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  1. Thanks, are you bipolar? I wondered, as you didn't mention a mood stabilizer in there.
  2. it took me 20 years to find a psychiatrist three years ago who diagnosed me as bipolar and put me on 50mg lamictal with 10 mg lexapro. Prior to that, my life was pretty unmanageable despite years of pycos, therapists, cognitive therapy and all sorts of antidepressants. The psyco that sorted it is in South Africa, and I am in France where I have been living for the last 2 years. So that's why I'm not keen on going down the psyco route. Don't want to wait another 20 years haha. I can suffer very badly from anxiety, so hear what you say on Wellbutrin. I haven't had high anxiety for quite some time. I used to take xanax or diazepam for high anxiety. In addition, I have financial constraints and due to my history, depression is excluded from my med cover, so I have to pay for all my meds myself. So I can't afford to see a psycho regularly in any case. My G.P.consultations are covered by my healthcare, so if I can do a bit of research and make some suggestions to him,and if he thinks its a reasonable suggestion, I think he will prescribe it and I can do trial and error with him monitoring me, which, after all, is what the psycos do anyway. My combo of lexapro/lamictal has been great for the last 3 years, and I've just gradually increased it with my GP each time it stopped working. But I'm now up to 200mg lamictal and 20 lexapro and have read that there is no proven benefit above these doses, so am a bit stuck. I just want some pointers really that I can then really look into and go to my doc to discuss. I definatley want to stick with the Lamictal as its been a lifesaver. I thank God i am stable as I was an ultra rapid cycler. Its just (JUST...) the depression I need to sort out. thankyou
  3. Am on 200 lamictal and 20mg lexapro Mood is stable, but lexapro doesnt' seem to be doing the trick anymore. Am v. depressed and finding it hard to move from the bed ha ha. Any suggestions? Believe I'm more likely to get the answer here than with a psyco. Seem to be reading good things on Wellbutrin. Wondered about ditchinhg the lexapro, keeping the lamictal and starting with the wellbutrin. Does anyone have any better ideas? thanks
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