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  1. I'm so glad they contacted you. You sound like you're in a place that it could help you. Here's hoping you get in quickly now that they've done the intake.
  2. Welcome Jae! Glad to have you here!
  3. I hope you're feeling better. Did they tell you the results of the x-ray?
  4. I've had two 'true' concussions (lost of consciousness and memory). I've had a number of other head injuries resulting in post-concussion syndrome but without the loss of consciousness. Everyone's so different though, it's difficult to say. Have you ever had a concussion or head injury before?
  5. Yay! Glad it went well. (I like the mask too, though when I go outside with the dogs in three-layer mask in 30C heat...I take it off outside of our building. Because holy heck.
  6. Sense of humour is a very important part of compatibility. I think if people who know you think you'll mesh, you very likely will.
  7. Hmm. Do you have an idea why your exes do think you guys would click/have in common? I think talking about those things are helpful, and exploring why/what she likes about that stuff. At least, I found with Toby - we were friends first, but we met at a running clinic (well, I was doing one with friends he'd met at a prior one, he was sidelined with chemo, but I was friends with his friends and that's how we met). Having that stuff in common made dating easier. This is probably not very helpful advice, but I always found dating a bit nervous so I'm not sure how helpful I have been.
  8. I think @Iceberg said what I was going to say - @Hopelessly Broken you've nothing to apologize for. Your perspective is as valid as anyone else's on here.
  9. Oh I hope so! If I didn't already know my husband was a keeper him taking the bedding down the laundry room while I hid in mortification in our apartment (and showered for a loooooong time) was a sure sign. I hope you just need a low dose. But meds all hit all of us differently so fingers crossed your tummy is happy.
  10. It's tough. I was embarrassed about talking about it, for sure. I tend that way myself (as do my mom and aunt), but metformin was that much worse. Dunno, maybe Rybelsus will be like that too - but so far, 6 days in at 3mg dose, I'm okay.
  11. You deserve better too. To be treated that way is disgusting, especially with such little (apparent?) thought of how it would affect someone.
  12. Yeah, I pooped myself in my sleep when I was at 1500mg. At 1000mg I merely would have to go quickly (ever tried to walk fast when you're about to shit your pants?) and urgently go back home while walking the dogs - a great alteration of "walk quickly" with "stop and clench my sphincter". Still, it was definitely better than 1500mg.
  13. I wasn't on it for as long but I went off it for the same reason (you've never really lived until you've shit yourself in your sleep and not woken up (thanks Zyprexa! lol). I took Saxenda (liraglutide; higher doses than Victoza, which is also liraglutide) afterwards until the insurance company required a prior authorization (which stressed me just the thought of, I had a break down), and then I started on Victoza. Both are injection. I told my pdoc I'd stopped taking Victoza (cost me $45/box which didn't last that long) and he said it helped with weight loss by more then just controlling appetite - if I had to guess, by insulin regulation. He put me on Rybelsus, which is a semiglutide pill. I've been on it since Sunday and so far, so good. I pay less for a 30 day supply ($27) (admittedly I'm still on 3mg and it does titrate up). I saw in the US there is a drug card or whatever to reduce the cost.
  14. Also, think of the attitude given this is literally in his first post...I mean really.
  15. I think it is harder echo. Take care of yourself and I don't think your mourning is too much. At risk of sounding heartless, losing Luc (a dog I had for 11.5 years, my heart dog) was tougher than losing my dad (who died when I was 11, so they were a similar amount of time in my life). Luc was 15.5 years old with medical and old age issues. My dad had cancer. Both needed care in the final months/year of their lives. We put Luc to sleep on the same day my dad died. When that day comes around, I grieve Luc more. His death is way more fresh of course (30 years for my dad now, 2 years for Luc).
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