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  1. Agis and I were backpacking this weekend. On the drive out near the park we saw four wild turkeys, made me think of this thread!
  2. I don't really follow him, but I saw a great tweet from Conan O'Brien... My horse is sick, I went to the pharmacy, and all they had was COVID vaccines.
  3. If it helps, a lot of those disasters have help from humans! Climate change in particular. (I doubt that makes things better) I dunno, I've thought we were living in our dystopian future for awhile now. My view has just intensified in recent years.
  4. There are llamas at the same zoo as the emu near us - I'm also waiting for them to spit our way (I am guessing most llamas aren't huge dog fans, at least, based on their expressions - I keep the boys moving). I love the turkey stories!
  5. Eww really? That reminds me a bit of Harry Potter...a cousin who had it coming. Heh heh heh
  6. Haha! (Makes me think of the time an emu pecked Neb's nose at the local zoo. Poor guy. Emu must've been used to people, but he was like 'I'll get you dog!')
  7. I was just googling, and it may have been a coywolf if this article is to be believed https://www.orangeville.com/community-story/9769487-did-you-know-if-you-ve-seen-an-ontario-coyote-you-ve-likely-seen-a-coywolf/ @Gearhead that's hilarious. I've only seen wild turkeys hiking outside of the city. We just have geese here!
  8. @Cerberus Thinking about it, I'm guessing it was 40ish lbs (despite what I said) because it and Agis (Rottie mix, high 40 - low 50lbs) were similar heights but it was far more slender (Agis isn't fat, he's very muscular). There's not a lot of coydogs around here to my knowledge - I think that's more common in rural areas, same with coywolves. The coyotes around here are extremely habituated. I've seen them in daylight at busy intersections just chilling. It's why I didn't want to interact with this one. Wild and habituated makes a bad combination to me. @Complicated toad I just didn't want there to be a fight. Barking and scaring it off, fine - but what if it took that as a challenge, given it was extremely unbothered by 4 people and 4 dogs. Just wasn't worth it to me.
  9. Same sort of thing with my area @Complicated toad. Agis is a Rottie mix and the coyote didn't even blink. I did think about seeing if he would run the coyote off, but with it so habituated to people I didn't want it to engage.
  10. Yeah Toby's sister still lets her cats out - that was the context of the conversation when he was so angry. But they're bold and well fed here too. They're good an expanding into urban and suburban areas. There's more and more people upset here. Which, I dunno - we're expanding into their ecosystem.
  11. Yeah. Toby's sister lives in a bedroom community and had a cat killed by a coyote right in front of them (Toby is not a fan of letting cats out, for a variety of reasons, and when she told him the cat died 'peacefully' he was struck dumb with rage). They are bold here in Toronto too. Lots of pets being killed, the population of coyotes is pretty high right now. I live next to Toronto's biggest park (that's entirely within city boundaries) and they live in there and range outside of it. That does not sound like fun with your ex-husband though! (For a variety of reasons) I think coyotes range from 40-60lbs, I'd say this one was on the higher end of that range?
  12. Oh geez. Just took the dogs out for a quick nighttime potty in our complex. I took Agis and Neb down the elevators (Neb struggles with stairs; he's 13.5ish) and Toby went down the stairs with Xerxes (who does not excel at the lobby). Got out - where are Toby and Xerxes? Cross the median over onto the grassy area near a path behind some cars. Then I hear Toby and a friend who has a toy poodle...'Watch out for the coyote, right in front of you!' Uhh, where? Seconds later, ~4 metres away is a coyote who looked around Agis’s height (perhaps not as muscular but Agis is over 50lbs, this was a good sized coyote). Coyote trots by unphased. I considered seeing if Agis would react, but I also have old man Neb all elderly and I don't know how habituated the damned thing is. It passes by, I walk over to Toby, Xerxes, and our friend Sue with TinTin. A cyclist who had warned Sue it was behind her and TinTin came by and said, I've got a toy dog too, and I've seen this one around, it's bold. He rode around and said it was gone, but Sue still cut TinTin's nighttime outdoor time short. I've seen coyotes walking down the street by the building, and crossing into yards out on runs, but that coyote was close. I still have some adrenaline from it being so near. Xerxes the Attack Beagle did have a grand old time following the coyote's scent around the complex lawns.
  13. I'm glad you checked in - congrats on finishing treatment. I hope you and pdoc (acting as tdoc too) can sort out the anxiety. I'm sure it's not helping all of the mental recovery stuff. But you can do this - you are so strong! I am really impressed you did treatment. It's hard to reach out to get that.
  14. Yes, I followed the George Floyd case - and other murders by police in the US. I read a lot of international news - well, BBC, and I have an online subscription to the NY Times. I am so glad there was a conviction in that case - so many times there isn't justice.
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