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  1. Hi Im thought broadcaster from Toronto too! Please see my messages!

    1. shinny


      Sorry, how are you Jarn? I am Shinny, I have been going through thought broadcasting too for almost 6 years or so... People just love to talk about my thoughts, memories, senses from what Im looking at to feeling etc. There is a radius to this because when I watch nba raptors online, they dont seem to react to my mind... Do you hear voices too? I get them from sounds and noises and stuff and they comment on my thoughts too and stuff... mostly negative so I ignore it...

      my friend matthew Sousa from Richmond Hill, also been dealing with this too, but he takes medicine to help control it and voices...

      I don't believe in western medicine and keep trying alternatives..

      Just want to get to know you! Hope all is well with you!


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