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  1. My gf, her sister, and I went to a McDs at 12am. We were feeling hungry and were a bit bored. My gf's sister sat at a table whilst my gf and I ordered. We were talking stuff back tothe table, when some worker blindsided us, and spilled our drinks. The Coke went on my gf's top, and nearly ruined it bar a hefty cleaning bill. So we just let her have it. This person didn't even apologise, and thought she could just abuse her customers. Like her, who the fuck taught her about customer service? We could see her expression turn from neutral to a frown/trepidation. We didn't care. She clearly thought we were "not good enough" hahaha. really? so we bought some food, like make McDs a going concern, and yes, we're "scum" apparently. The manager came out and we were telling him how his dopey arse employee was reckless. He said he'd handle it and gave us some free fries and burgers. On the way home, my gf's sister said we went too far. We both didn't agree. The worker clearly had an agenda and didn't even apologise. so clearly she meant it and evidently she's not really suited to that kind of role. She got her comeuppance for her arrogant life attitudes. Like yeah, her opinions of of who is "valuable" matter in the grand universe. or to us for that matter. She even brought it up the next day, but we didn't care. We just thought not to go back to that McDs branch, and that's that. My gf and I are of a similar character though - we're more brazen and don't take as much shit as my gf's sister. Maybe this is a reason here, even though the "worker" was clearly in the wrong. We were chuckling a bit in the car since as we were leaving we could hear the manager berating the worker, and she was mumbling "I'm sorry...what?!" Maybe treat your customers as humans, or be a human yourself and mind your step.
  2. I'd only care if they were doing illegal stuff or were some racist or had vile views outside. Like if they were in some extremist religious or political organisation.
  3. I'm as normal as can be. whatever that means. i think i meet any medical definition of "socially normal".
  4. I'm tired of my NHS team pushing religion onto me. It's my goal to get to the same life level as others, and i do not CARE if non-religion offends people. why should it? mind your own fucking life! I see this CPN (who hates me and thinks I'm nothing since he always berates me and insinuates I'm nothing) and I go to another group where they "counsel" me. But most of this "counselling" is about telling me about how I'm bad at not going to church. Sorry, but they don't tell anybody else this. If they're such cowboys and sociopaths, then they shouldn't do this. They should ONLY look at symptoms and fit. no personal biases or anything. and no, i don't agree with this modern thing of allowing biases. we shut them off. If me getting what some white, blonde girl would get (,i.e.. adulation and allowance) then they should see PEOPLE AND SYMPTOMS not make aspersions on character. So if the MASSES are NORMAL not going to church, then so am I. Who DOES THAT BOTHER? It shouldn't BOTHER ANYBODY. if so, then FUCK YOU. I'm a HUMAN TOO. If people who are religious are reading this and getting offended, frankly why? That's on you. Move over things that you don't like.
  5. I remember an incident when I was a kid. I was about 11, and my brother invited his friend for dinner. He and my parents were talking about university and politics and stuff, when he looked at me and with a sarcastic tone said "do you ever talk?!?" So i let him have it - "Yes, I do talk, but I'm too young to care about you. Fuck off". So he looked like he wanted to fight me, but then and now I didn't care. He was in the wrong anyhow. A grown MAN (he was 19 at the time) didn't like how a kid spoke to him, and got angry. What a fucking loser. and a sociopath to boot, since only sociopaths freely violate rules (attacking kids and other weaker people). I posted in another thread about same life level. well, adults should never want to attack kids. simple. is there a reason why this RULE didn't apply to me also?
  6. My life goal at the moment is to get on the same life level as others. I blame myself for not picking things up in the past - and I allowed others to let me be denied. The people who did...well I'll explain below. I don't like attractive women. I despite them, and always will. I find them boorish, unempathetic, cold, crass and narcissistic. they always reckon to get their way, and don't have any respect for others in situations. I don't like them being around and i don't care if this makes me a bigot or an incel. I'm not even an incel since i don't date. learn definitions people. They're a hindrance to me living normally, so I despise them all. The first part of me getting to a normal life level is by not acknowledging these "people".
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