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  1. I need a beefy anti-psychotic too...I tend very heavily to psychotic stuff. It's been good on Zyprexa, so far (9 months in) so I'm hesitant to change it, but I also don't want him to say 'Oh, up it to 30mg' because I went from 20mg (for psychosis) to 25mg because of breakthrough depression. Though I barely slept last night, even with Ativan, and was angry for awhile, so it is entirely possible I'm switching to mixed. We shall see.
  2. Thanks @CeremonyNewOrder - yes, I've tried Abilify. 30mg and I still got hospitalized It was a good med otherwise.
  3. @dancesintherain - I've been on lithium twice - very bad results both times. I've taken two ADs, the first I THINK was Celexa and I went manic (how I got dx'd), I forget the second but I feel like possibly Pristiq. I was on lamotrigine and AAPs so didn't go manic, but it also didn't work that well.
  4. I am going through a depressed episode - for now, it's short term, but I see pdoc next week in an effort to nip it in the bud. I had a depressed period in the summer, we increased the Zyprexa to 25mg and added Saxenda (liraglutide) instead of metformin. Liraglutide I have taken off-label for depression in the past. I take 3mg of Saxenda. Thoughts on whether increasing Zyprexa again? I don't know what pdoc will say, but I want to be prepared. Or an add-on AD? My psychosis has been good on Zyprexa, there is that. It was a last ditch effort before Clozapine. I've been on the vast majority of AAPs. A couple of typicals (loxapine and haldol). Would clozapine work better? That'll be a PITA to get right now with the lockdown in Toronto. But if it's better...I really don't know what to do.
  5. Have you tried gabapentin for anxiety? That's worked amazing for me, now I just use lorazepam for sleep (occasionally). Loxapine + gabapentin were a great combo for me.
  6. Maybe tangentially related to your anxiety, but do you find you're more agitated? When I first started on loxapine I noticed a huge and beautiful decrease in agitation - it shocked me. Just wondering if you don't have anything to replace the loxapine in that regard?
  7. I take it for anxiety, and it works amazing for me. There are a few (likely more) people on here who take it for anxiety.
  8. We had Thanksgiving last month (Canadian), but we didn't see family. I saw my brother for 2 minutes exchanging food as they'd made a turkey and had pie. Then we had a Zoom meal. We are assuming the only time we'll see family is briefly (and outside) exchanging presents. We will celebrate Christmas Eve and Christmas day by ourselves. Well, I'm sure we'll at least zoom with my family.
  9. I have a friend who switched to depakote...last summer? He has done well on it, though was able to schedule some downtime while adjusting.
  10. I get groceries delivered too...for whatever reason, I only ordered diet pepsi once. I think because the store in our complex was settled as the way to get. I hope you get through the migraine okay.
  11. That's smart. I'd get it from Uber Eats or big bottles from the shop in our complex. I avoided the shop for awhile as I was worried the temptation would be too much. Oh and for sedation - I don't drink coffee but tea was helpful. With that said, I had a migraine for the first three days of giving it up.
  12. Aww I'm glad I inspired you! I know it's way healthier. I know you can do this!
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