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  1. the xanax makes me feel stead adn even, teh klonpin makes the panic go away. I dont know if a doc would prescrib tghis together? like 1mg xanax xr and klonpin 0.5 x3 daily? I alreayd take 30mg lexapro. i tried the xanax but didn't do it for the panic. the klon does btu so fing tired and up adn donw at temis, where the xan actually did even me out. who knows any ideas? my fing doc is on vacation until teh 23ed, and get this, even though there ar eother health care providers there tehyc ant get me an appointment too full, and said she would have to deal wiht it because tehya re controlled substance? just weird. I live ina really poor and isolated area in vermont, moved here from boston if i could I would move back! we,ll maybe somewhere close to it, anyways... so anyone ever been prescribed xanax xr once daily wiht like klonopin or ativan 3x ? I have GAD, panic disoder wiht agora, and ocd. teh lex tkaes care of a lot of the gad and ocd, but left wiht agora liek cant drive my byself etc. trying to over come this I've had enough! I am not in jail within my own soul! late night ramblings from a poetic soul who can't type. thanks
  2. panic disorder wiht agorophobia. itake lexapro for the ocd and gad. I get tired for like the first half hour after i take it. I wouldnt drive if i felt that out of it lol. that is what xanax quick actign did to me made me so i coulndt fdirve i was like drunk. and the temi release gave me migrain from hell! too bad thought it smothed out my moods. but the klonpin works really works for te4h panic adn anticipatory anxiety.
  3. this may seem dumb, but is a longer half life betetr than a short one? I think taking 3x a day of benzo a longer one is better is this correct to think this? I was on 3x klonopin, trying xanax xr, it is ok but i don't feel liek it helps my anxiety ,cuh it makes me feel warm adn nice but not able to drive alone . and if they move the dose I'm afraid i wont be able to tolerate it as i cannot the instant ones. so I wnat back on klonpin, i am thiking of seeing if i can try 0.5 1mg 0.5 a day because afternoones i have the most issues adn this drugged FREED me i could drive alone etc. I just had tireness and it felt liek it sttarted wearing off before the other pill was due otherwise this was like ideal best one I've tried. that is why they tried the xanax xr. So long questiojn typed bad, baby on lap. but am i write to think a longer one is better when taking 3x daily? thankas!!!
  4. this is what agoraphbia (sp) feels like to me.I have it mildly. I am a shell in the sand, the waves chip away at my layers. I am a shell in the sand I sit on the beach and look at life
  5. Feeling sad, my heart it aches how many pills does one have to take... normal, normal is such an un-normal term. If we are all un-normal then is that not the norm? Hoping that this one will do it, if not? Screw it. Wash away in the blue toilet fluid. Listen, do you really hear me? You make your notes, are you really here to heal me? Are you thinking about your vacation time, while I sit and tell you about the life, which is here, which is mine. I am broken, yet not. I am fixable, I am livable. I am worthy of your notes, I am worthy of your ears. Listen is all I
  6. lol i was typing with a 9 month old on my lap lol I was on klonopin 0.5 x3 and then pdoc said try this, if you dont like it you can switch back. it was xanax xr, with xanax o.5 for break throughs. well made me sick and vomit in teh middle of the night spacy head, and still had anxiety. teh klonopin was working but fading between dosing. we discussed doing, 0.5 1mg 0.5 because my biggest issues are mid after noone. probably cause that is when i try ot do the most wiht my 2 kids. well mt pdoc went on vacation 2 days after switching me, assuring me she lefta anotation in ym file that I may need to switch back. so i call today adn the nurse gives me the run around about how she has look all though it and no note. liike i would make this crazy shit up right? anyways I'm just upset, i have gad, panic disoder with agora, and ocd. i take 30 mg of lexapro works awesome for teh ocd and som gad, nothing for agora or panic. so for years I have not driven alone/wout anotgher adult walked alone past my own block etc. after i started the klonopin I was like driving my kids to teh park felt so free and amazing. but teh wear off was hard. so my doc said amybe this will work. nope xanax is not for the weak stomach, at least teh xr. but i am sorry for the rant and bad typing lol. ha ha So my questions for you guys since you have most liek all been on this med-go-round... are these, do you thikn that teh tireness of klonopin is worth teh benifits? I mean I do now i see others have draw backs too Do you think that this will tend to depress me? I dont wnat to be able to do stuff with my kids adn tehn be too depressed too lol. I was drinkign 2 cups of coffee adn on most days this was helping alot. I dont know, I have only in recent years faced my issues. I started llexapro 3 years ago, and had benzo prn for years ativan. but was always too afraid to use it. I'm, tired of being this way and scary so when i relaized that I had been this way so long it was normal to me! let me know what you all think. such as will teh tiredess fade tos eom extent, did or does klonopin cause you depression? some days I would feel that way, but i ahve just came out of a lot of medical issues wiht me and my baby. quick run down, had heart disoder, had it fixed tehy went into my viens into my heart. I had a PE (clot to teh lung) 6 weeks later believed to be a delay from teh procedure. had to eb on thinners and have pt for a year. I had it for 10 days went to my bumkin hospital 3 times before tehy gave me an xray adn found it. then got pregnant, had anemia(sp) preeclampsia, and had to give myself blood thinner shots 2x daily in teh stomach. was on bedrest 6 weeks tehn went to hospital for appt. had such high bp they gave emergency c-section. got a infection. had to have iv antibiotics for 4 days. baby was 7 weeks premature. he wouldnt breast feed on feeding tube. has acid reflux now and crys ALOT! i know this is going on forever I am so sorry, I dont have anyoen to tlak to this time of night sory again I hope some of you make it through this! so if you do thank you for caring!
  7. can yout ake xanax xr daily wiht a prn of clonnopin?
  8. thanks everyoen, i tried the xanax for 4 days, teh 0.5 did nothing it made me have wicked vertigo. teh xr felt ok, but i still ahd anxiety, then alst night i woke up dizzy and threw up liek 4 times. I havent thrown up since i was pregnant. I usua;y dont too often. so today I took klonopin. I just fel liek I didn't give it enough time to work, but right of i felt bad, liek headache and vertigo, and I went out wiht my adughter driving and starting feeling evry anxious. I like klonopin, and i took have to have a nice cup of "jo" wiht ym moring dose. I think i just neeeed to work teh dosing and timeing out of my 3x day? Is it wrong that although xanacx xr is supppsoe to be so god and easy tot kae one a day, I fel repelled form it now? My doc said I could go back to klonopin if i neeeded. it is jsut liek summer is comign and I dont wnat to start over wiht dosing being sick not having it work, the klonopin works i just have moodiness shwhen it wears off, I ned to work on timeing. more to come if anyoen is interested in listening to my rant i think mu hubby gets tired of hearing it and tunes me out! LOL sorry bad typing baby on bioard ..
  9. hope I'm not repeating because there was a lot ehre to read. 1.5 mg is not terrible a lot. But I think that klonopin or valuim might be a better choice for sleep issue in the benzo family. ask your doc about it:0)
  10. thank you and I undestnad those feligns, but do yout hink like when he says he has to dirnk adn smoke pot to control he urge to do it that is normnal and ok? i think because he was abused he jsut doenst realize the connection. between his feelings towards "bad:" peopel adn what eh wnats to do. he also said he would enjoy the killing part also, gees i dont know hopefully he can work someo of thee feeelings out w/ his therpist..
  11. my fiance was adopted, abused, molested, thrown out at 16. etc. I always thought he had liek reactive attackment disorder or soemthing. he is veyr functional. he works we have 2 kids together etc. he has a therpaist but hasnt gotten into too much iof his past stuff. wehn we wer efurst going out, eh was very abusive to me, no physcially. I was dumb i stayed wiht him, i suffer fro anxiety disorder. this isnt abotu me being dumb and staying wiht him. it is this, he use to crazy lie, has hole sin his memeory of past. use to, have rage issues. etc. he ahs gotten a ton better. but he somkes pot, when eh doenst have it eh drinks alot. he has been dianosed anti social personality disoder years and years ago. but simnce thna biopoalr, adn many differnt things. but he said to me one day athat he thinks he drinks and smokes pot to subdue teh urge to kill. yes kill people. I asked him many questions about this, adn came to the conclusion that it is only people that liek molest people adn hutr them that eh has urges to kil, not even specific peopel just he randomly has urges to do this. Ia sked my therpaist she said this is common amoung peopel who were abused etc. But eh said to me that he thinks no one understand that he is serious like he relaly feels liek he could do it wiht out hesitation, he said he wouldnt ever do that but could. and he said poeple that do horruible thigns to children etc. he would enjoy killing thme and kill them slow . I'm wondering do you think that this si just becaus ehe himself was beaten adn molested and he adn sosmehow thiking he would vicuriously(sp) get back at thsoe people etc? shoudl i be terrible concernbed? I eman I knew he wasnt normal. he hates huamn ity he says, but not individual peopel, just what human have done to teh world and each other. I jsut feel confused,. he enevr plans out killing people, or tlaks about killing spcific pdeoepl he just has random urges to kill like child molesters etc. ugg
  12. xanax xr any exsperances with it vs. short acting benzo?
  13. you say you are a klonopin man, what do u find better? i think klonopin works good, but likr i said it is a bur up and dow, but i like that i can tae an extra one if needed. but man am i tired a somestimes flat. thanks Well from experience the extended release xanax is a great improvement over the immediate release kind. Xanax xr seems to release it perfectly into the system. I'm a klonopin man myself. It's a smoother ride, yeah it can make you flat and depressed (more so than the xanax). But, that's what exercise is for. I also counteract some of the drowsiness with caffeine but generally it's not a good long term thing. Try taking the least amount of benzo, IMO
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