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  1. Pdoc said OCD symptoms, but without distress, not OCD. As much as I figured!
  2. I think I'd be okay, but this tracing stuff makes it very distracting.
  3. I can focus on both at once. I'd say it depends. As a rule though, I seem to have OCD symptoms without the distress/drop in functioning. I used to think I had pure-O thoughts, but as my most recent homicidal thoughts were deemed to be a little bit OCD, a little bit psychosis (again, because they didn't cause me distress; and they really should've), I think a lot of what I thought were pure-O thoughts were actually psychotic preoccupations.
  4. I did some more productive googling and it sounds like OCD (which I have been provisionally dx'd with by a psychologist - I have the symptoms, but not the distress - and my old pdoc said 'You have OCD, but I'm not going to diagnose you with that, because psychiatrists have a fetish for diagnoses, and it's just part of your general mental illness'). I found something that said people do it with tiles - the Zoom boxes basically are tiles - and when I was taking the subway, on the platforms - TOTALLY. I think it's symmetry OCD? I also, for my whole life that I can remember, have to even things. So if I scratch one leg, I have to scratch the other in the same place with the same pressure. Annoys Toby if he's scratching my back, but he does it now without prompting.
  5. Thanks to COVID, I am working from home and have semi-regular Zoom calls. You know how Zoom has the little boxes for each person? I can spend over an hour arranging the squares in my mind and drawing invisible lines between them in various patterns so the lines never touch. I have less focus on the meeting because I am so busy arranging lines between the squares. I don't know if this is a mentally-interesting thing, or if I'm just bored?
  6. I have OA in both my big toes - I stretch them to help maintain mobility. But I still have pain. I wear specific shoes while running and have been told I should wear them walking too. It sucks! Oh and I am 41, have been trending this way since my 30s.
  7. It's been mid-30s before humidity here the last few days (C) and I've tried to go out early in the morning to run. Of course, zyprexa does not help that plan. But I managed to run at 7:40 this morning.
  8. Zyprexa gives me low blood pressure so I try to be sure to consume salt. But I don't know if you have some sort of complication from low sodium that salt would effect, though as salt=sodium I expect you'd be fine to just consume salt. Even if you add it to the water when you're boiling pasta. Or to season food.
  9. It can cause low blood pressure/lightheadedness. Are you consuming salt? What did your potassium look like?
  10. Also gained ~50lbs on Seroquel. I've not been on Risperdal but Invega, and I believe it was weight neutral.
  11. I take zyprexa and when I started I was OBSESSED with food - I woke up hungry, went to sleep hungry, ran hungry, had all consuming hunger. My pdoc prescribed metformin for that and it immediately helped. I have completely normal hunger now. Though, I am having trouble losing weight. Trying to focus on whole foods. I am hoping as well as zyprexa so often causes diabetes that being on metformin will help prevent this? But that's just something I've thought of, nobody has told me this.
  12. Can you take a walk or go for a run in your neighbourhood Cheese? (I don't belong to a gym, have stuff at home and run, but I would not want to wear a mask while exercising)
  13. Do you take metformin to help with zyprexa food stuff? I was eating all day every day until I started metformin and now I'm back to normal. Still not losing weight, but that's more me than the med. (Warning though - metformin can cause bathroom urgency. I actually take 1000mg now as I pooped in my sleep (and did not wake up) on 1500mg. I tend to urgency though, IBS runs in the family. Anyways, Toby very sweetly did the laundry that day, LOTS needed to be washed.)
  14. I take 900mg for anxiety (started during bad PTSD flare), and it works better than Ativan ever did for me. It's like a miracle drug for me.
  15. I've been diagnosed with cognitive impairment...not sure if that's the same thing?
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