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  1. I wouldn't hide it, that would get tiring fast I expect, and possibly cause more issues. If she's mental illness positive, you could suss out whether you want to openly disclose, or just sort of do it as you go - and as/if she needs to know. That's what I'm thinking anyhow.
  2. Oh interesting! I haven't - never heard of it. I think I'm in...perimenopause? The thing before full menopause? I'm 41 and seeing changes with my period.
  3. An article about a study showing genetic overlap between mental illnesses. https://www.utoronto.ca/news/psychiatric-disorders-share-underlying-genetic-basis-says-landmark-paper-u-t-research
  4. My mom's had two iron transfusions. I went with her to the first one to make sure she was okay afterwards (stayed over). She says they're not that bad.
  5. Oh no, I think it's placebo too! Rosie, that's interesting about anemia. Toby's been trying to treat his for a year, it's really a PITA.
  6. Oh yes. The joyfulness of all that. It's BS, is what it is. Because if it DOESN'T work, you've just spent a few months feeling sick for nothing. Though my aunt started an AD for anxiety recently and felt a difference within a week. I was shocked. Only antipsychotics have ever worked that quickly for me, and even then, not all of them.
  7. I'm with you. I have a very fuzzy dx and it drives me nuts. Maybe because I'm in Canada and I don't need X diagnosis for insurance purposes? I honestly don't know how it works here. But it bothers me to no end.
  8. I'm sorry you experienced that Cheese. It's an awful thing, I am also a survivor of rape. Have you done any therapy about this? I did some trauma therapy when my rapist (ex) was arrested, and I found it helped somewhat. Does your current tdoc have any trauma experience?
  9. We just got back from a 5 day camping trip, but stayed within the same province, and camping is naturally pretty distanced (wore masks when near people checking in/buying wood etc). I'd say it depends on what you have planned. Is it possible to stay in state? Would that make a difference? Not sure. But really, if you're not comfortable - would you enjoy it?
  10. I've not been formally dx'd with OCD (one pdoc said I had it but it was just a part of my overall larger MI and didn't need a separate dx - a psychologist and my current pdoc say I would qualify for a formal dx except it doesn't cause me distress) - but anyways, I have OCD symptoms. I have what someone here referred to as psychotic preoccupations - some people have said (violent thoughts) they were OCD and I wouldn't act on them, but current pdoc says because they don't cause me distress (if anything they're calming), they fall somewhere on an OCD/psychotic spectrum. Which is just to say, I think there aren't always neat buckets to fall into (not for everyone, anyways), and so maybe you have APs as well as ADs because of that?
  11. Does it? I thought it was supposed to be so good, I was really disappointed it didn't work out.
  12. When I was on it, pdoc started me sub-therapeutic - I think because he was worried about lactation, which I already had from loxapine. So when I started almost immediately I was psychotic. Dose got raised, I became manic. Dose got raised again, suicidal. Then I got taken off of Haldol.
  13. Cheese, I suspect those are discontinuation symptoms. I also agree this is something you should be doing with pdoc.
  14. My insurance covered it but my husband's didn't (I had to pay $46.93 out of pocket) - we'll have to look into it. But the Canadian insurance system is completely different than what you guys have. Edit: when I took Victoza before, my (old; I've switched jobs) insurance covered and my husband's (the same) didn't.
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