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  1. @Juniper29 @Complicated toad Thank you so much for taking the time to reply...it really helps to hear from others who understand. Toad, your point about the shame and fear to follow is a good one.
  2. I am anxiety/bipolar. Many years ago (over a decade now) this forum really helped me get ahold of my self-injurious behaviors,which were driven partly by intrusive thoughts and partly by that early diagnosis period where no med was working yet. Now I find myself ten years older, my moods at least able to be managed, and I've just found out my mom, who my husbad and I care for, has cancer. She is in the hospital; we are waiting for details,for a prognosis. I hate that inbetween waiting; I like to have a plan. Between the stress,the grief, the uncertainty,and the long days in the hospit
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