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  1. Okay,this is an old AF post, so...I hope the OP has managed to find the help she needs! And is still alive. If however you're not thriving, I want you to ask yourself the following questions: 1) have I suffered any traumatic experiences in my life that could be causing PTSD? 2) Have I been tracking my moods and how my cycle could also be affecting them? This is important, because while we throw out "PMS" to every angry bitch we come across because we don't know how to deal with people's issues... PMS is semi-serious and quite difficult. However, you could be suffering from PMDD, which also ducks with your moods SEVERELY... And it also helps you chase all your friends away too (so does above condition as well), and creates problems within relationships and at the work place (if you're a stay-at-home Mom, you work BEYOND Overtime!!!) 3) Is there anything in your diet that could be affecting your Digestive Tract? Research glyphosate and what it does to our health and how to avoid it. 4) Fuck everyone else suggesting you avoid weed, girl, you and women like you fucking NEED to smoke a blunt a day, Minimum!! I'm not myself without it. I have found it helps with pain relief, stress, and depending on the strain (avoid sativa's, hun, they aggravate anxiety), and kudos for at least ensuring you don't do it in front of them. (So, that's not a question, LOL,that's a friendly reminder, Fuck em all) One of my doctor's ADVISED that I smoke more ganja...and he was raised within the LDS church (super anti-everything good for us) Anyway, try mixing in some CBD too...it helps curb anxiety tremendously, AND it doesn't get you high. 5) Are you utilizing any products that legitimately have the term "fragrance" or "parfum" or "perfume" in the ingredients? These are all essentially the same man-made molecule with varying names, and it reeks havoc on our hormone system, which can affect moods dramatically. 6) have you considered CBT, or Cognitive Behavioral Therapy? 7) Please know that you are loved and you don't deserve to suffer this much, and it's okay not to feel okay, it is okay to admit that you need help, and it is very reassuring for others too scared or any to do the same. You probably ought to talk to your children to let them know your struggles to the best of your ability... Let them know Mommy means well, but she's actually very unwell... And mommy is trying to get help, but meeting dead ends every turn she makes... Right, well, I hope that helps Angie and any other women/people out there with similar struggles. Ah yes, another poster actually had some good advice also, mentioning nature, dancing, exercise, and meditation. Yoga could be beneficial as well...even more so if you feel you can't sit still!!
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