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  1. I was vegetarian for many years, and now am probably more correctly a pescatarian. I have vegan friends with very very strict convictions about what they consume (and wear). For some, avoiding harming animals--in any way--is their religion. As this is not a widely held idea, our majority culture of meat eaters doesn't understand how important it is to those practicing this type of veganism. Personally, I strongly respect the food choices of others, and I hope they will do the same for me. ... Here's an article that my help you put what happened in perspective... When Non-Vegan Foods Attack from the article... "In the scenarios when something is out of your control—like being served food that is labeled vegan, but really isn’t—try to relax, and cut yourself some slack. You did the best you could. And the nice thing is that you’ll have many more meals in which to be conscious of animal life." ... Do you recall the McDonalds settlement about its french fries, that were supposedly vegan, but were actually flavored with beef seasoning? Here's one article in the New York Times long before the $10 million dollar settlement ... For Hindus and Vegetarians, Surprise in McDonald's Fries I thought the quote from the observant Hindu reminded me of your reaction. ... Have you connected with any vegans regarding this issue? I’m guessing this is not an isolated occurrence for those in the vegan community. I’m just thinking that it might help you to connect with others to see how they deal with situations like these, and hopefully keep it from becoming an all-consuming worry for you. … And yes, it would probably help educate the restaurant if they received a letter from you. I'd go along with what olga suggested on the tone of the letter. You might help educate the restaurant’s employees and perhaps get a more positive response. I hope something in here helped. - spork Edit: spacing and font size
  2. "this lifestyle" ... OK, that and the rest that she said about your appearance strikes me as unprofessional, and rather rude. I also really really didn't like that she didn't address your main concern--your meds. Instead, she focused on your appearance. She sounds a bit like a bully. She is supposed to evaluate and prescribe meds.... not knock her patients when they're down. I just got a family member out of county mental health system to go private pay. The difference has been amazing (on the positive side). Try private pay, and if it doesn't work, maybe you can return to a different pdoc at county mental health? A new pdoc who has more compassion with people who have crushing depression could be a great thing for you. Hang in there... I truly hope something in here helped. Edited: removed thoughts on appearance; corrected grammar
  3. My pdoc called me back this evening. I explained my symptoms as I shared above. She wanted to ensure I had a plan to make sure I'd get a full night's sleep tonight. That plan involves my full doses of Lunesta and Xanax (along with my other prescription meds). She also asked me to keep her updated if anything changes. (I shared that I didn't have any of those symptoms today, which is kind of weird because I'd at least thought I'd have the suicidal ideation.) Also, she wants to see me sooner than in a month. The soonest I could get was next week. That's fine with me. If need be, I can always go to my local outpatient/inpatient psych. facility for stronger meds over the weekend. I'll update as I have more information. Edit: grammar
  4. Hi, and thanks for stopping by. : )

  5. Correction/clarification, my pdoc previously said dissociation "could" be among a list of examples of symptoms that might indicate the need for my hospitalization. I should have been more clear. Also, she's one pdoc, with one opinion. She was specifically responding to a question of mine during an office visit when I felt I was doing poorly (extremely depressed with suicidal ideation). I had asked what were some symptoms that would indicate that I should be hospitalized. She listed dissociation along with a list of other symptoms, which I can't remember at the moment. Thanks again for taking the time to advise me. It helped me a lot. I'm currently waiting to hear back from pdoc... (I called earlier, and left a message.) And yes, I'm being kind to myself today. Your reminder is a good one, though.
  6. Thank you, WinterRosie, for answering. I'm not scared of driving again, perhaps surprisingly. That said, I don't take this symptom lightly. However, that was the first time in a long time that I have dissociated. And that was the first time it ever happened while I was driving. I expect that it may be an isolated incident. Still, you're right that I should tell someone. I will call my pdoc today for a much sooner appt., so I can get her thoughts on it. I hadn't been due to go in for another month. I was freaking out about it a bit last night ... thus this post. Previously, when I had discussed dissociation with my pdoc, she said it could be a sign of needing hospitalization.
  7. Those "myriad number of physiological brain conditions which present the same symptoms" would preferably be known by another name, IMHO. The word schizophrenia carries so much stigma. Following the Japanese, I like the translation of their new name for schizophrenia; in English it's "integration disorder." integration disorder
  8. I dissociated while I was driving on the highway yesterday. I didn't have enough insight in the situation to pull the car over. I was tired and had just had a large coffee. I have been experiencing more stress than usual. I've dissociated before, but never while driving. I'm feeling scared and did experience suicidal ideation and thoughts of self-harm after the incident. My passenger didn't even notice, which makes me wonder... He would have said something if he had noticed anything of concern. Of course, I wouldn't have driven if I'd known that was going to happen. Any thoughts? Anyway, thanks for reading.
  9. You should definitely make a thread for how therapists annoy US. I have a million things I could add. Yes, please do. I could add to that list.
  10. This one cracked me up. Thanks for that.
  11. That's an absolutely wonderful idea! I love it! :lol:
  12. Hi Harli, I lurked for a while at the beginning too. And I'm still not a huge poster. But I've gotten some amazing support here, and cb (crazyboards) is great for information too. Glad to have you on-board! When you have time, you might find this helpful... glossary of abbreviations. See you around the boards... spork
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