a clear manner. I don't think he takes me seriously because I've talked about cutting down on my drinking a lot of times before and I haven't really done anything about it. And I honestly don't think he noticed that I have already cut down my alcohol consumption in half... and I never actually said anything to him about it. But that doesn't mean I still don't drink too much! I'll be honest -- I decided to start this new goal because of weight loss. I have gained so much in the past year since I really started drinking and I have 65 pounds to lose before my wedding in June -- and I already have the dress! But the more I thought about it, I the more I wanted to do it because I realized I was a problem drinker and I wanted to do it for general health reasons and so I don't become an alcoholic. I have enough mental health problems... I don't need to add addiction into the mix! I think if I explain it to him like that, it will make more sense. After all, he doesn't want to get married to and have kids with an alcoholic! I'd like to talk to him about cutting down as well. Mostly for his health and because he's also drinking way too much, but I don't think he'll go for the reason of health, but he's gained as much weight as I have in the past year, so maybe I'll convince him by telling him we should both lose weight for the wedding! If we do it together, it would be so much easier! It seems like it would be a big decision, but it really isn't. When it comes down to it, alcohol doesn't really add anything to my life. Granted, it isn't the fun decision. I'm not saying it's not fun to go out and have drinks with friends or drink some beer while watching football. It is, and I'm not saying I won't do that in the future once I feel I am fully in control of my drinking. But alcohol doesn't MEAN anything to me. I'd much rather be skinny, healthy, and in control of my life. That makes it a really easy decision. (But just because it's an easy decision to me doesn't mean it won't be a hard habit to break.)
  3. He does, and is not willing to limit his drinking around me. Actually, last night, he kind of peer-pressured me into drinking. It's something I'm going to discuss with him tonight. I know we have fun drinking together. I get it. And it's not just me who has to get out of the habit of drinking. He's got to get out of the habit of me drinking as well. But he's just gotta accept that I'm sticking to a couple of drinks on special occasions and maybe a drink -- and by a drink, I literally mean ONE drink, not like the "one drinks" he makes -- every week or so. When I have control over my drinking, then I'm fine adding a few more drinks in. I'll see what's best for me after I maintain my goal for a while. But right now, I have the ability to take control over alcohol before alcohol controls me. If I keep going the way I'm going, I won't be able to. I'm going to have to explain that to him and tell him that it's the best thing for the BOTH of us that I start controlling my drinking habits now.
  4. Well, I'm definitely unable to move, as I own my house outright and don't have to pay a mortgage. However, I'm studying to get my teaching certification and hope to be off disability within a year and be a teacher. I'll be married in June, but my fiance is a bigger drinker than I am. I'm not sure what changes I can make. Any ideas? I do think a therapist will help, even though my reasons for drinking aren't exactly complex. I may not be an alcoholic, but I am a problem drinker and I'm not ashamed to admit that I need help in fixing that.
  5. I'm not an alcoholic, but I do abuse alcohol. I want to give up alcohol except for the occasional drink here or there and for special occasions. It's become such a habit to come home and drink that it's been hard to break... especially when my fiance is also drinking -- and peer-pressuring me. I've abused alcohol since I started drinking at 18, but it only happened occasionally. Now it happens nearly every night. For my general health and for weight loss (and because I don't want to become an alcoholic), this is unacceptable to me. A lot of it is self-medicating my anxiety, but it's just not the right way. I was prescribed naltrexone today, and I'm hopeful it will help. (Although I think I'll start after Labor Day so I can celebrate!) I obviously don't want to do an abstinence program as it's not for me. (Unless I find I am unable to cut back.) However, I think I would benefit from moderation management books, programs, or anything like that. I think I could learn some lifestyle changes I could make to make breaking this habit easier... because I just don't think a medication is going to do all of the work for me, and I don't want to stay on it forever anyways. Does anybody have any recommendations?
  6. What time of the day do you take it? I was just prescribed it today for alcohol abuse.
  7. I just got prescribed naltrexone because of my alcohol abuse. However, I'm not sure when to take it. If I take it in the morning, will it last me until the evening when I usually drink? Or should I go ahead and take it in the evening? Thanks for your help!
  8. Did Saphris cause you to eat more or did it just affect your weight by taking it? It is my newest med, so that could be the culprit...
  9. lamotrigine 400 mg -- depression (and partially for mood stabilization) venlafaxine ER 225 mg -- depression bupropion 300 mg -- depression ziprasidone 160 mg --depression Armour Thyroid 60 mg -- depression (are we sensing a trend here?) topiramate 100 mg -- mood stabilization clonazepam 1 mg TID -- general anxiety alprazolam 1 mg PRN -- panic attacks Adderall XR 30 mg -- ADHD (inattentive) amphetamine salts 30 mg BID -- ADHD (inattentive) Saphris 10 mg -- insomnia ----- I know it's a lot, and I do hate it, but my depression is finally in remission after suffering for 25 years, so I'm not going to complain about my meds.
  10. I'm unsure if I gained any weight when I started Geodon. However, I'm trying to lose weight, and I'm unable to. Could the Geodon be preventing this? I've also started Saphris for sleep. Could that be preventing it?
  11. tryp!!! How are you??? I was thinking about you not too long ago!!!
  12. Thank you very much! I really think it is the two Diet Dr Peppers each day. Or at least I'm going to tell myself that so I don't have to try to give up my horrible, horrible addiction!
  13. Well, I never became stupid this time. However, my feet fall asleep very easily since taking it. (I'm always sitting on one of my feet... so they always fell asleep sometimes, but now it's ALL of the time.) I've gained about 80 pounds since I last posted. (Not due to meds. I made A LOT of horrible caloric decisions.) I am now engaged and need to lose weight for my wedding. At what dosage did people get the side effect of weight loss?
  14. Officially in remission!!!

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