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  1. I think Davina’s idea of keeping a daily checklist or schedule that you at least try to follow is a very good idea. I was definitely much more productive when I did that. The problem is getting past that initial hurdle, overcoming the “inertia,” as it were. But once you actually start doing it, it’s not so bad. Unfortunately, when you are very depressed, you can feel paralyzed, and unable to do something as simple as that. I am currently not setting a good example, because I am not following my own advice here ATM. But I fully intend to. I just need a swift kick in the arse, I guess.
  2. Getting your meds Rxed in larger, 90-day quantities can help with the “forgetting to refill” thing somewhat. I don’t don’t do mail order, but I just take my Rx for 3 months to the grocery store pharmacy, and they give me three bottles. They charge me three times the normal copay, but I end up paying the same amount at the end of the day. If you have morning and night doses of meds, it might help to put the pills right next to where you’re generally going to spend a certain amount of time in the morning and at night. I put mine right next to my ipad, because I use it so much, and I
  3. I’ll have to google spravato. I’ve been dealing with it for over 4 decades now, so I know how “joyous” those anniversaries are. 🥺
  4. You’ve been off of it for over ten years, and you still get brain zaps? That’s messed up.
  5. I am pretty much in the same boat, Ceremony. I have two meds left, but one is highly unlikely to work, and the other is an MAOI. Food is the one thing that MI hasn’t ruined for me, so I’m not willing to let it take that away from me on the off chance that it might provide some relief. So therefore TMS and ECT. But he also mentioned ketamine and psilocybin. But the former is apparently no good for those who hallucinate. Not sure why my pdoc didn’t mention that, if true. And I have no clue as to how to go about getting psilocybin, or how to use it.
  6. Thanks for the replies, everyone. I was manic for a little over a week, then I had a slow motion “crash.” But with a fairly soft landing. I’m just sleeping 12-16 hours per day. I’m going to go slow getting off the Effexor, but hopefully it won’t take too long. It’s really making my hair fall out. Even more than Abilify or stims do.
  7. I recently became manic, and the Effexor is the only med change I’ve made. I don’t wan’t to bug pdoc on weekend. I’m managing things with Zyprexa right now, but it doesn’t seem to last long enough. My question is simple: how long does it take to safely quit Effexor? I’m at 225 mg. I know I could just go to 150 mg easily enough, but could i just go straight to 75 mg and be OK? Or just quit it altogether?
  8. I get that sense of urgency. I have tons of stuff I have no place for ATM, but I thought I needed to buy it NOW. My hall is clogged with the stuff, so much so that I can barely move around in it. I hope you can get your spending under control. Mine had subsided finally, but then I became manic and started up again. I am calmed down now, taking my Zyprexa. I just have some racing thoughts and hallucinations left. I have thought of putting all of my credit and debit cards in my safety deposit box, and then getting cash once a week. I’m not sure that would work, though, especially since I ha
  9. I don’t know what your depakote levels are (or even what mine are), but I’m on 500 mg am and 1000 mg pm, and that seems to keep most of the cuckoo away, so that I don’t need Zyprexa too often. It doesn’t do anything for my depression, but then it’s not known for that. And while it’s not an antipsychotic, the dose seems to stave off psychosis, for the most part, I suppose as a side effect of keeping the mania at bay. I still have breakthrough episodes, but they’re usually not very severe unless I stop taking my depakote as prescribed. In any case, you might want to discuss your depakote dose wi
  10. OMG can I relate to this! When I use a blow dryer, I not only have to unplug it, but I have to put it in the middle of the bathroom (tiled) floor. And check for heat. Because, you know, FIRE! I also always unplug appliances like toasters. And even then sometimes it isn’t enough. I’ve been known to flip the circuit breaker on occasion. Checking that doors are closed and locked is my other big one. I’ll check over and over and over and over and over and.... Even once I’ve left, after already checking a dozen times, I’ll often find myself having to head back home and check again, even if I’m near
  11. Managed to get back on the wagon a few days ago, thankfully. Usually my relapses go on and on and on and....
  12. Seems like it’s going the way you’ve wanted with respect to the meds. Sorry that your depression has been acting up, though.
  13. When my mood tanks like that, I’ve found that either Ritalin or Adderall helps bump me up some. This helps whether I start the day off lower than normal, or if I have a sudden slump during the course of the day. When I take either regularly, I don’t have so many sudden drops, and am less depressed in general. Adderall works better than Ritalin for me, but has worse side effects. What I do is take 30 mg to start, and then I take 10 mg every 4 hours. I’ve found that it’s not helpful without that larger initial dose. 30 mg is what’s required for me to overcome the initial “inertia,” and jol
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