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  1. jt was a wonderful part of CB...I always enjoyed seeing what he had to say, and his wisdom. I'm heartbroken to hear this. He is gone too soon. May he RIP.
  2. Karen! I think you can advocate to stay on Fanapt and take something for the elevated prolactin. Hopefully that sets your mind at ease a bit.
  3. Bromocriptine is what I took! I couldn't remember what it was called. I was okay, I had a psychotic break I worried it caused but my pdoc said absolutely not.
  4. OH! And I had a trauma therapist ask me 'my sign'...I was like 'umm?' After some clarification, I realised she meant astrological. I was like 'Who the hell cares' but told her aquarius and she legit wrote it down and CIRCLED IT. I had to bite my cheeks so that I didn't laugh in her face.
  5. I'm surprised that you guys say HE machines take longer to wash. When we lived in a house we had a front-loading one and I think it took around 30 minutes. We have front-loading HE washing machines in our building's laundry room that depending on how soiled a load you select take from 28-35 minutes. I can fit a bin of clothes in too, so they're not wee little machines.
  6. I think for agitation you can't beat a typical (IMO). Loxapine worked miracles for me, when I was super agitated and rage-y. I've said before, I had 4 days of tongue movement when starting but then that's been it and it's been years. I don't ever see myself going back to an atypical. Also I was also maxed on AAP dosages and loxapine I'm not. I remember clearly the agitation flowing out of me with the first dose I took. Given how mixed you are right now I'd consider it.
  7. @Blahblah I don't THINK it was fake? But honestly, I don't have a lot of experience with people fainting. He fainted after standing the second time though so if he was faking he was good at hitting the deck so to speak (crumpling). Weirdest therapy experience ever though, worse than the therapist who kept asking if I was thought broadcasting to her.
  8. I've said it in another thread, but in my very first session with a (trainee) therapist, I said one of my goals of therapy was to deal with being raped. He asked if I could tell him about it so I did and he fainted. Twice. I helped him up, made sure he was okay both times, left, called my mom and we had a good laugh at his expense. Oh and by email when I told him I wouldn't be coming back as I felt the session became more about him (because he kept fucking FAINTING) he said 'Well therapy is a journey we take together' like fuck off buddy
  9. Late to conversation, but I take lamotrigine for bipolar depression (300mg) and it helps me hugely. (I know because I didn't think it was doing anything and decided to drop to 150mg without telling pdoc....baaaaaad idea) My husband takes...150? with 300mg bupropion and it with some behavioural activation/CBT stuff made all the differences in propelling his mood to a far better place.
  10. That's great he was so responsive to what you want and need! I guess as long as you guys keep an eye on things.
  11. That's awful. I'm sorry. My dad was adopted, he died when I was a kid never having wanted to search for his birth family. I've had DNA done and matched with people who are obviously his birth family, soft-pedalled the approach and NOTHING. It's upsetting. Like, we're second cousins, am I really going to rock your world? I didn't even say my dad was adopted and that's how we're related!
  12. It's hard to parse because at night I take it with other meds but I regularly take 10mg in the morning and am fine.
  13. I take loxapine and don't find it sedating. It was helpful during a recent hypo episode (I take it for psychosis, but used additional PRN for mood). Really like it. It's a typical, but I think it's supposed to be like a gateway to the AAPs. No experience with other typicals I'm sorry to say.
  14. Is Geodon the same thing thing as Ziprasidone/Zeldox? If so, it was so sedating it made Seroquel look like a stimulant and I gained Seroquel-levels weight on it. I would fall asleep in one place and wake up in another. I slept under my desk at work. I have a friend just going off it who also found it tremendously sedating and who also has EPS on it. I had akathisia on Abilify too. You may not be interested given your movement experience, but I take loxapine, a typical AP, and I love LOVE love it. Currently take 60mg with PRN option on top of that. I had some tongue darting the first four days but it went away and nothing since then, and I've been on it for years. I was on a ton of AAPs for psychosis and didn't realize how poorly they were working until I went on loxapine. And if you have agitation - it is amazing. I guess that's why typicals are called major tranquilizers LOL though I don't find it particularly sedating personally, but it de-agitates.
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