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  1. Yes, we've been lucky. We're very grateful for the program. He could've gone on Employment Insurance, but this is a Canadian Emergency Response Benefit that he now gets first. Hopefully he's called back to work before it ends!
  2. The sun is shining here too! Good for us mentally I think. Life in Canada is fine, other than Toby being laid off due to COVID, but he's got his government benefits already.
  3. https://squidvonbob.tumblr.com/post/187902608068/plague-doctor-masks-based-off-of-different-birds
  4. Update: took a capsule last night (it's got THC/CBD) instead of ativan (the capsules are expired, but deets) and while it didn't totally rid the akathisia it reduced it considerably. I still had trouble sleeping but I don't know if that's the zyprexa or what. I WAS able to wake up this morning and went for a run at lunch instead of napping.
  5. I have gained weight too Cheese - total stress eating. I'm starting to get that more under control. Trying to walk the dogs, ride my bike (indoors on a trainer) and go for runs. I'm hoping it will make a difference. Would getting outside for walks help? Fresh air?
  6. I can't find a lot of stuff out there on this. We have some CBD capsules here (long story; Toby was trying them for sleep - nothing helps that guy sleep). I have akathisia on zyprexa, it's worse at bedtime. I don't know if it stops me from sleeping or just that I find zyprexa slightly activating, but I'm having to take ativan to help with the akathisia and sleep. I don't think long-term benzo use is healthy. Does anyone have any knowledge about taking CBD to help with akathisia? I have an e-appointment with my pdoc April 8th so will also talk to him about that then.
  7. Thanks Cheese @Wonderful.Cheese I described the agitation to pdoc in detail, and he said - that's akathisia. I've stopped flailing other than that first night, but feel these energy pulsing through me in a really uncomfortable way, super restless feeling even though I'm holding still. Said ativan was the best thing for it. So he's refilling my ativan PRN script. Also upping zyprexa to 20mg (I still have some paranoid thinking) and the metformin to 1500mg. I haven't filled the scripts yet, will tomorrow. I've taken my zyprexa and metformin for the night.
  8. Yes, I'll ask about a PRN. Thanks @Wonderful.Cheese and @Iceberg. The arm thing is much better though I felt a hint of it last night - I was also fairly agitated last night, and feel a bit agitated this morning (though also fine). I feel like my brain is trying to get out and pushing. I wonder if the physical sensations were agitation, rather than akathisia. Of course, loxapine has worked very well for agitation...sigh.
  9. Thanks @mikl_pls and @browri. I did end up stopping loxapine and maybe it's psychosomatic but the weird feelings have largely gone away. I think I'm relatively stable on 15mg zyprexa though close to tipping over. I'm thinking 15mg plus 5mg PRN? I do find 15mg much more sedating than 10mg, which I found activating.
  10. It might not be a withdrawal symptom, it might just be that the seroquel was helping your anxiety and now there's nothing taking care of it? For me, seroquel withdrawal was months of vomiting.
  11. Yesterday at emerg I got through 150 pages of Night of Knives, which is a book of the Malazan Empire (fantasy). Really good. And at 300 pages, it's way shorter than most of the world's books, which average around 1000 pages. I'm really loving all of the books from this! There's two authors doing them and they're great.
  12. Both pdoc and emerg doc (pdoc sent me to emerg, ugh) said it did not seem to be akathisia. No idea what it is. They tested strength (I assume to see if I'd had a stroke) and did bloodwork and everything was normal. They gave me cogentin+benadryl and it didn't do anything/much. @browri I do have 10mg pills. I'm tempted to just stop the loxapine entirely as I think being on two antipsychotics isn't helping things. Pdoc thought this was likelier to be the loxapine than the zyprexa, though he found it odd because I've been taking 20mg of the loxapine so I'm at a super low dose. AUGH! So I guess I just put up with this. I'm not so flail-y today, just tingling and pins and needles a bit. Oh and yes @mikl_pls I have been on seroquel multiple times and never again. It doesn't work well for my psychosis and is SO awful to discontinue.
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