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  1. @Ethansmom yes! The new teva generic formula sucks. Accord has them beat hands down. I wish teva would bring back their old formula. The tew teva formula is sugar pill lol
  2. @CrazyRedhead yes Accord Health generic klonopin is better than the new teva formula.. most definitely
  3. @GearheadLol sorry about the format. Was at work when I posted it.. yes, I will break it down in paragraphs when I get time. I did make a few quick edits though..
  4. What people need to understand is that by law, each generic of the same medication cannot have the same time release binder.. with that said, Clonazepam for example!! One generic of it could have a latuide of 120% while Another can have a latuide of 180%. Others can be lower or in the middle. What this means is that the time release binder in a generic with 120%, will only contain around 50 to 60% of the active ingredient that will be absorbed by the body. While one with 180% can contain 70 to 90% of the active ingredient. What you have to understand is that this means how fast or slow the active ingredient is absorbed in the body and not how much active ingredient is in the pill. If its a 1mg pill or ect, no matter the generic Manufacturer, it will contain 1mg of Clonazepam or ect. However, because each generic Manufacturer by federal law must use a different time release binder from other generic Manufacturers of the same med and name brand. A certain generic my release the active ingredient to slow.. This will be a generic that people will notice a huge difference and complain about. While another generic may release the medication at a normal rate. This will be a generic that works ok for people and they really won't notice a difference. Then you will have the generic that release the medication a little faster than normal. This will be the generic that everyone wants, because it will almost be like the name brand.. Generics are not the same as name brand like doctors and pharmacist want people to think. Generics are not even the same as other Generics lol. By federal law, no one generic can have the same time release binder as the name brand or even another generic of the medication. Because of that federal law. You will have poor quality generics, mid level Generics and high quality generics.. as far as why a pharmacy change up the generic Manufacturer so much is because they don't buy generics stright from the manufacturer. They buy from a wholesaler. Which ever generics, that wholesaler has is what the pharmacy will be locked into having with the wholesaler by contract. Once that contract is up, the pharmacy can than use another wholesaler and its common practice for them to use the wholesaler that gives them the best price.. This is why every refill or 3 refills your generic will change.. The pharmacist contract with a wholesaler can be for one month or up to 12 months.. Once the pharmacy is in that contract, by law,, they cant change wholesaler or order you the generic Manufacturer you want if their wholesaler don't already have that generic Manufacturer.. So thats why most pharmacies won't order the generic Manufacturer you want from that manufacturer. Because they are under contract to only order from the wholesaler they use and only use the generics that wholesaler buys... Mom & pops/independent pharmacies can order the generic Manufacturer you want, because most times,, They don't use a wholesaler and buy their generics stright from the manufacturers.. so that is a option, stay away from the big name pharmacies if you can.. Pharmacies these days could care less if your medication is working, if its causing withdrawals while on it due to poor quality and body absorption. The pharmacy only wants to buy the cheapest generics possible and make as much money as they can while saving money. I have been on benzos for over 10 years, trust me when I tell you that I have tried almost every benzo and every generic Manufacturer. Im on klonopin right now. Teva use to be my favorite generic, when it came to klonopin, but they don't make it like they use too. I take Accord health now and I must say, its better than the new teva. But not better than the old teva. However, Accord health does make good quality klonopin.. its on the top end of mid level if you ask me.. but its not a high quality generic, but its not a poor quality generic either.. When I was on Xanax, Greenstone made the best Xanax generic. Coming in at 2nd, would be Sandoz. When I was on Ativan, Watson made the best Ativan. But back to klonopin, qualitest was good for me, Actavis was also, I truly can't remember how the Sandoz klonopin was. But it couldn't had been that bad, because I would had remembered. I dont play that crap medication on meds that can cause serious withdrawals. Whenever I got a bad generic, I would notify the Pharmacist asap and have them write in my file and on my bottle label to only give me the generic Manufacturer I wanted. If they would play hard ball. I would tell them im allergic to the generic Manufacturer that didnt work for me. This way, I can play hard ball back. Now, I can legally sue if they filled my prescription with that same crap generic Manufacturer. I would also write out on paper all the generic Manufacturers that I didnt want and have them put it in my file, listing allergic and bad reactions to why.. making the pharmacy only able to give me the one I wanted. I would also have my doctor write on the prescription which generic I wanted. I would also report those bad generics to the fda... Never let a pharmacy give you crap meds. Its ways around their bs.. plus, you can always use a specialty pharmacy.. they will order stright from the manufacturer you want and cut out the middle man aka wholesalers.. I feel like all doctors should go back to the old days when they had their on pharmacy in their office.. and for the record, when I talk about time release binders, im not talking about control release or XR.. im simply saying that by law, each generic of the same medication must have a different binder that release the active ingredient different than the next.. they are all still immediate release generics.. also each generic use different fillers and ect that also effect how the active ingredient is metabolized in the body. So its not all in your head. Yes!! These generic Manufacturers, generics are different. Its federal law that they must be. The doctors and pharmacies know this but act like they dont.. the best thing you can do is Google a full list of generics made in India and China and stay away from them. Most are very poor quality. Most the generics nowadays in America are made in India and China. Big facts.. write you out a list of every generic you know sucks, and list the reason as to why you can't take it because of allergic reactions even if you're not allergic to it, then turn it in to your pharmacy and tell them to make a copy of it and put it in your file and to also write on the bottle label which generic you prefer. Thats way if you are dealing with a hole pharmacist or tec, that want to play games and have that you gone get what I give you attitude. You can then have a legal case against that pharmacy and pharmacist. You can also report that pharmacist to the board of pharmacies of your state and get that pharmacist in even more trouble and also report to the corporate office of that pharmacy and get that pharmacist in even more trouble and for one last hard hit, report that pharmacist to the Better Business Bureau... These pharmacist don't care if you stuck with a 30 day or more prescription supply of bad klonopin. They don't care if you going through low to mild or major withdrawals due to poor quality klonopin. They don't care if you end up in the E.R or mental health facility due to bad klonopin. They don't care if you die. They don't care about your health treatment and if your meds are working. But they love to act like doctors and even dress like doctors. American pharmacies have sold out the American people for India and China made generics.. They only care about saving money. More advice, I can give you is to always see which generic Manufacturer or manufacturers they have in stock for klonopin before you even turn in your prescription. But if you seem to forget for whatever reason, always check the pills before you leave the store. If you not sure which generic they gave you and don't trust the pharmacy word. Google the pill Description. Drug indenifer.com... it will even list the inactive ingredients.. by the way,, once you leave the store, most pharmacies won't take them back but some will. So always check the pills before you even leave the counter. Actually, you should check the pills before you even sign for them. If your doctor won't do anything like write on the prescription which generic to give or won't call the pharmacy and tell them which one to give you. Ok, handle it like this, talk with your doctor and tell you're doctor look, the bad generic im getting is making my problems worst and has me coming to you asking for a increase and making me look like a drug seeker. The bad generic makes me feel like I never even came to see you. The bad generic is not allowing you to give me good healthcare treatment and is not giving me good quality of life. But I'm telling you guys, you can all bypass all that with your doctor and pharmacist if you claim you are allergic to that generic Manufacturer. Never say you are allergic to the active ingredient though lol say you are allergic to the inactive ingredients.... hope I was of some help. Oh, you can talk to your doctor about helping you find a specialist pharmacy... fyi, klonopin generics i find to be very poor quality, Mylan, aurolife, all Mylan generics suck and all aurolife generics suck. Stay away. THE BEST THING WE CAN ALL DO IS REPORT ALL BAD GENERICS TO THE FDA.. THE FDA EVEN WROTE THAT THEY CANT DO ANYTHING UNLESS MORE PEOPLE COMPLAIN... We have the power to stop it people. We must all come together though and report it. Also start petentions about the matter... O want people to understand that teva is no longer the best generic for klonopin. Their new klonopin sucks.. its people like me right now that is trying to get teva to use their old formula for klonopin. So as of right now, Accord health most definitely got teva beat as far as klonopin quality. I hope you all find the best quality klonopin for you. Fyi, dont listen to any of these so called pharmacist on this form saying I use to be a pharmacist or I am a pharmacist and all generics are the same. Funny how a person that has never taken klonopin name brand or generic can tell you how the medication is working you lol thats like a person that has never smoked marijuana telling you all marijuana is the same lol them guys are to funny. But anyway, most definitely stay away from Mylan generics and aurolife generics... Stay away from. Apotex generics.. go in peace people..
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