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  1. Ive bowled over this question for a while now and I simply dont have the answer. Okay the deal is when I stop taking my Klonopin I have Absence seizures (especially for the first few days Im off K). I also have simple partials and absence's while being on K, however, not as badly (withdrawl of klonopin causes one absence seizure after another leaving me very confused and disoriented). I see my pdoc on thursday. How do I bring this up? Ive seen a Neuro for seizures before and all i got was "i see you have extra electrical activity on the brain"..."but it looks abnormally normal" and i was sent on my way. On that particular appt I didnt know my triggers for seizures. As well i had a narcoleptic attack in the office and slept through the entire eeg. So if i ever go to another eeg im going in sleep deprived, stressed, and off my meds (and out of my mind). so ha! Anyway, is there a way to say im having seizures without actually diagnosing myself? My pdoc hates when i do that (although im usually right). All i want is to be medicated and reduce my seizure count to withhold any more brain damage! I just dont know how to get to that point.
  2. So at the GPs office a few weeks ago I noticed my weight was on the high end of the normal range. And I hate the numbers I was at (145 then). I thought "I can lose 20lbs in a short while (my happy weight is 125 and around a size 2), I did before". With a little dedication I could do it. Well for the last 2 weeks I ate one small meal a day. I weighed myself tonight and Im 150. 150!! Ive never been this big before! (although in high school I was 145 and size 7-9. Now Im size 5.) So I am freeakin out thinking all sorts of crazy things I could do (but would probably never do but still). A few years ago I lost 20 lbs in a month by sticking to my eating plans. I decided to go on diet pills (my first time) and maybe some light activity (my heart cant handle much). But Im keeping on my eating plans. Small portions, once a day. Maybe a gronola bar or something somewhere in the day. Protein bar or something. My metabolism must be shit. I hate hate hate my body. Errrrr! Anyway Im such a snickety eater its hard to stay on a diet. So I stop eating instead of eating healthy foods. I cant afford weight programs. I cant handle riggerous (sp?) activity. So there goes excercising myself to shape. Im just really really upset with myself right now. How did I let myself go out of control?
  3. Thanks for the reply and the links Silver. I was reading the second link and the medications to treat NCG syncope kinda suprised me. Well the usual like Beta Blockers and Florinef, then SSRIs and then Ritalin (Ritalin?). Dint give much explanation. My GP doesnt give me much explanation either. Kinda frustrating. I hope you get some sleep Silver!!
  4. This is LONG bare with me please! I was watching "Mystery Disgnosis" on whatever channel it comes on. And of coarse the story goes through all of the symptoms and history of patient X. Well my mom and I were watching it and it sounded JUST like me (I SWEAR I am NOT a hyochondriac watching medical shows and diagnosing myself with every diagnosis I hear) but it really did. History: When I was 16 I was standing too long and my heart started to beat fast and really hard. I got so nauseous and dizzy I sat down. When it was my turn in line to go up to the counter (I was at a very busy bank) I stood up really fast, walked over...*ehem* stumbled over to the front of the line and passed out. My dad caught me luckily and him and another man carried me to a more secluded area on the carpet. First thing I thought was "low blood sugar" (i have hypoglycemia) and some bank lady gave me a diet pepsi (totally gross). Parental took me straight to the hospital and the doctor told me he didnt know what had happened and it "might be vasovagal". He then rushed to a hypertension patient. I had no clue what "vasovagal" was and he didnt explain it. A year later (after many many "episodes") I did a "tilt table test" where they tie you to a bed, raise it to where youre standing straight up and wait for you to faint. I fainted and when I did my heart briefly stopped. I then got diagnosed with Neuocardiogenic Syncope AKA "vasovagal" *hrm so thats what it means*. Neurocardiogenic Syncope is a nerve in your next mixing signals from your brain to your heart. The signal says "beat slower NO beat faster NO beat even faster NO STOP". Heart stops, I faint (then I wake up and throw up). The whole "episode" really really sucks. OKAY so while watching the show my mom asks "lol what do YOU think she has?" and I reply "haha she probably has NCG syncope and Orthostaic Hypotension". And it turns out she has "Orthostatic Intolerance". SO I wondered...hrmm..and I looked it up on Wikipedia. I read through it and at the bottom it says "see Orthostatic Hypotension". Im not sure if it means theyre related or close to the same thing (or THE same thing). But I read both definitions and Orthostatic Intolerance is a "dysautonomia" but I didnt see anywhere where it said Orthostatic Hypotension was a "dysautonomia". BUT what Is curious is that Neurocardiogenic SYncope is ALSO a "dysautonomia" which is very very interesting. History: I was in the Neurology clinic and they were doing a stress test to test for seizures. I already knew y blood pressure was way wacky (I can actually feel when my blood pressure is low). Anyway they were taking my blood pressure and I said "wait! watch this!!!". I layed down on the table FLAT and they took my blood pressure, it was low, but normal. And theyre like "oookay" and I said "no! wait! watch THIS!!" and i QUICKLY stood up and they took my blood pressure. It was 40/33 and I fainted flat on my face. They FREAK out. I wake up And I said "see?" and theyll like "wtf?" and sent me to a specialist who diagnosed me with "Orthostatic Hypostension". I NEVER attributed these two disorders with each other (neither has ANY doctor). But when I read the symptoms for "Orthostatic Intolerance" it has a few more symptoms than Orthostatic Hypotension and NCG Syncope that really really make sense. And Im thinking "hrmm". I plan on talking to my GP if I EVER get a appt. (i always see the nurse or a "fill in"). Standing and sitting up is hell. Exercise is hell. Walking to the mailbox is hell. Im on Fludrocortisone aka Florinef but it doesnt do much. And my Cardiologist just told me to drink Gatorade (water and salt are very very good for the syncope and blood pressure). The fainting and falling was so bad at one point my Cardio was thinking about putting in a um..whats its called...a device they insert on the heart that helps your heart beat more rythmicly and helps when the heart stops...ugh total brain fart. SO there just MAY be a name for what I have. BUT the bad part is how you treat OI is with fludrocortisone and the heart thingy. And the funny funny thing is you test it with a tilt table test. I just hope they dont make me do the tilt table test again that thing is hell! (of coarse all episodes are to me). Anyone with medical knowledge or curiosity? I havent talked to anyone about it but I plan to as I said. It just really really interests me. Sorry I wanted to babble about my "woes" for a while now and then I get this new terminology. Any thoughts or stories?
  5. Ive been dating a man for almost 2 years now and we have got along from day 1. We connect really really well on so many personal levels. Especially the deep mental illness levels that people seem to be stumped upon (hes Bipolar w/Psychotic Features and has a lot of the same "thoughts" and "beliefs"). There are though some issues we dont agree on. Things like personal and polital views. Like gay marriage. I believe in gay marriage completely (EQUAL rights!!!) and hes totally against it. I accused him of being a homophobe because hes sickened by the thought of gay people. Well I recently told him I was "bicurious" and he seems totally okay with that. But I feel hes holding back. Sometimes it really irks me. Maybe I should test him "BF: shes pretty...me: oh shes HOTT!!!" (hahaha). Oh boy i think hed burst. He also doesnt believe in biracial couples and doesnt support having "mixed" children. And this is REALLY bad because my brother is white and my SIL is black, and obviously my neice is biracial. So i dont know what to think there. he just says "well i dont believe in it but i wont say anything to them". BUT STILL. Say something dont say something its still wrong in my eyes. Sometimes the thought hurts. I love my bro, SIL and especially my neice! I feel if all of us are ever together the thought would be burning a whole inside of me. It worries me because it seperates us. The isues are really important, BUT they dont come up all the time. He's not a racist and I really dont think he "hates" gays (just uncomfortable). But still??? Hes the sweetest guy I know, really. But we just clash sometimes. Is this something that will ruin a relationship? Should I be worried? Well obviously Im worried. Should I....????? I dont know. Advice anyone? Thoughts?
  6. Before I say anything I just wanted to say...you dont want to depend on meds PRN when you get too emotional or angry. Youll start to depend on them. Its best to learn coping skills...wait *echo* (I siad something to this to someone else sorry its me not you). You have every right to be angry, him saying that "everyone leaves him anyway". Thats totally shit. Id be pissed off too. Its manipulating. Reminds me of someone I know but THATS a whole nother story. Just know youre not alone in this, Ive been there. It doesnt sound like you two were ever going to get far (the way you said your relationship). My advice is to wash your hands with him. You dont need the stress. Its just not worth it.
  7. Those on the spectrum can easily become oversensitive to enviornmental stimuli,such as loud,sudden noises...I get really agitated whenever I'm doing something on the computer,or watching tv for example & a family member walks by & says something suddenly because my AS sends my startle reflex almost into overdrive. Jeeeeesus. You HIT the nail on the HEAD my friend! Said that very perfectly (better than ive said 'round here). If you ever get time or really really bored around here read my post "AGITATED, sensory issues" on here (I think it got trackbacked to the second page but anyway) thats EXACTLY how I feel. And boy is that statement so very very true.
  8. I had to drop a class this semester because of stupid. I blamed the early schedule and my sleep disorders but the truth is the first "hello" speech from my professor was enough to keep me from coming back (although I did accidently fall asleep in the parking lot for two hours after class). I'm wearing a hat today that says U.S. MARINES (my dad is retired after 20 years and my brother a veteran from iraq). I went to a store at the mall and the checkout person asked me to see my military id. Im thinkin...how does she know? Then soon I realized what was going on. After I ran into the door on the way out I decided to go home (luckily I didnt have to drive). Its the little things though that make me feel horrible. Like puttin the cearal box in the fridge and the milk in the cubbord. *sigh* Im looking for hope.
  9. Logical thinking would believe having psychosis means you are psychotic. But I'm kinda off keel on to believe in the logic. Such as right now Im dealing with psychosis, I see a man sitting in the living room right now (but I know he isnt real). I hear a whisper in my ear telling me to "come here" (kinda creepy dont know what to think about that one). But Im not psychotic. This leads me to believe other posters when they say the difference is understanding when its real and not real (having insight). I think Im confusing myself am I confusing anyone else? I argue to my own doctor that "active psychosis" (personal experiemnce: running around screaming at my voices and swinging a bat at my hallucinations) and "psychosis" (having hallucinations and delusions with "insight") is indeed not the same. He argues Im psychotic and they mean the same thing. Psychosis is being psychotic. I disagree with him. But thats just me.
  10. I have to admit I didnt read all the article (not handling more than a few paragraphs these days lol). But did "Don
  11. Thats good you got some professional insight on it. Ive been diagnosed with "Communication Disorder" since I was 2 and recently found out a more specific diagnosis when I was treated for Schizophrenia when I was 16. I never been on meds to treat Bipolar Disorder, nor has my doctors have ever suspected I was Bipolar. I think its an odd statement that AS and Bipolar are even treated equally with meds. I think that one has to go with each individual case. I have bad agitation (which ive definitely babbled about on this board), and what I have found most effective is coping mechanisms and therapy instead of meds. Especially since mine is so random on the situation (usually involving lights and sound and other sensory issues). Although I can say that PRN is on my side.
  12. I'm not saying hes pulling it out of his ass. Well completely. Its just hes not knowledgeable with Childhood-Onsiet Schz and Developmental dissabilities. Plus the co-ocurrance of Schizophrenia and Autism. Theres a lot (cases and studies) out there on having both disorders. Actually the DSM says something on the lines of the symptoms cant be caused by the other disorder. Such as flat affect for a disagnosis of Scz counted as an Autistic Symptom, or vice versa. HOWEVER you can seperate the symptoms. As well, in the DSM it says in the Schizophrenia diagnosis that "Relationship to a Pervasive Developmental Disorder: If there is a history of Autistic Disorder or another Pervasive Developmental Disorder, the additional diagnosis of Schizophrenia is made only if prominent delusions or hallucinations are also present for at least a month (or less if successfully treated)."
  13. I dont have much to say right now (not feeling to well today). But I wish you the best Blackbird. I really am thinking about you. I hope you get the treatment you need (with or despite your mother). FYI Im skipping meals now. Soon it will be nothing. But with Ana, it wont stop. It wont be controlled. Ana is NOT an option. As said, you cant switch one bad coping mechanism for another. It just doesnt work that way. And who says its going to work? Maybe youll end up deathly sick and skinny, even crazier AND back in the ward. Again, I wish you the best. Thinking of you!
  14. My skills also range from high functioning to low functioning. My self help skills are moderate (not normal for a 21 year old), my verbal communication is low, Im im on the "low" side of the "average" intelligence scale (drain bamage). But my eye contact is high (with medication, therapy and pressure, pressure, pressure of coarse it would). I digress. I understand what youre saying. Although a person with Autistic Disorder will grow just like any other human being. Does that mean a diagnosis change? Do people grow OUT of autism? I guess it depends on the case. I decided to see a ASD specialist BTW. My doctor doesnt believe you can have Schz and Autism. WTF? Helloooo. Get a clue MANNN. I have Childhood Onset Schz its NORMAL to have developmental problems!!!!! I babble. Thanks guys for your responses.
  15. Psychosis or Neurosis? You posted on the Schizophrenia and Psychosis board what do you think? You made a pretty good guess so far. Youre delusional, only schizophrenics believe in their delusions my friend. And you obviously believe them. So you cut youself is that what youre saying? They couldnt see you are actively psychotic? Print out your posts and take them to the hospital. Tell them the aliens and FBI are telling you to jump off tall buildings. That should get you in. Dont have to self injure. Good luck to you. I wish you the best.
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